future of entertainment: living in a virtual world
future of entertainment: living in a virtual world

Tino Schaedler is an established art director, digital set designer and trained architect. He tells CNN about his innovative Cocoon project, which will revolutionize how we work and play in the future.

Hologram television

Holographic television will soon become a reality, after a major breakthrough.

Face to Facebook

Social networking is still in its infancy -- its adulthood promises to be far more exciting.

Move over eBay!

Does future of shopping lie with artisans producing custom-made goods?

Quiz: Which gamer are you?

Do you love a good shoot out? Or getting lost in a fantasy realm? Find out in our quiz.

The big debate

The music industry has not exactly made an ideal transition into the digital era.

Rocking or reeling?

Major labels hope new deal with MySpace will stem flow of declining record sales.

Mash it up!

Wii remote control and the Wii fit board are being used by mash-up artists.

Back to the future

Animations are given the 3D treatment as Hollywood embraces the technology in full.

Virtual reality

Using technology based on Minority Report, the Cocoon offers a truly virtual experience.

The future of gaming

Soon you could only need to "think" to play your favorite video games.

The robot orchestra

The man behind "Guitar Hero" could turn your life into an opera.

The infectious Internet

A look at viral web crazes, from Hamster Dance to Little Fatty and Lolcats.

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