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Husband ordered to stand trial for murder

A judge ruled that prosecutors have enough evidence to try Scott Peterson for the murder of his pregnant wife and unborn son.

Prosecutor points to circumstantial evidence

Scott Peterson's long-awaited capital murder trial got under way with a prosecutor meticulously listing lies, caddishness and suspicious behavior he said implicated the fertilizer salesman in the death of his pregnant wife.

Defense: Two-timer, yes, but no murderer

Scott Peterson's lawyer conceded Wednesday that his client was a cad who two-timed his pregnant wife, but he insisted the fertilizer salesman was "stone cold innocent" of the mother-to-be's murder.

Father-in-law rips fishing story

Laci Peterson's stepfather testified that within a day or two of her disappearance, he had concluded his son-in-law's alibi was bogus and suspected he might be carrying on an affair with another woman.

Scott Peterson's ex-mistress testifies

Scott Peterson's former mistress, Amber Frey, took the stand at his capital murder trial and portrayed the fertilizer salesman as an attentive, but deceitful lover who wooed her with over-the-top romantic gestures while concealing his marriage from her.

Defense suggests transients involved

Scott Peterson's lawyer hinted that the body of the double-murder defendant's pregnant wife was dumped into a narrow canal in the San Francisco Bay by transients.

Jurors find Scott Peterson guilty of murder

After seven days of tumultuous deliberations that saw the removal of two jurors and a mutiny against the foreman, a jury convicted Scott Peterson of first-degree murder in the slaying of his pregnant wife.

When pregnancy ends in murder

Laci Peterson's case grabbed national headlines, but countless other husbands and boyfriends stand accused of the same crime in courtrooms across the country.

Key players in the trial

Here is some background information on some of the key players in the Laci Peterson case and trial.

What the jury didn't hear

During Scott Peterson's 21-week trial, jurors heard from 184 witnesses and reviewed hundreds of exhibits. They saw a lot, but they didn't see everything.

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