Whether it's an individual with an ingenious fix or a company with a revolutionary product, CNN explores some of the solutions to environmental problems -- both in your backyard and around the globe.

The Solutions
How do trendy nightclubs reduce their carbon footprints? One step at a time. Video

Green burials: Woman's dying wish to be 'home for fish'
Wheat music: Sustainable products made from grain
What to do with millions of tossed plastic bottles made from petroleum
'Jackpot' discovery could feed 30 million hungry people
Solar-powered cars: How far off is the technology?
Volunteers show how saving oysters = cleaner oceans
See how one man's invention re-thinks the idea of garbage
A Tennessee professor creates re-useable bags to help the environment
Scientists develop fake wood to help overburdened landfills
An eco-friendly way to cool big trucks
Hybrids trick out, plug in
Software saves trees, cash, headaches
Florida airport tests hydrogen engines
Wind farm to be built off Delaware shore
Solar power helps family slash energy bills
Powdered tires tread new ground
New concrete filters rainwater in dirty alleys
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Turning trash into fashion
Fashion designers are giving new life to worthless candy wrappers, newspapers and plastic bags; turning trash into trendy tote bags, purses and jewelry. Story
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