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On Nikola Tesla's 158th birthday, it was the effort to build a museum in the influential scientist's honor that got the gift.

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Forget selfies -- make way for 'dronies'updated Thu Jul 03 2014 12:15:59

Forget selfies. Those are so 2013.

Get to know your unconscious: Dream-reading technology that actually works?updated Wed Jul 02 2014 09:15:05

A dizzying number of trackers are available for health and lifestyle. Enthusiasts can now chart every calorie burned or consumed, have their genetics broken down and backdated for centuries, or follow their stress levels through a family holiday. But while our waking moments become ever more transparent, the one-third of our life spent asleep has remained off limits.

Happy 35th birthday, Walkmanupdated Tue Jul 01 2014 18:25:37

It was 35 years ago Tuesday that Sony, not Apple, revolutionized the way we listen to music.

Mars Curiosity: Take a look under the hoodupdated Tue Jul 01 2014 07:10:34

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NASA's deep-space craft readying for launchupdated Thu Jun 26 2014 13:29:59

The U.S. space shuttle program retired in 2011, leaving American astronauts to hitchhike into orbit. But after three long years, NASA's successor is almost ready to make an entrance.

Mobile apps transforming the future of parkingupdated Wed Jun 25 2014 17:23:40

An era of fumbling for spare change and driving in circles in search for a parking space may be coming to a close.

Preserving 120 years of U.S. cultural historyupdated Wed Jun 25 2014 08:22:49

When the Library of Congress comes to mind, most of us don't think of movies, TV shows or old-school vinyl.

'Bionic eye' lets blind man 'see' againupdated Tue Jun 24 2014 05:43:50

As a teenager, Roger Pontz's eyesight began to fail. Doctors told him there was nothing they could do to save his vision and over the years his sight deteriorated until, by the age of 40, he was completely blind.

Cheating death through 'suspended animation'updated Mon Jun 23 2014 08:10:24

As fans of "Grey's Anatomy," "ER" and any other hospital-based show can tell you, emergency-room doctors are fighting against time.

Sonar sticks use ultrasound to guide blind people updated Fri Jun 20 2014 05:45:34

"On the streets the sidewalks are cluttered with street vendors, animals, streetlights and other obstacles which make them uncomfortable even for sighted people," explains Professor Meenakshi Balakrishnan, a computer engineer at the Indian Institute of Technology, in Delhi.

Lighting on the wall: World's most spectacular video projectionsupdated Wed Jun 18 2014 07:51:49

Sydney has had a radical makeover this summer, with the famous Opera House dressed in snakeskin and the underpass dotted with flowers to mark the city's Vivid festival.

Can Amazon help 3-D finally catch on?updated Tue Jun 17 2014 11:30:06

Over its extensive history, 3-D entertainment has seen its share of successes and failures.

World Cup survival glass tells you when to stop drinkingupdated Fri Jun 13 2014 12:40:05

Imagine you are welded to the sofa at home about to watch a third match in a row. You have been drinking throughout the day, but reach for another can of cold beer and fill your glass.

Solar storms! Full moon! Must be Friday the 13thupdated Fri Jun 13 2014 12:29:27

Common Western superstition says Friday the 13th is unlucky. But what does it say about a Friday the 13th with a full moon and solar flares that could create geomagnetic storms large enough to disrupt Earth's atmosphere?

Vanishing spray makes World Cup debutupdated Thu Jun 12 2014 17:47:30

Now you see it, now you don't. That's the logic behind the vanishing spray being used at this year's World Cup in Brazil.

What an Enterprise! NASA physicist, artist unveil warp-speed craft designupdated Thu Jun 12 2014 10:57:50

Thanks to a NASA physicist, the notion of warp speed might just travel out of sci-fi and into the real world.

New technology aims to rid World Cup of 'ghost goals'updated Wed Jun 11 2014 09:29:05

In 1966, British soccer legend Geoff Hurst booted a right-foot shot against Germany in the World Cup championship game. The ball struck the top crossbar and rifled down near the goal line before spinning out.

