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30 years, 30 events, countless stories

CNN invites you to open your journals and photo albums and share your pictures, video and memories from 30 significant events over the last three decades.

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Watch the CNN30 TV Special Saturday, October 30, 2010 - 1300 GMT

About this project

We're inviting CNN's global audience to reflect on our shared history and help us layer personal memories against iconic images from some of the biggest news events over the last 30 years. We hope that combining personal snapshots with original news footage will shine a new light on the moments that changed our lives as well as our world.

On the timeline above, you'll find significant global events from the past 30 years -- from the Hong Kong handover, the Chernobyl disaster and the fall of the Berlin Wall, to the release of Nelson Mandela, the September 11 terror attacks and the death of Michael Jackson.

We're not saying they are the 30 most important stories but they reflect a range of big stories that moved the world.

Please share your photos, video and memories from any of the events or add your own. Original photos and video are encouraged. If you don't have personal images to share, simply add your memory to the event. Your archival footage, pictures and memories will be added to the timeline and could be featured in a half-hour special program airing on CNN International in October.

Need help converting old content digitally? Here's a site that will scan prints/negatives, and here's a site dedicated to VHS conversion.