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He dreamed of being a tennis star, but it was not to be.

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Smart thinking helps lacrosse champupdated Wed Apr 09 2014 05:20:00

Toronto Rock's Garrett Billings on why it takes more than athleticism to master lacrosse.

Fernando Alonso: The family ties that bind Ferrari's F1 starupdated Wed Apr 02 2014 08:28:32

He travels in private jets and is one of the world's highest-paid athletes, but Fernando Alonso's humble beginnings are never far away from his thoughts.

Passion drives F1 champupdated Wed Apr 02 2014 06:58:25

Two-time World Champion Fernando Alonso on the importance of family and his first terrifying Grand Prix memory.

Verity Smith: Blind dressage rider's Olympic ambitionupdated Wed Mar 26 2014 08:57:25

"When I'm riding, it is like flying. My feet do not touch the ground -- and the world and all the stresses that can come with being blind just disappear."

Blind dressage rider: 'Anything is possible'updated Wed Mar 26 2014 08:39:46

Meet Britain's Verity Smith, who has defied tragedy and is aiming for gold at Rio 2016.

Speedway champ defies injuriesupdated Thu Mar 20 2014 10:21:46

Human to Hero meets 2013 World Champion Tai Woffinden who lives, dreams and breathes speedway.

Speedway champion Tai Woffinden overcomes pain through body artupdated Wed Mar 19 2014 08:21:39

"Pain is weakness leaving the body."

Hoop dreams: Darryl Middleton's journey from basketball stardom to master chefupdated Wed Mar 12 2014 11:38:40

He was an outstanding talent who never made it in the NBA, before he established himself as one of the most famous American players in European basketball history.

Who needs the NBA?updated Wed Mar 12 2014 08:23:03

Darryl Middleton is one of the top U.S. basketball players in Europe and has no regrets about not making the NBA.

Running free: Sebastien Foucan - the Bond villain who 'Lived Another Day'updated Wed Mar 05 2014 07:57:48

There are not many Bond villains who survive to tell the tale of their encounter with 007.

Bond villain free running in Londonupdated Wed Mar 05 2014 07:24:57

Free running pioneer Sebastien Foucan talks about navigating urban landscapes and his starring role in "Casino Royale."

Sochi Paralympics: Two skiers become oneupdated Wed Feb 26 2014 09:17:37

Imagine hurtling down a mountain at 60 miles an hour. Now imagine doing it virtually blind.

Visually impaired skier's Sochi missionupdated Wed Feb 26 2014 08:08:43

Human to Hero meets skier Kelly Gallagher -- the first person to represent Northern Ireland at the Winter Paralympics.

Sochi 2014: 'Icebird' Jana Pittman still chasing her Olympic dreamupdated Wed Feb 19 2014 09:06:57

Jana Pittman was the woman to beat in track and field's 400-meter hurdles for nearly a decade, only to suffer crushing disappointment as a string of injuries wrecked her chances of Olympic gold.

Preparing for Sochi with shopping carts?updated Wed Feb 19 2014 08:40:00

Former world champion hurdler Jana Pittman is a dual Olympian competing at Sochi in Australia's two-woman bobsled team.

Sandis Ozolins: Hockey veteran's journey from Soviet army to Sochiupdated Wed Feb 12 2014 07:59:46

Sochi has been preparing for an Olympics invasion -- but perhaps it didn't expect a former Soviet soldier to be leading the charge.

Soviet soldier's Sochi comebackupdated Wed Feb 12 2014 07:33:16

41-year-old Sandis Ozolins talks about his career and representing Latvia at the Winter Olympics.

Snowboarder survives avalancheupdated Thu Feb 06 2014 08:57:29

Former bordercross Olympian Xavier de Le Rue talks about his passion for big mountain snowboarding.

Fanny Smith: Ski cross champion defies odds in quest for Olympic gold updated Thu Feb 06 2014 07:29:36

When Fanny Smith lines up at the start gates in Sochi later this month, she will do so with form and, perhaps, the fates in her favor.

