Calm after the storm

Gerald R. Ford, who told an uneasy nation that "our long national nightmare is over" after assuming the presidency from Richard Nixon in 1974, was the only politician who served as vice president and president but was never elected to either office. FULL STORY
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Ford dies at 93
Timeline: Key moments
Gallery: Ford's life in photos
Ford on football, politics in 1999
Audio Slide Show: Ford's legacy
SI.com: Ford clumsy? Not really
The Nixon pardon
An honorable man
Ford target of assassins twice
TIME takes a look back
Gerald Ford Library and Museum
Gerald Ford Foundation
Gallery: Mourning Ford
Ford's hometown pays tribute
Washington bids Ford goodbye
Presidents, others pay respects
Farewells across the nation
I-Report: Share thoughts | Your e-mails
Colleagues remember Ford

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