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Veterans in Focus
Long before people posted their thoughts and feelings on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook, millions of people were doing just that on a different sort of wall. It might have been something as simple as a baseball, a playing card or a walking stick. Or perhaps a more personal item, like a poem, photograph or diploma.

Land of haunting memories

He is a former Marine who has lived with battleground nightmares for 40 years and now plans a return to the land that haunts him. But Kevin Roberts' decision is not fueled by remorse. Nor is it about healing a life defined by 13 stinging months in Vietnam. Rather, late-in-life altruism has led him to volunteer to build houses for poor families residing along Vietnam's Mekong River. FULL STORY


Our vets deserve better
We made a promise to care for them after they serve. It is our job to make sure that promise is kept.-- L. Tammy Duckworth, assistant secretary of Veterans Affairs

'They deserve the respect'


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'The most glorious sound'

John King reports

Veterans Day traditionally has been set aside more to honor those who have served rather than those still serving. But eight-plus years of war in Afghanistan and Iraq have created a huge class of combat veterans who still wear the uniform, many of them with two or three or more deployments under their belts and perhaps more in their futures. FULL STORY