Sochi skier smiles through the painupdated Wed Feb 05 2014 19:06:49

Ski cross champ Fanny Smith on winning the World Cup and not letting injuries hold her back.

Xavier de Le Rue: Snowboard 'addict' cheats deathupdated Wed Jan 29 2014 07:59:04

Only in the extreme world of big-mountain snowboarding could someone cheat death in an avalanche and realize it had reaffirmed their love of the powder.

'Jumping Jen' - No limits in skating's 'insane' evolutionupdated Wed Jan 22 2014 08:12:09

Jenna McCorkell has spent her career dancing on a knife edge.

'Jumping Jen' spins on iceupdated Wed Jan 22 2014 07:12:37

Meet 11-time figure skating champion Jenna McCorkell -- the youngest skater to represent Britain.

Gerard Pique and Shakira: Power couple 'a normal family'updated Wed Jan 15 2014 07:47:36

As power couples go, they have the sparkle to supersede even Posh and Becks.

Gerard Pique: Shakira is on my iPodupdated Wed Jan 15 2014 06:19:29

The Barcelona player on his pop star girlfriend and growing up playing with Messi.

Annette Fredskov: A marathon a day made me strongerupdated Wed Jan 08 2014 08:03:51

Annette Fredskov's recipe to alleviate the often crippling effects of multiple sclerosis is a curious concoction.

Fearless marathon runner defies MSupdated Wed Jan 08 2014 07:19:43

Mother-of-two Annette Fredskov ran 366 marathons in 365 days despite suffering from multiple sclerosis.

Eric Abidal: God helped me fight cancerupdated Tue Dec 31 2013 08:37:37

Eric Abidal is a fighter. He's also a philosopher.

Footballer fights back after cancerupdated Tue Dec 31 2013 08:14:31

Former Barcelona defender Eric Abidal on winning the Champions League two and a half months after being diagnosed with cancer.

Olafur Stefansson: Iceland's handball iconupdated Tue Dec 24 2013 10:03:58

He's not a household name, but in Iceland Olafur Stefansson is a sporting icon and one of the biggest handball legends of all time.

Olafur Stefansson: Life lessons from Iceland's handball heroupdated Tue Dec 24 2013 09:09:40

Even if Olafur Stefansson dressed up as Santa Claus this Christmas, he would still have one of the most recognizable faces in Iceland.

Climbing champ takes on toughest rocksupdated Wed Dec 18 2013 11:03:53

Human to Hero meets Bouldering World Cup champion Kilian Fischhuber, a renowned figure in the free-climbing world.

Kilian Fischhuber: Free-climbing star searching for ultimate high updated Wed Dec 18 2013 07:08:53

You could say that Kilian Fischhuber is on top of his game.

Daisuke Takahashi: Japan's golden boy on the importance of being 'gorgeous'updated Wed Dec 11 2013 08:16:37

"A must-have quality for figure skaters is, I think, gorgeousness."

Felix Baumgartner: What next for the man who fell to earth?updated Wed Dec 04 2013 07:36:22

When you've stood on the edge of space, taken in the glorious sight of the Earth's curvature, and hurled yourself through the speed of sound back towards it, life afterward is always going to be a bit of a comedown.

Daredevil skydiver breaks speed of soundupdated Wed Dec 04 2013 07:04:37

Human to Hero meets Felix Baumgartner, the first person to break the speed of sound without use of a vehicle.

Sonny Bill Williams: Islam brings me happinessupdated Wed Nov 27 2013 06:54:28

It was in the cave of Hira that the prophet Muhammad received the first revelation of the Quran. For rugby's original wild child Sonny Bill Williams, meeting a Tunisian family who lived with their five children in a one-bedroom flat in the south of France proved pivotal to his conversion to Islam.

Rugby superstar's secret to successupdated Wed Nov 27 2013 06:51:49

New Zealand's Sonny Bill Williams on staying in shape and the proudest moment of his career.

