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Opening statements; testimony begins

O.J. Simpson asked Judge Lance Ito for permission to speak with jurors before his attorney's opening statement and to show jurors his scars, injuries and physical limitations while attorney Johnnie Cochran Jr. delivers his remarks.

Mark Furhman denies being a racist

Detective Mark Fuhrman took the witness stand and denied knowing or meeting a woman who claims he made racist comments to her.

Houseguest Kato Kaelin testifies

O.J. Simpson's former houseguest Brian "Kato" Kaelin took the witness stand after the defense concluded its cross-examination of Detective Philip Vannatter, the lead investigator in the case.

Testimony about Simpson's trip to Chicago

Testimony focused on O.J. Simpson's luggage with conflicting testimony about how many bags he took on his trip to Chicago.

Ito rules that jury can see autopsy photos

The prosecution won a major victory when Judge Lance Ito ruled that most of the autopsy photos of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman could be shown to the jury.

The gloves don't fit

In one of the most dramatic moments of the trial, O.J. Simpson struggled to put on the gloves that prosecutors say he wore to commit the murders.

The prosecution rests

After presenting 58 witnesses and 488 exhibits, the state rested its case -- but not before offering jurors one final reminder of the brutal murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman.

Daughter says Simpson distraught over murders

The defense began its case with testimony that O.J. Simpson was distraught and grief stricken about the death of his former wife.

Debate over 'Fuhrman Tapes' heats up

Defense attorney Johnnie Cochran Jr., implored Judge Ito to intervene in a North Carolina ruling that denied the defense access to a screenwriting professor's tapes of interviews with Detective Mark Fuhrman.

Lee bolsters theory of multiple attackers

Prosecutors tried to minimize the impact of the testimony of Dr. Henry Lee, whose testimony solidified several aspects of the defense theory of the case.

Marcia Clark, Johnny Cochran deliver closings

"If it doesn't fit, you must acquit," Johnnie Cochran repeated to jurors in closing arguments, while Marcia Clark began her closing arguments with a preemptive strike against police detective Mark Fuhrman before taking aim at O.J. Simpson.

Jury acquits Simpson of murder

After deliberating for less than four hours, the jury announced that it has reached a verdict.

Who's who: Key attorneys

Profiles of the key attorneys in the murder trial of O.J. Simpson.

Night of the murders timeline

Based on the testimony of witnesses, a look at the sequence of events on the night of June 12, 1994 and early morning hours of June 13.

Transcript of Bronco call

In the following transcript, Detective Tom Lange tries to talk O.J. Simpson into surrendering during the famous slow-speed Bronco chase on June 17, 1994. The transcript was released in 1996.

Nicole's Letter

A letter to O.J. Simpson from his wife Nicole Brown Simpson detailing her complaints about their abusive marriage.

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