future of design: Blending design and nature

World renowned industrial designer Ross Lovegrove talks to CNN about his latest project, which involves creating a "bed under the stars" on the peaks of Italy's Dolomite mountains.

Find your design style!

Slave to modernist clean lines? Or love theatrical flourishes? Find out in our quiz.

The big debate

Advances in genetic screening could eliminate diseases but could it be misused?

Designer babies

Technology could soon allow the genes, skin and hair color of a baby to be chosen.

Access all areas

Future designs could see the divide between able-bodied and disabled vanish.

Wearable technology

We take a look at the silk dress that also functions as a cellphone.

Your future check-in

Space travel and rise in tourism are forcing major changes to airport design.

Workplace 2.0

Desks with built-in treadmill and portable meeting rooms are part of office of the future.

Alpine capsule

How Lovegrove aims to bring space down to earth with the 'alpine capsule.'

Reaching for the sky

From Paris to Dubai, we take a look at future skyscrapers that are going to dot our skyline.

Through the keyhole

We look at the trends in interior design and take a peek inside potential homes of the future.

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Your vision of the future

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Would you wear a garment that was also a cellphone?
the future of...

Living in a virtual world


Natural beauty
Doing things nature's way


To boldly grow
Can we grow food in space?

living spaces

Facebook 2.0
Are virtual worlds the next step?


Internet mobs
Angry bloggers exert justice


Curing cancer
Can we make cancer history?


Kids connect
Virtual class- rooms go global


Beam me up!
Are we close to teleportation?