the future of community: virtual neighbors
the future of community: virtual neighbors

The Internet has the potential to bring us and our communities closer together, says environmentalist and campaigner Alex Steffen.

Fighting it out on Facebook

U.S. presidential campaigns go online: is the Web the new political battleground?


Tech-head or Net naysayer: What sort of Internet user are you? Find out in our quiz.

Run an online campaign

So you want to change the world -- or at least a little part of it? Get started now.

Where do you fit in?

Test the virtual waters of the Internet's many communities -- which one suits you?

Blogosphere crackdown?

Should citizen journalists be held responsible for their words?

Tracking terror online

The cyber-spies who are fighting terrorism on the Web.

The next Facebook?

Virtual online 3-D worlds will replace social networking sites, say experts.

The new superwomen?

Internet moms are having it all -- they're working online while bringing up their kids.

The Internet gets infectious

A look at viral web crazes, from Hamster Dance to Little Fatty and Lolcats.

From flash mob to lynch mob

Incensed bloggers gang up to target social transgressors and exert virtual justice.

Your vision of the future

Will the Internet bring us together, or will it isolate us? Send us your photos and videos via iReport.

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Solar solution
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Facebook 2.0
Are virtual worlds the next step?


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Can we make cancer history?


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Virtual class- rooms go global