Davos 2014 How is your economic mood?

Answer 4 simple questions to tell us if your mood is up or down, and see how others are responding

Firstly, are you in


Considering the cost of things today and your own finances, how would you describe now as a time to buy non-essential items?

Very good
Very bad
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How confident do you feel about your employment/ source of income?

Very confident
Fairly confident
Fairly unconfident
Not at all confident

How do you rate your personal debt (e.g. loans, bills) level?

Easily meet debt obligations or I have no debt
Manage to meet my obligations but sometimes find it hard
Sometimes fall behind in meeting my obligations
I often fail to meet my obligations

How do you feel about the way your government is managing your nation's economy?

A great job
OK, but not great
Doing badly
Doing a very bad job
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