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Links LS 2000 is a hole-in-one

November 23, 1999
Web posted at: 12:58 p.m. EST (1758 GMT)

by Nash Werner


(IDG) -- Links LS 2000 sinks an eagle from 180 yards out. This latest entry in the most successful, most technically outstanding golf series of all time does everything right.

One of the more subtle additions to the Links canon is one of the most important: improved ball-flight physics. Apply the appropriate spin and the ball will seem to dance on the wind. Or tee-off into the powerful oncoming Hawaiian winds and watch as your would-be 250-yard drive drops out of the sky at a mere 200 yards.

Links '99 had great physics, but Links 2K has taken it to a new level.

Also improved upon, and frightfully subtle, is Links' sky. Now, instead of staring at the same cloud patterns for hour upon hour, you'll bask in the shade of several different cloud formations. Some days will be completely clear -- not a single cloud in the sky. It's truly subtle, and it's completely ingenious.


You also get to play in Fuzzy Zoeller's Wolf Challenge mode of play. In this four-player Wolf Challenge mode (facing computer or human opponents), one player is designated as "wolf" on each hole. The wolf can choose a partner or play alone against the three other opponents. If the wolf wins a hole while playing alone, he or she gets double the point value of that hole. This makes for a very exciting mode of play.


And what would Links' be without new courses? Links 2K has five to choose from. You'll be whisked away via private jet to two Hawaiian courses: Mauna Kea and Hapuna. I could almost smell the poi and lau lau. Also included are two new St. Andrews' courses and Indiana's Covered Bridge.

Easily one of the most exciting new features is the enhanced multiplayer, which allows you to play seamlessly online via the Zone. Finding opponents is a breeze -- seeing as how more than 10,000 players can be found on the Zone at any given moment.

Sound and audio are good, but don't seem to have been improved upon much. (If it ain't broke, don't fix it.)

True, there aren't as many additions to Links LS 2K compared to Links LS '99. But with a $15 rebate for owners of 1998 or 1999 versions, how could you go wrong? Whether you're a vet or a newcomer, Links LS 2000 is an incredible golfing package.



  • I cannot stress enough how useful it is to take some practice swings before teeing off. From hole to hole, your timing can become thrown off, and a practice swing can be the difference between fairway and sand trap.

  • It's very important to use topspin and backspin. Use topspin when driving to give your ball a positive bounce. Use backspin when within 120 yards of the hole to keep your ball from rolling off the green.

  • Take your time when putting. The short game is the most important part of golf. Make sure you're lined up in accordance with the slope of the green, and don't ever try to rush the putt.

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