Yana Kudryavtseva: 'Crystal Statuette' suffers for sport - not artupdated Wed Nov 20 2013 08:38:33

Casually warming up on the mat, Yana Kudryavtseva slips into a pose that would leave a contortionist gasping in admiration.

Youngest world rhythmic gymnastics champupdated Wed Nov 20 2013 08:17:13

Human to Hero meets 16-year-old Yana Kudryavtseva who can handle a hoop, ball or ribbon while performing complex turns.

Get nasty! England's mantra to break Antipodean netball axisupdated Wed Nov 13 2013 07:48:23

If England's netballers are going to realize their goal of becoming the world's finest team, they're going to have to get nasty.

Check out England's biggest female sportupdated Wed Nov 13 2013 07:20:56

Human to Hero meets England's national netball team as they take down South Africa at London's Wembley Arena.

Emanuel Rego: The 'real Bones' of beach volleyballupdated Wed Nov 06 2013 09:10:25

Bones and Mammoth. They're quite a team -- and they love a beach party.

Brazil's beach volleyball kingupdated Wed Nov 06 2013 08:39:12

Human to Hero meets Emanuel Rego, one of the most successful players in the history of beach volleyball.

Badminton duo's big smashupdated Wed Oct 30 2013 10:33:23

Human to Hero meets Mathias Boe and Carsten Mogensen, an Olympic silver medal-winning badminton team.

Badminton's Odd Couple: Opposites attract in brutal 'hobby'updated Wed Oct 30 2013 10:32:54

Mathias Boe is smiling, like a lot of people do when he explains that badminton is his full-time job.

Cliff diver masters amazing twistsupdated Thu Oct 24 2013 07:19:14

Nicknamed "The Duke," 39-year-old Colombian Orlando Duque is considered one of the world's best cliff divers.

'The Duke' of cliff diving: Orlando Duqueupdated Wed Oct 23 2013 07:49:02

"The Duke" knows within a split second if something is awry. The trouble is, he only has two further seconds to put it right.

Graffiti artist to BMX bandit: Charveron pushes limits as guerrilla bike riderupdated Wed Oct 16 2013 08:28:23

Your city is Maxime Charveron's blank canvas, and it's no longer spray cans he is painting with.

Maxime Charveron's BMX masterclassupdated Wed Oct 16 2013 07:54:50

Maxime Charveron tells CNN how a brush with the law propelled him into freestyle BMX.

Premier League dream for Gael Bigirimana after 'miracle journey'updated Wed Oct 09 2013 07:24:10

A "miracle" journey has propelled Gael Bigirimana from war-torn Burundi to soccer stardom in the English Premier League with Newcastle United.

From civil war to the football pitchupdated Wed Oct 09 2013 06:52:03

Human to Hero meets Burundian-born Gael Bigirimana, who plays for Newcastle United and the England under-20 team.

Kaori Matsumoto: The 'beast' of Japan - or like Peter Pan?updated Wed Oct 02 2013 07:41:30

She was dubbed "The Assassin" after winning gold at the London 2012 Olympics, but Kaori Matsumoto prefers to be known as "Beast."

Female judoka breaks new groundupdated Wed Oct 02 2013 06:41:18

Human to Hero meets Kaori "The Assassin" Matsumoto, the first Japanese woman to win Olympic gold in the 57kg weight category.

'Eureka moment' for Canada's kayak king Adam van Koeverdenupdated Wed Sep 25 2013 11:46:35

Some people take many years to find their calling in life -- but for Adam van Koeverden, it was right in front of him in black and white.

Human to Hero: Adam van Koeverdenupdated Wed Sep 25 2013 11:02:50

2-time world Kayak champion Adam Van Koeverden talks to CNN about his journey into water sports and his daily training.

Olympic swimmer feels like a mermaidupdated Wed Sep 18 2013 09:29:59

Human to Hero meets 23-year-old Ona Carbonell, a double Olympic medalist in synchronized swimming who loves life underwater.