NASA cameras capture huge solar flaresupdated Tue Jun 10 2014 12:54:20

The sun is putting on a fireworks show again.

'Smart' football helmet may help detect concussionsupdated Mon Jun 09 2014 08:03:41

For years, the protocol for treating possible concussions on a football field has been this: After a player takes a hard hit to the head, a coach or trainer examines him to assess the severity of the impact and his readiness to return to the field.

Meet Pepper, the emotional robotupdated Fri Jun 06 2014 17:10:53

When someone is being stiff and acting emotionless, we may have to quit calling them a robot.

One month under the sea with a Cousteauupdated Wed Jun 04 2014 16:47:20

Could we one day live underwater? Ask Fabien Cousteau -- a month from now.

Hollywood to feds: Let us use dronesupdated Wed Jun 04 2014 16:32:28

It's almost entirely illegal to use drones for money-making purposes in the United States. But a little Hollywood magic could change that.

Tool can plug gunshot wounds in secondsupdated Mon Jun 02 2014 08:21:46

You can find many things in Williams-Sonoma, the kitchenware retailer.

At Harvard, swarming robots that mimic termitesupdated Thu May 29 2014 07:59:00

Ask 100 robotics scientists why they're inspired to create modern-day automatons and you may get 100 different answers.

Bone conduction: Get used to the voices in your headupdated Thu May 29 2014 07:52:41

Long established as the premier portal for sound, your ears are facing increased competition from emerging techniques for transmission through your skeleton.

Google's new self-driving car has no steering wheel or brakeupdated Wed May 28 2014 12:03:41

If you're uneasy at the idea of riding in a vehicle that drives itself, just wait till you see Google's new car. It has no gas pedal, no brake and no steering wheel.

Report: Apple to unveil 'smart home' systemupdated Mon May 26 2014 14:08:53

Apple is planning to introduce a smart home concept at its upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference, according to a report.

The smog-guzzling buildings fighting deadly pollution updated Fri May 23 2014 05:31:03

Air pollution is now the biggest global environmental killer, the WHO has confirmed. The seven million deaths it caused in 2012 exceeded the victims of cigarettes, and is more than double previous estimates.

How to shoot amazing video from dronesupdated Thu May 22 2014 07:58:41

A bird's eye camera sweeps over the green fields of Ireland, flies over the towering Cliffs of Moher and pans the ocean hundreds of feet below.

Study: Google leapfrogs Apple as world's most valuable brandupdated Wed May 21 2014 16:09:50

Well, guess that argument's settled for now. Google is a more valuable brand than Apple.

Would you live in a house made of sand and bacteria? It's a surprisingly good ideaupdated Wed May 21 2014 11:32:54

Peter Trimble found his formula through trial and error. A design student at the University of Edinburgh, he was aiming to produce an artistic exhibition for a module on sustainability, when he stumbled on "Dupe," a living alternative to concrete.

App lets you customize sneakers with Instagram picsupdated Tue May 20 2014 18:17:26

In case your social feeds aren't enough of a platform, you can now take a selfie and print it -- on your sneakers.

Mars hopefuls ponder life without families, favorite foodsupdated Fri May 16 2014 12:48:28

If your romantic partner pointed you to an application for a one-way trip to Mars, would you be upset -- or thrilled?

Meet Mr. Robin, grandma's robot buddyupdated Fri May 16 2014 05:31:24

Almost eight years have passed since Bill Gates hailed a new era of "a robot in every home," and for most of us the sci-fi dream of an all-purpose automated assistant seems no closer.

Music 'hackers' unleash new generation of cool and bizarre instrumentsupdated Wed May 14 2014 10:50:36

I keep my hands hovering in the space between an elevated lamp and a square white box that resembles a washing machine. At a signal, I make patterns with my hands, creating shadows that stretch out on the bright surface below, generating a cacophony of barking, as if a pack of dogs have been released into the East London basement.

