the future of health: curing cancer
the future of health: curing cancer

Scientist Naomi Halas believes nanotechnology may herald a new era where cancer is no longer a killer.

Futuristic fashions

How the contents of our wardrobes will fight our health scares in the future.

Digital sleuthing

Can fingerprints solve health problems as well as crime?

Health on the move

Mobile health and telemedicine help patients manage their illnesses.

Saving lives worldwide

Health innovations that are protecting the world's most vulnerable people.

From taxi to roadside recovery

Modular ambulances may make trips to ER a thing of the past.

Bleak future for global health

Dr Mohga Kamal-Yanni looks at the future of healthcare in poor countries.

Live or die? Computer decides

Software that predicts how comatose patients would choose to be treated.

Building the bionic body

Legs, hearts and brains: we look at replacement body parts from head to toe.

Game detects depression

A virtual shoot-em-up can tell if a player is depressed, and gauge its severity.

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