From the famous to the infamous, from murder to home-grown terrorism -- Court TV has covered some of the most provocative trials in history. While the lastest news can now be found at, take a look at some of the highlights from Court TV over the years.
A Trial of the Century
O.J. Simpson's trial for the murder of his wife and her companion lasted nearly nine months and divided the country. Since his 1995 acquittal, Simpson has remained in the legal spotlight. full coverage
Menendez Brothers
In 1996, Lyle and Erik Menendez were convicted of the shotgun killings of their parents
Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson stood trial in a molestation case in 2005 and is acquitted on all counts
Terror on Trial
In 2001, Timothy McVeigh was executed for the boming that killed 168 people
Murder in Greenwich
Decades after a murder, Michael Skakel is tried for the teen's death
Laci Peterson Case
Scott Peterson was tried for the murder of his wife Laci after her disappearance
'Dr. Death' & the Law
After three acquittals and one mistrial, Jack Kevorkian is convicted of murder
Mom Drowns Kids
Andrea Yates spared the death penalty for drowning her five children
Spector Murder Trial
Legendary producer Phil Spector was accused of killing actress Lana Clarkson
Verdicts, outbursts and witness stands -- here are just some of the best moments from Court TV over the years:
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