Custom-built robot to probe Fukushima leaksupdated Tue May 13 2014 09:14:25

The push to plug the plumbing problem from hell at Fukushima Daiichi is about to get some help from a U.S.-built robot designed to search for leaks from one of the Japanese nuclear plant's crippled reactors.

FDA approves 'Star Wars' bionic arm updated Mon May 12 2014 14:28:53

Amputees will soon get help from a groundbreaking bionic arm, thanks to the inventor of the Segway and a little inspiration from "Star Wars."

Meet the BAT, an airborne wind turbineupdated Mon May 12 2014 08:07:34

The first time you see this bizarre aircraft floating high above the horizon, you may be confused. It looks kind of like a giant, winged doughnut.

How our universe grew upupdated Thu May 08 2014 17:52:51

It's hard to describe billions of years of cosmic history. But scientists have used a code to create a model of how the universe as we know it today might have evolved.

New cassette tape could hold 47 million songsupdated Thu May 08 2014 09:07:09

Forget the cloud, and rework your mental image of those mysterious data centers. Sony has reinvented a tool for storing a mind-numbing amount of data:

Stealing from nature: Incredible new tech inspired by biologyupdated Wed May 07 2014 11:25:57

When the body comes under attack by flu, dendritic cells rush to the site of infection and identify the alien forms attacking it. Millions raise the alarm and the immune system is fired into action.

Oculus chief wants 1 billion people in virtual realityupdated Tue May 06 2014 16:27:18

When Oculus, makers of a virtual-reality headset many view as the future of video gaming, agreed in March to a $2 billion buyout by Facebook, they weren't tempted by the success of "FarmVille" or "Candy Crush."

Drones banned from Yosemite, other parksupdated Mon May 05 2014 17:25:18

If you're planning to enjoy this spring or summer at a national park, you'd better leave your drone at home.

A bug repellent that could save livesupdated Mon May 05 2014 08:10:16

When is bug spray more than just bug spray? When it's a compound that, according to researchers at Vanderbilt University, is thousands of times stronger than DEET, works on many different insects and could very well save lives.

A 'club sandwich' may support life on Jupiter's moon Ganymedeupdated Fri May 02 2014 14:00:53

At least one corner of the solar system may be serving up an ice-and-water sandwich, with the possibility of life on the rocks.

This 'Star Trek'-style molecular sensor fits in your hand, reads your food updated Fri May 02 2014 12:18:49

Anyone who has been deceived by a punchbowl at a party, or a diet-busting cake, will recognize the value of knowing exactly what you are eating. A new pocket scanner promises to deliver that power by giving the user an instant breakdown of alcohol, sugar, or calorie content before they consume.

Workplace wearables: Your boss knows when you've had a good night's sleep?updated Thu May 01 2014 08:39:37

We know how wearable tech can enhance our fitness lives; some of us use it to track our diets and even record our daily entertainment choices; but there's evidence that its most significant application is yet to come: the workplace.

How test-tube meat could be the future of foodupdated Wed Apr 30 2014 11:47:35

In a nondescript hotel ballroom last month at the South by Southwest Interactive festival, Andras Forgacs offered a rare glimpse at the sci-fi future of food.

Apple rolls out new, cheaper MacBook Airsupdated Tue Apr 29 2014 10:00:21

Apple has refreshed its line of MacBook Air notebooks, dropping in more powerful processors and knocking $100 off the price.

The artificial leaf that could power the worldupdated Mon Apr 28 2014 13:13:12

As Daniel Nocera gazed down on one of his experiments in what has come to be known as the "holy grail" of energy research, his response was to shrug:

Google: Self-driving cars are mastering city streetsupdated Mon Apr 28 2014 12:21:31

Long a veteran of the highways of rural California, Google's self-driving car is working on becoming safer in the city.

