the future of nature: inspiring designs
the future of nature: inspiring designs

Janine Benyus is a pioneer and champion of the highly influential biomimicry movement. She believes we can use nature's best ideas and processes to solve human problems and has introduced thousands to the concept.

Pump it up!

Would you still watch your favorite show if you had to cycle for an hour beforehand?

Blowing in the wind

How America and China are taking the lead in harnessing energy from wind power.

Solar solution

How designer Ross Lovegrove brought beauty to an everyday object.

Artificial intelligence

Will powerful new technologies radically alter our biological make-up?

Quiz: What weather are you?

Ice queen or ray of sunshine? Brave our quiz to find your weather personality.

Designer DNA

Should we be able to alter our genetic makeup? Share your views in our debate.

Small step for mankind

From cow waste to artificial glaciers, people are using creative ways to save the planet.

Animal robots

Animals like snails and cockroaches are inspiring state-of-the -art robotic designs.

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Your vision of the future

What do you think will happen to nature in the future? Send us your photos and videos via iReport.

Quick Vote
Do you think future super-intelligent machines could lead to the demise of human beings?
the future of...

Ghetto heaven
Activist greens up South Bronx


To boldly grow
Can we grow food in space?


Solar solution
Could the whole world go solar?

living spaces

Facebook 2.0
Are virtual worlds the next step?


Internet mobs
Angry bloggers exert justice


Curing cancer
Can we make cancer history?


Kids connect
Virtual class- rooms go global


Beam me up!
Are we close to teleportation?