@cnntech Uber removes racy blog posts on prostitution, one-night stands http://t.co/IaUf3JVNcH via @Jose_Pagliery http://t.co/QEFdgkIgRk

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@cnntech Gay killing game 'Ass Hunter' taken down by Google http://t.co/DrxnUQVJ5z via @ben_rooney http://t.co/9xyXLCPDZ1

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@cnntech Moto X vs. Droid Turbo: Which Droid should you buy? http://t.co/Vc3xpCAc4q http://t.co/Y99o8TLr03

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@cnntech This smart security device is always listening to your home. http://t.co/H6HiziG329

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@cnntech Online comments are being phased out -- instead, they're now taking place here http://t.co/9Wd0Txqsbn via @doug_gross http://t.co/GRXhwdyC2y

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@cnntech Turner channels, including @CNN, are back on Dish http://t.co/N4YmHMI28P via @brianstelter http://t.co/fJrsvXESst

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@cnntech Square will soon accept Apple Pay http://t.co/OIQxpKLfVs via @AlannaPetroff http://t.co/hIXImzy3hs

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@cnntech Comcast to let customers track and rate technicians with new app http://t.co/JMYt1ja9JJ via @chrisidore http://t.co/FhmM39X2Pe

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@cnntech Facebook is kicking its drone business into high gear http://t.co/YlI0voKstD via @Jose_Pagliery http://t.co/W8bEiYlQy8

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@cnntech Flip phones are hip again http://t.co/qUXMoazZEY via @doug_gross http://t.co/PDTRzIYTcp

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Inventor creates watch that fires laser

It cuts through plastic! It burns holes in walls! FULL STORY

By Todd Leopold, CNN

Filed under: Innovation

T-Mobile changes data throttling notification CNNMoney.com

T-Mobile will start letting you know how it's slowing down your data speeds. FULL STORY

Aaron Smith

Filed under: Tech Biz

Expect heavy FAA drone regulations CNNMoney.com

Farmers want drones to survey fields. Wedding photographers want them for moving aerial shots. They might soon need a pilot's license. FULL STORY

Jose Pagliery

Filed under: Tech Biz

Use this app to get the lowest prices on your holiday shopping CNNMoney.com

Shopping for holiday gifts usually goes something like this: Check to see if the same item is cheaper on Amazon. Buy the better deal. FULL STORY

David Goldman

Filed under: Tech Biz

Apple taps Bono again -- for charity

A few months after Apple gave away a U2 album, angering some of the grumpiest folks on iTunes, the company is teaming up with frontman Bono again -- this time for charity. FULL STORY

Doug Gross
By Doug Gross, CNN

Filed under: Web

Should you buy the $99 PC from Walmart? CNNMoney.com

You will soon be able to get a PC for less than $100. FULL STORY

David Goldman

Filed under: Tech Biz

This bus runs on human poop CNNMoney.com

The A4 bus service from Bristol to Bath in the United Kingdom might as well be called "the number two." It runs on human poop and food waste. FULL STORY

Ivana Kottasova

Filed under: Tech Biz

R.I.P checkbook, adios PIN number: How you'll manage your money in 2020

The checkbook is dead. While we're at it, let's write an obit for card readers too. FULL STORY

By Katie Pisa, for CNN

Filed under: Innovation

Europe to vote on Google breakup proposal CNNMoney.com

Google controls 90% of all Web searches in Europe, giving it unequaled power it doesn't enjoy in the United States. FULL STORY

Jose Pagliery

Filed under: Tech Biz

Online comments are being phased out

Online comments are on the way out. FULL STORY

Doug Gross
By Doug Gross, CNN

Filed under: Web

Friday Links CNNMoney.com

Andrew Bergmann

Filed under: Tech Biz

Square will soon accept Apple Pay CNNMoney.com

The mobile payments company Square is planning to accept Apple Pay. FULL STORY

Alanna Petroff

Filed under: Tech Biz

Opinion: Four other ways Uber is ethically challenged  CNNMoney.com

Bruce Weinstein is the public speaker known as The Ethics Guy. His forthcoming book is, "The Good Ones: Ten Crucial Qualities of High-Character Employees," and he maintains the website, TheEthicsGuy.com. FULL STORY

Bruce Weinstein

Filed under: Tech Biz

The power broker of Silicon Valley CNNMoney.com

When I ask Jana Rich to work her magic on me, I have the warm yet affirming sensation of being in a nurturing therapist's office. FULL STORY

Sanjena Sathian

Filed under: Tech Biz

In September 1985 a devastating earthquake measuring 8.1 on the Richter Scale smashed into Mexico City killing 10,000 people and leaving parts of the city in ruins. FULL STORY

After landing a probe on an icy comet and possibly shedding new light on the origins of life on Earth, the European Space Agency (ESA) is now looking at scorching-hot Mercury for its next mission. FULL STORY

Freezing staff members' eggs, creating a disco tunnel in the office or offering unlimited vacation time - companies are thinking outside the box to keep their staff happy. FULL STORY

At GigaOm's Roadmap 2014 conference in San Francisco, leading figures chose their favorite apps - ones which perfectly connect the user with the media they're accessing. FULL STORY

Doug Gross

Who is Slenderman?
He's the Internet's own monster, a ghoul who lurks in its darkest corners and, like the Web itself, has mutated time and again to suit the dreams and desires of his devotees. FULL STORY

Heather Kelly

Sensors let Alzheimer's patients stay at home, safely
Caregivers are turning to smart-home and wearable technology to monitor family members with Alzheimer's and dementia, helping them live independently longer. FULL STORY

Jarrett Bellini

Apparently This Matters: Weed Fairy leaves free pot
I never actually caught a glimpse of the Tooth Fairy when I was young, but she was definitely real and in cahoots with my mom. This, due to the fact that I never woke up to find a Nintendo. FULL STORY

Brandon Griggs

The next frontier in 3-D printing: Human organs
The emerging process of 3-D printing can reproduce the vascular systems required to make organs viable. Scientists already use the machines to print tiny strips of organ tissue. And while printing whole human organs for transplants is still years away, the technology is rapidly developing. FULL STORY

Larry Frum

Can 'Mario Kart 8' save the Wii U?
It's the gaming industry's gold standard, once named by Guinness World Records as the most influential video game in history. Now, Nintendo is turning to "Super Mario Kart" once again. FULL STORY

10 ideas to change the world

10 ideas to change the world What if the U.S. had only two time zones? Should all public transportation be automated for safety? And maybe it IS time to reinvent the wheel. Meet 10 bold ideas that could shape our future. FULL STORY

Wired | Mar 20, 2014

The Germans have figured how to 3-D print cars

The assembly line isn't going away, but 3-D printing is going to reshape how we make cars. One German automaker points the way with an beautifully crafted frame inspired by a turtle's skeleton. FULL STORY

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