This machine makes drinking water from thin airupdated Thu Apr 24 2014 06:02:15

Water. A vital nutrient, yet one that is inaccessible to many worldwide.

Lytro refocuses with a new $1,600 cameraupdated Tue Apr 22 2014 11:29:07

Lytro is trying to make interactive pictures happen, again.

Artificial eyes, plastic skulls: 3-D printing the human body updated Thu Apr 17 2014 05:43:40

The 21st century has seen the growth of 3-D printing, with well-known applications in architecture, manufacturing, engineering, and now increasingly in medicine.

Americans wary of futuristic science, techupdated Thu Apr 17 2014 00:01:30

Americans are generally excited about the new technology they expect to see in their lifetimes. But when confronted with some advances that already appear possible -- from skies filled with drones to meat made in a lab -- they get nervous.

Blood moon: Lunar eclipse gazers mesmerized as red hue lights up skyupdated Tue Apr 15 2014 01:18:12

Sky gazers caught a glimpse of the "blood moon" crossing the Earth's shadow Tuesday in all its splendor.

Carpenter who cut off his fingers makes 'Robohand' with 3-D printerupdated Mon Apr 14 2014 05:43:02

"I was in a position to see exactly what happens in the human hand. I got the basics of what it's all about and thought yeah, I'll make my own."

'Blood moon' will be a sight to behold, weather permitting updated Fri Apr 11 2014 07:39:03

Tuesday will bring a spectacle in the night sky worth staying up for when the moon turns a burnt reddish orange.

Listen for a ping, and the water may play tricks on youupdated Fri Apr 11 2014 04:42:56

Put an ear to the ocean and listen carefully, but beware. The water may play tricks on you.

Google Glass available to anyone for one day onlyupdated Thu Apr 10 2014 16:52:32

Have you been pining for your very own wearable $1,500 Google Glass but weren't sure how you, a regular nondeveloper residing in the United States, could procure one?

Navy's future: Electric guns, lasers, water as fuelupdated Thu Apr 10 2014 10:44:57

Imagine ships that fire missiles at seven times the speed of sound without using explosives, or that use lasers to destroy threats at the cost of about a dollar a shot, and vessels making fuel from the very seawater in which they're floating.

Using tablets to reach kids with autismupdated Wed Apr 09 2014 11:22:01

Two 5-year-old boys, one with autism, were having some friendly playtime when they had a communication breakdown. One boy didn't respond to the other and walked away. The ignored kid got frustrated and pushed over a small staircase, causing the first boy to fall.

Astronomers find 'diamond engagement ring' in spaceupdated Wed Apr 09 2014 10:12:34

Planetary nebula Abell 33 has taken on romantic proportions.

The universe is expanding, but how quickly?updated Tue Apr 08 2014 11:55:16

You can't see it happening on Earth, but space itself is stretching. Ever since the Big Bang happened 13.8 billion years ago, the universe has been getting bigger.

Forget wearable tech, embeddable implants are already hereupdated Tue Apr 08 2014 07:48:59

Smartphone mapping features are great for getting directions, until you lose signal. But you could avoid getting lost in the woods with a guiding system embedded in your body.

5 biometric alternatives to the passwordupdated Fri Apr 04 2014 17:07:13

There are many things that make you special: Your sense of humor, your dance moves, your personal style, the shape of your ear.

Signs of underground ocean found on Saturn moonupdated Thu Apr 03 2014 17:07:28

An ocean at least as large as Lake Superior lies below a thick layer of ice on a moon of Saturn, new data from NASA's Cassini spacecraft suggests.

U.S. gets new, hyper-accurate atomic clockupdated Thu Apr 03 2014 15:45:50

Timekeeping in the United States, which was already a pretty precise science involving lasers and atomic particles, just got even more exact.

