Success and Struggle
White senator discovers family's African-American roots
America's churches still segregated on Sundays
AIDS leading cause of death among black women between ages 25 and 34
Black and single: Is marriage only for white people?
Soledad O'Brien: Shopping while black in America
AIDS: The cavalry is not coming to save us
Don Lemon: Black and white, and a target of both
Lynn Whitfield: I'm neither black nor white, I'm both The Rand family's black and white cousins meet for the first time
DNA provides clues to family's African ancestry
CNN producer: A conversation that's long overdue Why Soledad O'Brien, Barack Obama and others are black
Marvelyn Brown's 'Naked Truth': Young, beautiful and HIV positive
Stephanie Elam: Recessions and black America
Robotics competition sparks interest in math, science among kids
Angela Burt-Murray: Black women consider interracial relationships
Commentary: Black women's hair | Long, short, natural, permed, locked or braided
Volunteers save high-school dropouts one student at a time
Keeping it real: Sisters and brothers talk about modern love and marriage
Lola Ogunnaike: Italian Vogue says black is the new black
Teens from single-parent, female-headed households defy the odds
Commentary: Why Americans can't get over race
I AM: Author Bliss Broyard's father kept his race a secret
I AM: Barbara Hillary is the first black woman to reach the North Pole at age 75
Interactive: Vanessa Williams, Whoopi Goldberg talk about what it means to black
CNN's HBCU Tour: Students share what it means to be black in America
Celebrities talk about what it means to be black in America
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"Black in America: The Black Woman & Family" premiered in July 2008. CNN's Soledad O'Brien explored the varied experiences of black women and families and investigates the disturbing statistics of single parenthood, racial disparities between students and the devastating toll of HIV/AIDS. O'Brien reports on the progress of black women in the workplace and the status of the black middle class. Full credits
Black family in white suburb video
A tale of two brothers video
Closing the education gap video
The Rand family's missing link video

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Rand family's missing link
'Black in America 2'
Coming in July 2009, Soledad O'Brien reports on the innovative and unexpected ways people are transforming the black experience by confronting the most difficult issues facing their community.
Blog: Journey for Change | Inner city kids go to South Africa What does it mean to be black?
We invite you to be a part of history. You have watched the CNN Presents: Black in America series, "The Black Woman & Family," now share your thoughts, reactions and stories.
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