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Inauguration » The Moment | Submit your pictures to themoment@cnn.com to have them added to the Photosynth
1. Take one photo of the moment when Obama takes the oath. If you have a digital camera with a zoom lens, take three photos (wide-angle, mid-zoom, full-zoom)

2. E-mail each photo as soon as possible to themoment@cnn.com (one photo per message, 10MB size limit). Don't forget to include your name in the message if you'd like to appear in the list of the contributors. Please only send in photos you took yourself.

3. Go to cnn.com/themoment to see all of the photos in our photosynth
Photosynth is a Microsoft technology that creates 3D spaces from anyone's 2D photos. Hundreds of thousands of synths are viewable on photosynth.com, including the best inauguration synths.

Learn more about Photosynth
See system requirements
Install Silverlight
All photos used will also appear on iReport.com, along with any of the other iReport photos of the moment. We'll take those photos from every angle, combine them with CNN's professional shots, and produce what we hope will be a breathtaking experience that will be demonstrated live on CNN and here on CNN.com. Don't miss it! In addition to iReport.com, the photos will also be displayed and archived on the Microsoft Photosynth site.

The photos you send in will be subject to iReport.com's Terms of Use.
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