The next frontier in 3-D printing: Human organsupdated Thu Apr 03 2014 09:49:05

The emerging process of 3-D printing, which uses computer-created digital models to create real-world objects, has produced everything from toys to jewelry to food.

Giant six-legged robot crab to walk the ocean floorupdated Tue Apr 01 2014 05:30:02

Monsters of the deep will have a man-made horror to contend with, as the Crabster CR200 is released into the oceans. Weighing over half a ton, the six-legged, crustacean-inspired robot is intended for the most dangerous undersea exploration.

The secret military tech inside household robot vacuum cleanerupdated Mon Mar 31 2014 08:15:50

Imagine: you are sitting with friends, one day in the distant future, in a space-age house, while robot servants cook dinner, fold laundry and mow the lawn.

Helping 'smart' devices talk to each otherupdated Fri Mar 28 2014 12:02:03

A house that tracks your every movement through your car and automatically heats up before you get home. A toaster that talks to your refrigerator and announces when breakfast is ready through your TV. A toothbrush that tattles on kids by sending a text message to their parents.

Designer genes take a leap forward after scientists make new chromosomeupdated Fri Mar 28 2014 10:00:43

Look miles into the future and imagine a day, when geneticists can design a flawless set of human genes in a laboratory.

Facebook looks to drones, lasers and satellites for Internet accessupdated Thu Mar 27 2014 22:10:09

Two thirds of the world population does not have Internet access. Facebook already has more than a billion users on its service, but before it can sign up the rest of world it needs to get them online.

Astronomers find first asteroid with ringsupdated Wed Mar 26 2014 14:56:26

Quick -- name a planet with rings. Easy, right?

Dwarf planet discovered at solar system's edgeupdated Wed Mar 26 2014 14:34:59

For anyone holding out hope of Pluto being reinstated as a major planet, you should probably do as they say in the movie "Frozen" and "let it go."

The guns that know who is firing them: Can smart tech make firearms safer?updated Wed Mar 26 2014 06:24:44

As a teenager, Omer Kiyani was shot in the face with an unsecured firearm. He still struggles with the trauma. But the Detroit engineer now believes he has created a device that would have saved him and may save thousands of others.

Drought-ravaged California turns to tech for helpupdated Fri Mar 21 2014 18:29:54

Sometimes it takes a disaster to inspire innovation.

Big Bang breakthrough announced; gravitational waves detectedupdated Mon Mar 17 2014 18:08:26

There's no way for us to know exactly what happened some 13.8 billion years ago, when our universe burst onto the scene. But scientists announced Monday a breakthrough in understanding how our world as we know it came to be.

Lego robot shatters Rubik's Cube recordupdated Mon Mar 17 2014 11:09:58

If you were never able to solve a Rubik's Cube without peeling off the stickers or prying it apart with a butter knife, you're really going to hate this robot.

Forget text messaging, the 'oPhone' lets you send smellsupdated Mon Mar 17 2014 08:34:37

Holiday albums could be less forgettable when pictures of a Mediterranean meal carry the scent of olives; a selfie on the beach contains a trace of salt spray or a rainy London scene conveys the distinctive aroma of freshly wet concrete.

Wireless electricity? It's hereupdated Fri Mar 14 2014 09:52:12

Katie Hall was shocked the second she saw it: a light-bulb glowing in the middle of a room with no wires attached.

How America celebrates Pi Day updated Fri Mar 14 2014 00:38:37

March 14 is my favorite day to be a nerd.

United offers free streaming TV and moviesupdated Thu Mar 13 2014 19:23:14

Tired of hokey in-flight movies or spotty DirecTV connections? United Airlines is adding an option for watching TV during flights that lets passengers stream content directly to their laptop, iPhone, iPad or iPod touch for free.

Chelsea Clinton: 'I taught my parents how to text'updated Tue Mar 11 2014 18:31:46

In her first visit to South by Southwest Interactive, the tech-themed conference underway here, former first daughter Chelsea Clinton devoted the bulk of her prepared talk Tuesday to the admirable work of her family's foundation in improving global health care.