Ona Carbonell: The 'mermaid' of Barcelonaupdated Wed Sep 18 2013 08:18:52

With a first name that means "wave" in Catalan, perhaps Ona Carbonell was destined to pursue a career in water sports.

Windsurfing brothers' triple actupdated Wed Sep 11 2013 09:53:39

World number five Cyril Moussilmani and twin brothers Benoit and Sylvain want to turn windsurfing into a must-watch sport.

Windsurfing a family affair for Cyril Moussilmani and his brothersupdated Wed Sep 11 2013 08:04:23

Where there's wind and water in Marseille, you are likely to find "Les Mouss."

Swedish curling sensation Niklas Edin: 'I used to be like John McEnroe'updated Wed Sep 04 2013 07:43:46

Winters can be depressingly long in Sweden but when it comes to sports played in those chillier months, curling usually isn't the first choice for youngsters in the Scandinavian nation.

How to master 'chess on ice'updated Wed Sep 04 2013 07:20:37

Human to Hero meets Swedish curling captain Niklas Edin who is aiming for gold in the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics.

Korea United: Football hero Ryang Yong-Gi's ambitious goalupdated Wed Aug 28 2013 12:01:56

North Korea is one of the world's most mysterious and secretive states, regarded as a political pariah and at bitter loggerheads with its neighbor South Korea.

North Korean footballer big in Japanupdated Wed Aug 28 2013 08:00:37

Ryang Yong-Gi is the Japan-born captain of Vegalta Sendai who also plays for North Korea's national team.

Ultimate ambition: Olympic recognitionupdated Wed Aug 21 2013 07:25:34

Scoobers, hammers and laying out - it's the "ultimate" flying saucer attack. And if Mark Poole is right, his sport could soon be coming to an Olympics near you.

Underground sport hungers for recognitionupdated Wed Aug 21 2013 07:11:31

Human to Hero meets Mark Poole, a champion in the world of ultimate which he says has Olympic potential.

Sebastien Loeb: Rally superstar goes back to racing schoolupdated Wed Aug 14 2013 09:12:35

For the son of a math teacher, rallying legend Sebastien Loeb is not too concerned by numbers.

Motorsport great's new challengeupdated Wed Aug 14 2013 08:52:15

Human to Hero meets French rally legend Sebastien Loeb, who has been called the greatest driver in motorsport

Water polo ace on school of hard knocksupdated Wed Aug 07 2013 10:51:54

Rowie Webster, Australia's top scorer during the London Games, opens up about her love for the sport and dirty tactics.

Goal-machine Rowena Webster thrives in water polo's school of hard knocksupdated Wed Aug 07 2013 10:23:19

On the surface, water polo appears an elegant pursuit played by extremely polished performers.

'Project 10:' Japan's rising son Nishikori feels weight of expectationupdated Wed Jul 31 2013 08:58:25

For Kei Nishikori, "Project 45" has transformed into "Project 10."

Japan's 'rock star' tennis proupdated Wed Jul 31 2013 08:44:49

Grand Slam hopeful Kei Nishikori is one of the hottest tickets on the ATP tour and the number one tennis player in Asia.

Courting the perfect beach partner: Rogers and Doherty the dream duoupdated Wed Jul 24 2013 08:14:35

When a marriage ends up in court it usually means the end -- but for Todd Rogers it was just the beginning.

The perfect beach volleyball marriageupdated Wed Jul 24 2013 07:32:36

U.S. pro beach volleyball star Todd Rogers on hunting down the perfect on-court partner in Ryan Doherty.

'Unbeatable' sprinter: How I stay on topupdated Wed Jul 17 2013 07:28:47

The fastest man in Nigeria, Obinna Metu, on his routine and being trained by icons Haile Gebrselassie and Usain Bolt.

Bolt and Gebrselassie: The dream team inspiring Nigeria's fastest manupdated Wed Jul 17 2013 07:17:58

When Haile Gebrselassie speaks people listen.

