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Protests in Iran
A year ago Sunday, Neda Agha-Soltan died of a single gunshot wound to the chest. Her last moments -- captured on a cell phone camera and shown around the world-- catapulted her into the symbol of the postelection reform movement in Iran.


U.N. must stand up for rights of Iranians
While atrocities since June have horrified people around the world, Iran seems, astonishingly, to be strengthening its standing in the Human Rights Council

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#iran @sayahcnn Family of slain protester Ramin Ramezani speak to Reza Sayah about loss of their son. #cnnirandesk
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#Iran detains grandson of Ayatollah Hashemi-Rafsanjani according to Fars News #cnnirandesk
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Check out @IvanCNN @cnnirandesk profile of exiled Iranian filmmaker Bahman Ghobadi #CNNIranDesk #IranElection
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Police and protesters have been clashing on Iran's streets in a situation that has been boiling for months. We want to know what you've been seeing on the ground and around the world.

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Official and semi-official Iranian news sites:
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• Farsi: IRNA | FARS | ISNA | MEHR

Opposition sites:
• English: United 4 Iran | Persian2English
• Farsi: Raheh Sabs | ParlemanNews | Kaleme
• English/Farsi: Unity 4 Iran

Other (in English):
Amnesty International | ICHR Iran 
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