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'I am healthy, I am loved'

New video game contains subliminal perks

subliminal message screen

October 15, 1995
Web posted at: 8:15 a.m. EDT

From KRON-TV's Mark Jones

NEAR CALISTOGA, California -- The game is Endorfun. It's kind of a Rubik's Cube-Tetra theme park. It's really 42 games in one, with over 1,000 skill levels (570K QuickTime movie).

Endorfun is said to be the talk of Europe, not just for its original music and mesmerizing play, but for its hidden subliminal messages buried in the soundtrack. The player hears such positive messages as: "I am healthy," "I am loved."

"Every time it changes to a different piece of music, as it does at every level, you get different subliminals," says Endorfun's creator, Michael Feinberg.


Feinberg, who is kind of a Zen-master with an MBA from Ohio State, also has a B.S. in computer science, and a B.A. in English. He's also the father of three.

He planned the game for four years, designed it in 18 months, and threw in the subliminal messages as an afterthought. "We realized that perhaps there was an opportunity here to do just more than create a game, a piece of entertainment. To create something that could actually empower people, help people, change the world," he says.

People use subliminal messages to stop smoking cigarettes, to lose weight, to increase their self-esteem. Feinberg and his music composer admit that adding the messages may not help the marketing, but has added controversy. "There are over 100 messages and they appear randomly," he says.

And what would stop Feinberg from putting negative messages in his game? "Integrity. I can't understand why anyone would do that," he says. "The point is, people do put negative messages in games. Any game that's supposed to be fun, that's supposed to be entertaining, but is about killing. You tell me what that message is?" (111K AIFF sound or 111K WAV sound)

Endorfun goes on the U.S. market Tuesday, October 17, complete with 42 games and 100 subliminal messages.

"The difference between Endorfun and any other game or any other entertainment product is that you know what the messages are," he says. "There's nothing hidden." (17K AIFF sound or 17K WAV sound)


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