Taking on the Taliban: Squash star pleads for rackets not gunsupdated Wed Jul 10 2013 08:01:30

At long last, Maria Toorpakai Wazir can indulge her life's greatest love without fear of persecution.

Female squash player fights for freedomupdated Wed Jul 10 2013 07:21:10

Pakistani squash player Maria Toorpakai Wazir opens up about her love for the sport and supporting women's rights.

Kite rider: The girl who fought back from the brinkupdated Wed Jul 03 2013 08:53:15

Hannah Whiteley laughs in the face of danger -- at least she does now.

Kitesurfer overcomes near-death momentsupdated Wed Jul 03 2013 07:40:09

Britain's Hannah Whiteley talks about returning to the sport after a 5 year break and wanting more women to take her lead.

France's premier discus thrower remasters an Ancient classicupdated Wed Jun 26 2013 07:51:44

It can appear to the naked eye as a blur; a frenzied whirlwind of arms and legs, but for Ancient Greece it epitomized an intoxicating marriage of harmony and balance.

Female discus thrower defies stereotypesupdated Wed Jun 26 2013 05:51:18

Melina Robert-Michon talks about competing for France at London 2012 and how the sport's image has changed.

Brazil's 'perfect 10' surfing pioneerupdated Wed Jun 19 2013 07:39:43

She's a perfect 10; the surfer that other professionals will drag themselves out of the water to watch.

How water 'energizes' historic surferupdated Wed Jun 19 2013 06:56:56

Human to Hero meets Brazilian elite surfer Silvana Lima, the first woman ever to score a perfect ten in competition.

Haile Gebrselassie: I will run until I dieupdated Wed Jun 12 2013 08:02:48

He's broken every record in the book and won a glut of Olympic and world titles, but even at the age of 40, Haile Gebrselassie has no intention of resting on his laurels.

Human to Hero: Haile Gebrselassieupdated Wed Jun 12 2013 06:14:57

Ethiopian Haile Gebrselassie talks to CNN about his 4 World Championship wins and 27 world records.

Olympic teen swim sensation Ruta Meilutyte overcomes adversityupdated Wed Jun 05 2013 08:44:13

Ruta Meilutyte's initial brush with swimming as a seven-year-old in Lithuania could never have foretold her success in the pool.

Teenage swimming sensation: I hate losingupdated Wed Jun 05 2013 08:11:24

The youngest Lithuanian to win Olympic gold, Ruta Meilutyte talks about being a full-time student with a sporting career.

'Like walking on a high wire' - Skate star Hamelin pushes the limitsupdated Wed May 29 2013 08:27:46

Amid all the noise and chaos of a short-track speed skating final, there is one voice in the crowd Charles Hamelin can hear as clear as a bell.

Speed skater: Strength isn't enoughupdated Wed May 29 2013 07:16:56

Canada's Charles Hamelin, who will defend his Olympic titles at Sochi 2014, reveals how he has mastered the ice sport.

From ridicule to 'rock star': Weightlifting's petite warrior tames Twitter trollsupdated Wed May 22 2013 09:01:46

Zoe Smith's petite frame should fool nobody -- she's a weightlifting warrior.

Lady weightlifter challenges stereotypesupdated Wed May 22 2013 08:30:32

Gymnast turned Olympic weightlifter Zoe Smith is the first Englishwoman to win a Commonwealth Games weightlifting medal.

Daisuke Takahashi: Japan's golden boy on the importance of being 'gorgeous'updated Wed May 15 2013 08:48:10

"A must-have quality for figure skaters is, I think, gorgeousness."

Skating star's thrill of the danceupdated Wed May 15 2013 07:49:49

Japan's figure skating champion Daisuke Takahashi on why he loves the adoration of the crowd and his hopes for Sochi 2014.

World's oldest marathon man, 102, can't imagine life without running shoesupdated Thu May 09 2013 07:52:31

At an age when most pensioners are winding down their lives, Fauja Singh began a new one.

World's oldest runner's 'secret' routineupdated Thu May 09 2013 05:31:26

102-year-old retired marathon runner Fauja Singh reveals how he stays fitter than most people half his age.

