Innovations are not only creating breakthroughs in technology but changing the way we live our lives. Discoveries are expanding how we explore science, technology, medicine and space.

The Discoveries
Slingshot takes on giant problem of dirty water
Dean Kamen, the famed inventor of the Segway, is tackling the problem of dirty water with a purifying machine called the Slingshot. Kamen says it is ideally suited for villages in the developing world.

Can Bill Gates stop hurricanes? Scientists doubt it
A cordless future for electricity?
Mapping the world, one street at a time
See how others see you Video
In Montreal, public transportation means solar power meets pedal power Video
Home of the future will think with you and for you Video
Camera on wheels gives you an extra set of eyes at home Video
Car/plane can drive on freeway or fly over it Video
Wireless technology will guide medicine of the future Video
Winged luxury submarines 'fly' underwater
Colombian designer's duds will stop real bullets Video
Cops help dream up high-tech police car
Robotics help disabled walk again
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