the future of energy: solar solution
the future of energy: solar solution

Solar power plants could supply the whole world with clean energy, says scientist Gerhard Knies.

Solar lifeline

How cooking with solar is saving women's lives in a Darfur refugee camp.

Sunshine into wine

Californian vineyards are going solar to make their grapes really green.

Reach for the sky

Could flying wind farms help beat global warming?

Green ships for blue highways

The sleek solar-powered vessels that can cut fuel costs by 90 percent.

Solar beauty

Cutting-edge designs from handbags to bikinis that show the potential of solar power.

Flat battery?

The power source that's as thin as a piece of paper.


What energy will power your home in 2020? Find out in our quiz.

Solar survival

Marooned in the wilds with no power? These green gadgets could help

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Your vision of the future

Can renewable fuels alone solve the energy crisis? Send us your photos and videos via iReport.

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