From the front line to the try lineupdated Wed May 01 2013 09:14:07

As a shivering and nervous new recruit to the British Army in 2007 -- wearing three layers just to keep warm -- Semesa Rokoduguni began to seriously question why he had left the tropical Pacific Island of Fiji.

From Afghanistan to the rugby pitchupdated Wed May 01 2013 09:06:37

Human to Hero meets Semesa Rokoduguni, a Fijian soldier who is one of the rising stars of rugby union.

Olympic champion: Sailing is not elitistupdated Wed Apr 24 2013 10:21:21

British sailor Ben Ainslie on preparing for the America's Cup and common misconceptions about his sport.

Ainslie's ambition: Sailing hero takes on America's Cup challengeupdated Wed Apr 24 2013 09:58:26

Ben Ainslie lives for sailing. He grew up near the sea, and he wants to retire on the ocean wave.

Songezo's goal: From townships to the Tour de Franceupdated Wed Apr 17 2013 07:45:42

As driving snow enveloped him and the temperature sank towards zero, Songezo Jim must have wondered if all that hard graft to realize his dream was worth it.

South African cyclist: Never give upupdated Wed Apr 17 2013 07:36:24

Part of Africa's first ever cycling team, 22-year old Songezo Jim is hoping to qualify for the 2015 Tour de France.

From party animals to professionals: 'Happy' Gilmore defies surfing clichesupdated Wed Apr 10 2013 09:01:19

Forget Point Break's party animals, modern surfing is more about professionalism.

Gilmore: Surfing can be feminineupdated Wed Apr 10 2013 07:29:26

Human to Hero meets reigning 5-time world champion Stephanie Gilmore on the Gold Coast of Australia.

From refugee to Afghan cricket captainupdated Wed Apr 03 2013 14:29:01

As cricket grows in popularity in Afghanistan, captain Mohammad Nabi says the team dreams of hosting a match in Kabul.

The Taliban's favorite sport: Afghan cricket's battle for acceptanceupdated Wed Apr 03 2013 09:55:57

He plays the only sport approved by the Taliban, and Mohammad Nabi Eisakhil hopes the game he learned as a war refugee will play a big part in uniting his country.

The wonder of Yu: Paralympic fencer's power of positivityupdated Wed Mar 27 2013 09:23:45

The only tinge of regret Alison Yu Chui Yee has from another prodigious Paralympic campaign is that she didn't take a leaf out of Usain Bolt's book.

Hong Kong's Paralympic fencing championupdated Wed Mar 27 2013 07:53:22

Seven-time Paralympic gold medalist Alison Yu Chui Yee tells CNN about the strength needed to compete from a wheelchair.

Hong Kong's Paralympic fencing championupdated Wed Mar 27 2013 07:43:13

Seven-time Paralympic gold medalist Alison Yu Chui Yee tells CNN about the strength needed to compete from a wheelchair.

Waste material turned into masterpiecesupdated Wed Mar 20 2013 10:55:47

The Ghanaian sculptor El Anatsui crafts waste material from the streets into masterpieces.

The girl with the dancing horseupdated Wed Mar 20 2013 08:17:27

Human to Hero meets Charlotte Dujardin and her horse Valegro who won two gold medals at the London 2012 Olympics.

Motorbike champion Jorge Lorenzo dances with dangerupdated Wed Mar 13 2013 10:14:43

With a straight face and a shrug, world motorcycling champion Jorge Lorenzo details the danger involved in reaching the sport's dizzying pinnacle: "I had my first injury at age seven."

Lorenzo: Motorcycling is like dancingupdated Wed Mar 13 2013 09:59:57

World MotoGP champion Jorge Lorenzo on growing up in the world of motorsport and his hopes for the new MotoGP season.

Judo champion towers over opponentsupdated Fri Mar 08 2013 07:16:21

Standing 2.3m tall, French judoka Teddy Riner is a five-time world champion and an Olympic gold medalist.

