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Hurricane Season
A New Orleans milestone
Celebrated in New Orleans for centuries, Carnival is a season of celebration that culminates with Mardi Gras, or "Fat Tuesday." But this year's Mardi Gras -- at almost the six month anniversary of Hurricane Katrina roaring ashore -- greeted a New Orleans still full of unknowns.

Click on the images below to see scenes from New Orleans' Carnival celebrations.

The big show goes on six months after Katrina
Let the good times roll (but not too much)
Gallery: Traditions of Carnival
Gallery: Party after the storm
Audio slide show: Raucous Bacchus parade
Audio slide show: Stroll down Bourbon Street
Audio slide show: Saturday night sights and sounds
Audio slide show: The missing ingredient
Audio slide show: The band marches on
Gallery: 9th Ward, six months later
Watch: Remembering Katrina (3:53)
Gallery: The 'mayor' of Mardi Gras
Mardi Gras to fatten New Orleans tourism
Watch: Mardi Gras appropriate this year? (2:35)
Party rages on in New Orleans
Gallery: Carnival back into New Orleans
Time.com: The show must go on
Watch: Partying with a purpose (3:47)
Watch: Fun returns to Big Easy (2:04)
Big Easy ushers in Mardi Gras jawing
Watch: Early parade pokes fun at FEMA (1:45)
Mardi Gras intrudes on Katrina evacuees
The band marches on
Three New Orleans schools merged into one to get classes back in session in January, and its band didn't miss a beat assembling in time for the Mardi Gras parades.
Audio slide show

360 degrees of a city
Take a 360 degree look at some of the famous landmarks and events filling the streets of New Orleans.
Panoramic views

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