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Pope John Paul II 1920~2005

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The Papal visit to Cuba

CNN's in-depth report of the pope's January 1998 visit to Cuba includes daily coverage, video archives, maps and analysis.

The Holy See external link

The official site of the Vatican posts information in six languages including an extensive biography of Pope John Paul II, news archives, travel galleries, information about museums and a special section about the millennium celebration.

The National Catholic Reporter external link

A weekly newspaper that covers a wide range of issues affecting Catholics and the church.

The Word from Rome external link

A weekly column by John L. Allen Jr., the National Catholic Reporter's correspondent in Rome covering the Vatican. Allen also has written two books, "Cardinal Ratzinger: The Vatican's Enforcer of the Faith" in 2001 and "Conclave: The Politics, Personalities, and Process of the Next Papal Election" in 2002.

Catholic Information Center on the Internet external link

Catholic Information Center on the Internet profiles Pope John Paul II with coverage of his trips to the United States, photo galleries and the history of his papacy.

Catholic Information Network -- Pope John Paul II Page external link

Hosted by the Catholic Information Network, this page posts several speeches from Pope John Paul II's weekly Wednesday and general Vatican addresses.

The Catholic Encyclopedia external link

An online treasure trove of terms related to Catholicism. This site also provides thumbnail sketches of saints and prophets as well as explainations behind certain beliefs.

Inside the Vatican external link

Inside the Vatican is a monthly magazine on the Catholic Church. The Web site provides some of the back issues of the magazine.

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