About the show

Fashion Season: Paris takes you behind the scenes of the Paris catwalks and beyond, exploring the French capital's most stylish hidden corners.

Daily reports on CNN International's 'CNN Newsroom' at 1200 GMT and on 'Quest Means Business' at 2100 GMT from Wednesday 24 to Friday 26 and Monday 29 and Tuesday 30 September.

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Extended edition

Tune in for the 30-minute "Fashion Season: Paris" special for an interview with Chinese runway superstar Liu Wen, one of the world's highest-earning models and a visit to iconic French fashion house Balmain. The show airs at the following times:

Friday 26 September at 0930 GMT and 1530 GMT
Saturday 27 September at 1330 GMT and 1930 GMT
Sunday 28 September at 1530 GMT
Monday 29 September at 0830 GMT
Tuesday 30 September at 0930 GMT, 1530 GMT and 1630 GMT

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