the future of space: aiming for the moon
the future of space: aiming for the moon

Inspired by the moon landings as a boy, scientist Bob Richards is now bringing his childhood dreams to life, as part of a new wave of space exploration.

Space odyssey

NASA's reliance on Russia to fly its astronauts to space has left experts worried.

Space: The ultimate vacation

Fancy a trip to the moon? Your next vacation could be spent seeing stars ...

Reliance on Russia

Should NASA depend on Russia to go to space? Share your views in our debate.

Interview: Iain M. Banks

An exclusive chat with one of science fiction's leading lights.

Join the debate

Should we head for the stars, or fix things on Earth first? Share your views in our debate.

Cosmic mind trip

A mission to Mars could pose psychological challenges never faced by humans before.


Space trader or pilot? Find out what role you'll play when humanity expands into space.

To boldly grow...

Getting food on the moon will take more than your average trip to the grocery store.

Space power

Could solar power beamed down from space offer a solution to energy problems on Earth?

Who owns the moon?

Do you really own that acre of moon land you bought for $40?

Too old for the moon? No!

Want to be an astronaut? It's no longer a young man's game.

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Would you volunteer for a one-way trip to Mars -- with no guarantee of coming back?
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Beam me up!
Are we close to teleportation?


Solar solution
Could the whole world go solar?


Kids connect
Virtual class- rooms go global


Internet mobs
Angry bloggers exert justice

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Facebook 2.0
Are virtual worlds the next step?


Curing cancer
Can we make cancer history?