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Road to Rescue: The CNN Survival Guide
At-home entertainment and family bonding booms

At-home entertainment and family bonding booms

Numbers show that at-home entertainment is doing better than ever, flying in the financial face of so many industries that are struggling in this recession. DVD rental service Netflix has had a record quarter, while the gaming industry has become a $22 billion business. full story

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Get five days of unprecedented worldwide reporting on the money meltdown that's changing your life. From the only news network that would take on a story this big. When will it get better? The whole world is waiting for answers. All week on CNN.
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iReport.com: Having fun for free

You can't work all the time. You've got to make some time for play, too, even in a tight economy. Your challenge is go out and have fun today! Take lots of pictures while you're out, but spend as little as possible.

iReport.com: Thrifty and thriving

Send us your tips for surviving this tough economy.

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