the future of living space: green homes
the future of living space: green homes

Eco-friendly skyscrapers could help us live in harmony with nature, believes architect Ken Yeang.

High-tech home

A sneak peek at the future of home technology.

Buoyant market

With floods hitting cities across the globe, are floating houses the answer?

The future of city life

A brand new Chinese eco-city is heralding a revolution in urban living.

Blow me down

Forget the Big Bad Wolf: these houses built of straw are quake-proof.

Beyond Facebook

Online 3-D worlds will replace social networking sites, say experts.

A paragon of public space

The Rem Koolhaas-designed Central Library that's won Seattle's heart.

Parks in unusual places

The green spaces atop disused railways and tucked underneath interstates.

Waste to wonderland

The Singapore island paradise that's built on a garbage dump.

Palace in the sky

The $500m Airbus 380 private jet -- complete with ensuites and hot tub.

Big designs for small places

Architects' ingenious solutions for compact city living.

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Your vision of the future

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