Giant judo champion: Celine Dion puts me in the zoneupdated Wed Mar 06 2013 07:21:24

Inspirational music has long served to focus the mind of some of the world's greatest sporting stars.

Ted 'Shred' Ligety: Skiing's winning machine updated Wed Feb 27 2013 08:41:38

What do you do if you're a "crazy kid" growing up in Utah? You clip on your skis and go downhill fast -- very fast -- that's what.

Human to Hero: Ted Ligetyupdated Wed Feb 27 2013 08:16:02

CNN talks to Olympic gold medalist and World Champion. "Super" Ted Ligety.

Blind runner with need for speedupdated Wed Feb 20 2013 09:17:32

Brazil's Terezinha Guilhermina won gold in London and wants to become the world's fastest Paralympian.

Blind runner beats poverty, bullies to become championupdated Wed Feb 20 2013 08:38:43

Born into grinding poverty and with a degenerative eye condition which left her almost totally blind, Terezinha Guilhermina first became aware of her athletic abilities when fleeing a school bully in her home city of Betim in Brazil.

British ice hockey's big battleupdated Fri Feb 15 2013 11:24:36

Human to Hero meets David Clarke, who is battling to restore Britain's ice hockey glory days.

Ice hockey's David faces Goliathan challengeupdated Wed Feb 13 2013 09:44:57

Great Britain can legitimately claim to have invented ice hockey, and even won gold at the 1936 Winter Olympics -- but its modern-day heroes are struggling to uphold that heritage in the face of adversity.

Human to Hero: Epke Zonderlandupdated Wed Feb 06 2013 09:16:55

'The Flying Dutchman' is known for his daredevil high-bar routine which saw him take gold at London 2012 Olympics.

The most incredible sporting gamble?updated Wed Feb 06 2013 08:45:41

It was a "crazy" high-stakes routine that risked everything in the pursuit of gold.

Kenya javelin thrower learns via YouTubeupdated Wed Jan 30 2013 08:41:19

Human to Hero meets 23-year-old Julius Yego, Kenya's first javelin thrower to compete in the Olympics.

YouTube lessons to Olympic final: Kenya's javelin pioneerupdated Wed Jan 30 2013 07:54:57

He is self coached, he relies on YouTube videos to hone his technique -- and in running-mad Kenya, he had to plead with officials to win selection for the track and field team as a javelin thrower.

Physical chess: Squash gladiator Nicol David stays one move aheadupdated Wed Jan 23 2013 08:44:17

Standing tall in a sport once dubbed "boxing with rackets," Nicol David has a better analogy to define the particular rigors of squash.

Human to Hero: Nicol Davidupdated Wed Jan 23 2013 07:14:41

Seven-time world squash champion Nicol David talks to CNN about her introduction to the sport.

Flying high: Mourinho mentors Cape Verde's 'Special One'updated Wed Jan 16 2013 09:18:14

Jose Mourinho might be feeling the pressure at Real Madrid, but the world's most famous soccer coach has taken time out to help a man from a tiny island nation who fully understands the importance of high-intensity decision-making.

Tiny island makes football historyupdated Wed Jan 16 2013 07:09:34

First time African Cup of Nations qualifier Cape Verde will face off with South Africa this week.

Rudy Fernandez: Basketball is my lifeupdated Wed Jan 09 2013 09:44:14

Real Madrid player Rudy Fernandez on his time with the NBA and why he decided to return to Europe.

Why basketball star turned his back on the NBAupdated Wed Jan 09 2013 08:03:59

It's the dream of millions of basketball fans around the world -- to be an NBA star.

German 'ice men' master bobsleighupdated Tue Jan 08 2013 13:38:33

Human to Hero meets Thomas Florschutz and Kevin Kuske from the German bobsleigh team.

Born to run: Ethiopia's golden girl Dibabaupdated Wed Jan 02 2013 09:02:57

It could be the spartan living environment, or perhaps growing up in the thin air nearly 3,000 meters above sea level -- or maybe it's the influence of a legendary local coach.

