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Kennedy kin charged in 1975 killing

After a quarter century, authorities say they have finally solved one of America's most intriguing whodunits, the 1975 murder of pretty, rich teen-ager Martha Moxley in this affluent New York suburb.

Skakel arraigned as adult

Because Skakel was only 15 at the time of the murder, the juvenile court system previously handled the matter, until a Connecticut judge transferred the case to adult court in a January 31 decision.

Trial gets under way

A nephew of Ethel Kennedy killed a teenaged neighbor in 1975 and fooled the police for years but eventually could no longer "keep a lid on it" and began telling people, a prosecutor charged as Michael Skakel's murder trial opened amid great fanfare.

Police failed to get warrant for brother

Michael Skakel's older brother told police in 1975 that when he left Martha Moxley on the night before Halloween she was alive and well talking about capping off "Mischief Night" by throwing eggs and spraying shaving cream around Greenwich's affluent Belle Haven neighborhood.

Key witness testifies from grave

The prosecution's 29th witness at Michael Skakel's murder trial, if you can call it that, died of a heroin overdose last year but his words live on in a court transcript read to jurors.

Defense witness gives Skakel alibi

The first witness to testify for the defense said he was with Michael Skakel at the time police initially believed Martha Moxley was killed, giving the Kennedy cousin an alibi in the 26-year-old crime.

Kennedy cousin convicted of 1975 murder

Twenty-four years after he allegedly told a reform school classmate, "I am going to get away with murder. I am a Kennedy," the 41-year-old nephew of Ethel Kennedy was convicted Friday of the 1975 murder of Martha Moxley.

Jurors tell Court TV they found alibi hard to believe

Michael Skakel's courtroom demeanor was all wrong and his high-profile defense lawyer underestimated the ability of jurors to recognize a phony alibi when they saw one, four of the jurors who convicted the Kennedy cousin said in an interview with Court TV.

Who was Martha Moxley?

Before her name became synonymous with violence, scandal and the sins of the dissolute rich, Martha Moxley had a more benign role in Greenwich: She was the new girl in town.

Who is Michael Skakel?

Even before he was indicted for the murder of Martha Moxley, Michael Skakel thought he had lived a fascinating life. In June 1998, when he was just 37, Skakel tried to interest book publishers in an autobiography.

Map: Key locations of the crime scene

A look at the key locations in the Martha Moxley, including where the body was found and placement of houses.

Key document: Excerpts from the Sutton Report

In 1992, at the behest of a Skakel family attorney, a prestigious Long Island private investigative firm, Sutton Associates, began re-investigating the murder of Martha Moxley. The firm spent several years and reportedly over a million dollars poring over the case and re-interviewing witnesses.

Chat with first reporter on the scene

Court TV chats online with woman who has been covering the case longer than just about anybody: reporter Jane Crawford, who was actually the very first reporter at the scene of the crime back in 1975.

From the famous to the infamous, from murder to home-grown terrorism -- Court TV has covered some of the most provocative trials in history. Take a look at some of the highlights: