Give me a break
Feel like you need a break from your job? A really, really long break? Count yourself lucky if you live in Finland then. Finnish workers receive the most of any other country -- 44 days off each year (30 vacation days plus 14 holidays), according to a 2007 survey by Mercer Resources, a global human resources firm.

By comparison, employees in the United States get about 25 days off yearly on average -- 15 vacation days and 10 holidays -- but time off policy varies widely. Check out how your time off stacks up to others' around the globe.
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The figures are based on statutory entitlements for an employee working five days a week, with 10 years' service.

* In Canada, yearly paid vacation is usually two weeks, increasing after a specific number of years of employment and varying across provinces. The figures above represent minimum time for Ontario.
** Public holidays in Israel include a number of "half holidays," but vary across companies. Figure above represents an average.
*** In the United States, federal law does not mandate pay for time not worked. Vacation policies vary widely, many organisations provide one week of vacation after six months of service, two weeks after one to five years of service and three weeks after five to 10 years of service.