the future of learning: cool school
the future of learning: cool school

Yasuaki Sakyo is president of Tokyo's Shibuya University, where classes take place in cafes and record shops -- and anyone can be a teacher ...

Fixing the earth

Virtual classrooms inspire students across the globe to help the environment


What will you be learning in 2020? Take our quiz to find out.

Little gray workout

Can Nintendo's "Brain Training" really make you smarter?

OLPC green machines go live

Buy one cutting-edge kids' laptop and another goes to a child in a poor country

Throw away your textbooks!

The Web site that's bringing free learning to millions of people worldwide.

Digital enlightenment

From science to social mores, we pick the best online learning sites.

Use with caution?

It's the world's biggest online resource -- but using Wikipedia can be perilous.

A paragon of public space

The Rem Koolhaas-designed Central Library that's won Seattle's heart.

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Your vision of the future

What's the most important lesson you've learnt? Send us your photos and videos via iReport.

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the future of...

Space vacation
Fancy a trip among the stars?


Internet mobs
Angry bloggers exert justice


Beam me up!
Are we close to teleportation?

living spaces

Facebook 2.0
Are virtual worlds the next step?


Solar solution
Could the whole world go solar?


Curing cancer
Can we make cancer history?