Amid U.S.-Russian tensions over Ukraine, space show goes onupdated Tue Mar 11 2014 13:53:37

The American bears a broad grin, flashing an "OK" sign to the Russian support team tending to him after his descent from space. It's not exactly the image of two countries at extreme odds over the Ukraine crisis.

Batman meets Iron Man in this high-tech armorupdated Wed Mar 05 2014 09:28:48

If Batman and Iron Man got together in the lab to patch together a new outfit, it might look like this.

Here's why the Ukraine crisis won't affect Russia, U.S. space collaborationupdated Wed Mar 05 2014 04:02:17

On Earth, the United States may be trading bitter accusations with Russia over Ukraine.

Can Apple help make hearing aids cool?updated Tue Mar 04 2014 12:02:25

People wait in long lines and even camp out to get their hands on new Apple devices as soon as they're available. But they drag their feet, sometimes for years, when it comes to purchasing another piece of technology that could greatly improve their lives: hearing aids.

Spider lessons: How to mend your body with silk updated Mon Mar 03 2014 10:58:20

If you ever try your hand at farming spiders, you'll very soon discover it's no easy task.

Successful launch for rain-tracking satelliteupdated Thu Feb 27 2014 14:17:26

A Japanese rocket roared into orbit early Friday (Thursday afternoon ET) carrying what NASA calls its most precise instrument yet for measuring rain and snowfall.

NASA discovers 715 new planetsupdated Wed Feb 26 2014 15:02:17

Our galactic neighborhood just got a lot bigger. NASA on Wednesday announced the discovery of 715 new planets, by far the biggest batch of planets ever unveiled at once.

Man selling home for $135,000 in Dogecoinsupdated Wed Feb 26 2014 09:42:37

The Dogecoin started off as a penniless Internet joke. But Matt Thompson plans on selling his vacation home for this meme-inspired currency.

Sony tie-up with Michael Jackson leaves fans wanting moreupdated Mon Feb 24 2014 06:43:22

Sony has announced a tie-up with the estate of Michael Jackson, allowing them to use his music to promote the release of a new smartphone. But the announcement left some Jackson fans unimpressed.

Steve Jobs may appear on U.S. postage stampupdated Fri Feb 21 2014 13:30:18

The likeness of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs may appear on a commemorative U.S. postage stamp in 2015, only four years after his death.

The weirdest thing at Sochi? Your face on a giant screen of morphing pistonsupdated Fri Feb 21 2014 10:27:06

One of the most impressive spectacles visitors have found at the Sochi games doesn't have anything to do with sports at all. It's their own face, over 20 feet tall, rendered on a giant morphing wall at the entrance to Olympic Park.

Supernova secrets seen in X-raysupdated Wed Feb 19 2014 13:04:17

Cassiopeia A was a star more than eight times the mass of our sun before it exploded in the cataclysmic, fiery death astronomers call a supernova.

Ice cream made-to-order in 90 secondsupdated Wed Nov 13 2013 11:51:35

CNN's David Mattingly visits a San Francisco shop that creates made-to-order ice cream in 90 seconds.

Trauma dummies help doctors learnupdated Tue Oct 22 2013 19:46:46

A new patient simulator is equipped with robotics that allow it to move, hemorrhage and more to help train doctors.

Vets conquer with all-terrain wheelchairupdated Mon Oct 14 2013 18:29:54

All-terrain wheelchairs give freedom to disabled vets, letting them conquer hills, mud, sand and up to a foot of water.

Mars applicants apply hereupdated Mon Aug 12 2013 13:50:43

The Mars Society's Nicole Willett describes the characteristics needed for an applicant wanting to live on Mars.

Google says it can pick your best photosupdated Wed May 15 2013 17:49:38

Google's Vic Gundotra demos a service that they say can look at your library of photos and identify which are best.

