Before students watch Planet in Peril, use these questions to focus their attention on the concepts they will explore in the program.

1. Explain what is meant by "biodiversity." Why is biodiversity beneficial to the planet and to humans? 2. What does the term "extinct" mean? What are some reasons why a species of animal might become extinct? 3. What is contraband? 4. What is poaching? 5. Why do you think that some people buy or sell endangered animals and plants? 6. How do some governments and organizations try to prevent or stop the extinction of species? 7. How would you explain what an ecosystem is? How might extinction of one species throw an ecosystem into turmoil? 8. What is meant by the term "black market"? What kinds of goods are often sold "on the black market"? 9. What are some sources of pollution where you live? How does pollution affect humans, animals and plants? 10. What evidence suggests that the earth's climate is changing? 11. What changes are happening to the planet's living species and landscape that some have attributed to climate change? 12. List some of the ways that humans and other living things depend on water. 13. Name some tropical diseases. What do you think is the connection between these diseases and the climate in which they are typically found? 14. How might climate change impact the prevalence of tropical diseases? 15. What is deforestation? 16. What are some causes of deforestation? 17. What is the debate surrounding climate change? 18. How would you explain what a person's "carbon footprint" is? 19. What are some practical things a person could do to decrease his or her carbon footprint?