Success and Struggle
Ex-convict struggles to find success after prison
Report: Black U.S. AIDS rates rival some African nations
Commentary: Black Americans should be masters of our fate
Michael Eric Dyson: Me and my brother and black America
Black man vs. white felon: Who's more likely to get hired?
Trauma doctor launches innovative program to save young black men
iReporters: Being black can mean being a suspect
Martin Luther King III: Being black in America
Michael Eric Dyson: Two Brothers, Two Paths: Shades of Race
CNN's Don Lemon opens up about his race
Rev. Al Sharpton: After Dr. King, it’s still black and white
T.J. Holmes: No, I don't play for the 49ers
Bishop T.D. Jakes: My son doesn't want to get 'blacker'
Carl Bernstein: Growing up segregated
Loop Dreams: Rapper Kanye West battles the high school dropout rate
Spoken word poet Jon Goode gives voice to black America
Lou Gossett Jr.: Wasting energy on racism Why Soledad O'Brien, Barack Obama and others are black
Behind the Scenes: Inside San Quentin's University Project
'What Black Men Think': Janks Morton's film explores stereotypes in America
Jami Floyd: Black men we hear about and those we know
Hip hop is positive influence on young man's education
Against all odds: School offers hope, opportunity for young men
New crop of black activists makes impact in blogosphere
I AM: Marvin Perkins is best kept secret in Mormon church
I AM: Maurice Ashley is first, only black International Grand Master Chess champ
CNN HBCU Tour: Students share what it means to be black in America Morehouse student wins HBCU student contest
Radio host Michael Baisden on black radio in America How black radio found its voice
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Do you think race relations have improved since the election of President Barack Obama?
About the Show
Through the personal stories of graduates of the 1968 class of Little Rock Central High School and their sons and grandsons, Soledad O'Brien explores the state of black men in America. O'Brien dispels the myths and examines the disparities between blacks and whites in education, career, economic achievement and the devastating rates of black male incarceration. Full credits
Black family in white suburb video
A tale of two brothers video
Closing the education gap video
The Rand family's missing link video

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Tale of two brothers
'Black in America 2'
Coming in July 2009, Soledad O'Brien reports on the innovative and unexpected ways people are transforming the black experience by confronting the most difficult issues facing their community.
Blog: Journey for Change | Inner city kids go to South Africa What does it mean to be black?
We invite you to be a part of history. You have watched the CNN Presents: Black in America series, "The Black Man," now share your thoughts, reactions and stories.
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