Writing by Moonlight

The moon’s power over our imagination By Sheena McKenzie

Part 1

There is wonder in the giant, craterous rock orbiting our planet some 240,000 miles away.

Almost from the first moment that our ancestors gazed upon the moon, they crafted stories inspired by its luminous landscape. A blank canvas in the night sky, ripe for the projection of humanity’s dreams.

The ancients created calendars based on its reliable revolutions, our forefathers wrote stories of the strange world spied through Galileo’s telescope, and even as mankind’s first footprints were stamped across the lunar surface, we envisaged their continuing path across the universe.

Forty-five years ago, the world hushed at a vision of the moon never seen before – men in space suits treading the familiar face that had met our gaze throughout human history. And still, writers, playwrights and poets are drawn to our nightly neighbor just as it pulls the oceans’ tides, day in, day out.

Author: Sheena McKenzie, Producer: Mark Tutton, Design: Nural Choudhury, Development: Nav Garcha, Illustration: Julián De Narvaéz