the future of transport: electric cars
the future of transport: electric cars

Designer Ross Lovegrove's self-driving electric bubble car turns into a streetlamp at night.

Flying cars?

Where's that Jetsons-style car we've been promised?

Flying into the future

Tomorrow's planes could look like manta rays or have wings that morph mid-flight.

Plug 'n' go

A showcase of current and future electric cars.

Palace in the sky

The $500m Airbus 380 private jet - complete with ensuites and hot tub.


How will you travel around in 2020? Find out in our quiz.

Solar desert race

The futuristic solar-powered cars racing 2,000 miles across the Australian outback

Up, up and away

Is it time for a renaissance of the airship?

Robot parking

Automated valet parking that squeezes more vehicles into the lot.

Beam me up!

In theory, it's possible -- but just how close are we to teleportation?

Cow power

The Swedish train that runs on animal-generated biogas

Green ships for blue highways

The sleek solar-powered vessels that can cut fuel costs by 90 percent.

From taxi to roadside recovery

Modular ambulances may make trips to ER a thing of the past.

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Space vacation
Fancy a trip among the stars?


Solar solution
Could the whole world go solar?


Internet mobs
Angry bloggers exert justice

living spaces

Facebook 2.0
Are virtual worlds the next step?


Kids connect
Virtual class- rooms go global


Curing cancer
Can we make cancer history?