Gold medalist: Losing is not an optionupdated Wed Jan 02 2013 08:50:40

Three-time Olympic champion Tirunesh Dibaba reveals how Ethiopia breeds some of the world's best long distance runners.

Better than Bolt? The fastest men on ice updated Thu Dec 27 2012 05:59:31

He can legitimately claim to be the fastest man on ice, and Kevin Kuske could even give Usain Bolt a run for his money in a foot race over 30 meters.

Human to Hero: Richie McCawupdated Wed Dec 19 2012 07:46:11

New Zealand All Blacks captain Richie McCaw talks to CNN about his journey into professional rugby.

The world's toughest sportsman?updated Wed Dec 19 2012 06:51:37

It's not easy carrying the burden of a sports-mad nation's lofty expectations of world-beating dominance on your shoulders, especially on home soil, but Richie McCaw did it -- with a broken foot.

Arab artist re-energizes craftsmanshipupdated Thu Dec 13 2012 13:33:00

Zeinab Alhashemi wants to change how Middle Eastern art is perceived by using traditional materials in new ways.

Dubai artist highlights tradition amid the glitzupdated Thu Dec 13 2012 12:53:06

If you look at Dubai, there is the modern side and the traditional side, but they all interact with each other. If I'm in the car, I can go from one place to another and see different backgrounds, different people and different surrounding -- and for me this is always interesting to show in my work.

Roller hockey star lives for his sportupdated Thu Dec 06 2012 13:31:35

It may not be as high-profile as football, but for Pedro Gil, captain of the Spanish team, roller hockey is everything.

Roller hockey star: My only vice left is tattoos updated Thu Dec 06 2012 12:23:42

It may not attract the TV audiences, armchair pundits and tasty endorsement deals that football does, but for Pedro Gil, roller hockey is everything.

Manga master paints 'real' charactersupdated Thu Nov 29 2012 11:03:14

Human to Hero meets Takehiko Inoue, one of Japan's most successful manga artists.

How 'Slam Dunk' Manga artist brings characters to lifeupdated Thu Nov 29 2012 11:02:05

To many Westerners, Manga is synonymous with fantasy -- its glossy lines, popping color palettes and fanciful scenarios are an escapist's delight.

Ghanian artist who transforms bottle tops into masterpieces updated Mon Nov 26 2012 07:36:30

It was a shimmering metal wall hanging fashioned from thousands of bottle tops that won El Anatsui international acclaim.

Rugby legend: Sport can unify a nationupdated Fri Nov 16 2012 03:49:15

South African captain Jean de Villiers reveals what it takes to achieve victory on and off the pitch.

South African rugby legend: Sport can unify a nationupdated Thu Nov 15 2012 12:39:44

I made my debut for South Africa at the age of 21. It was a very special day in my life being able to represent my country, but unfortunately it ended after seven minutes when I tore a ligament in my knee. It wasn't a great start to my international career, although I returned after nine months of rehabilitation.

America's black cowboys fight for their place in historyupdated Thu Nov 15 2012 09:05:48

Jason Griffin straps his right arm in bandages, preparing himself to grip the reins of a wildly bucking bronco. Tall, broad-shouldered, with a rough beard, he steps into his cowboy boots, fits a Stetson hat and heads out to meet his mount in the rodeo arena.

Sculptor shapes lifelike masterpiecesupdated Fri Nov 09 2012 05:21:29

Human to Hero meets Chinese sculptor Xiang Jing as she shapes plaster and clay into masterpieces.

Chinese sculptor Xiang Jing's painful search for truthupdated Thu Nov 08 2012 11:48:58

Few female Chinese artists have attained the level of international recognition that sculptor Xiang Jing enjoys.

'Lucky' F1 driver lost both legs and triumphed with Paralympic gold updated Fri Nov 02 2012 07:17:06

For Alex Zanardi, losing both legs in a life-threatening crash was only the beginning of a new chapter.

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