Google's new voice command searchupdated Wed May 15 2013 15:16:48

Google's Johanna Wright demonstrates Google's voice activated hot word search at a company presentation.

Gates: More kids should learn to programupdated Thu Mar 07 2013 17:42:35

Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates talks about computer coding, working from home and the future of technology.

Contenidos en la Internetupdated Thu Jan 31 2013 14:03:27

La experta en redes sociales, Silvina Moschini, habla del uso de Internet por parte de los niños y opina sobre la censura.

Doctor's office in a boxupdated Tue Jan 15 2013 05:19:07

Imagine a quick, inexpensive trip to the doctor at all hours of the night. WJW reports.

Software weeds out weak resumesupdated Tue Jan 08 2013 07:39:50

Your resume might never be seen by a human. Software weeds out ones without certain words. CNN's Jim Boulden reports.

Apple announces upgrades to laptopsupdated Mon Jun 11 2012 14:40:44

Apple Senior VP Phil Schiller says the upgraded MacBook Air laptops are faster, has better graphics and $100 cheaper.

Images of sun like you've never seenupdated Thu May 24 2012 10:02:53

NASA has enhanced solar images to make the structures on the sun more visible.

CNN Explains: Commercial space flightupdated Fri May 18 2012 16:30:58

Now that NASA's shuttle program is no longer running, how will the U.S. get astronauts into space? CNN explains.

Camera captures 19th century shipwreckupdated Thu May 17 2012 12:33:12

NOAA used a remotely operated camera to view the remains of a 19th century sailing ship in the Gulf of Mexico.

Robot can help troops see through wallsupdated Wed May 16 2012 15:38:09

The U.S. military is using a small robot to help troops in Afghanistan see through walls and potentially save lives.

How the iPhone saved a Corning factoryupdated Thu May 10 2012 19:49:09

Steve Jobs' request for tougher glass in the iPhone led Corning to produce Gorilla Glass in an old Kentucky factory.

The $6 million Kickstarter watchupdated Mon Apr 30 2012 12:42:37

A Kickstarter campaign for the Pebble watch has raised more than $6 million for a device that connects with smart phones.

Flying in a remote controlled helicopterupdated Tue Apr 03 2012 11:02:01

Kaman and Lockheed Martin have teamed up to build an unmanned helicopter they hope will save lives in war zones.

James Cameron prepares for epic diveupdated Thu Mar 08 2012 13:37:21

Director James Cameron prepares his submarine for his record breaking dive down to the depths of the Mariana Trench.

Innovators you want to knowupdated Mon Jan 09 2012 16:38:42

Meet the innovators and agents of change that have been selected for CNN's The Next List.

A list of who's nextupdated Mon Jan 09 2012 16:36:36

Dr. Sanjay Gupta introduces us to a selection of change agents from a variety of fields.

Meet America's fastest supercomputerupdated Mon Nov 14 2011 11:57:45

The Jaguar supercomputer in Oak Ridge, TN is used for everything from scientific research to disaster management.

Robot army helps run warehousesupdated Tue Nov 08 2011 15:17:47

The future of warehouses may be one with fast shipments and few human employees if robots like Kiva Systems continue to invade the workspace.

Lanzamiento del Nokia Lumiaupdated Sun Nov 06 2011 18:33:25

José Carlos Garcia, estuvo en el lanzamiento del teléfono Nokia Lumia en Londres.

Baseball's new rolling roof in Miamiupdated Wed Nov 02 2011 13:07:50

The Marlins' new $550 million stadium won't open until 2012, but CNNMoney got a sneak peek of how the roof will work.

2010: Apple CEO on future of notebooksupdated Thu Oct 06 2011 12:19:21

Apple CEO sees the new and improved MacBook Air as the future of notebook computers.

Device keeps guitar in tune foreverupdated Wed Aug 31 2011 08:46:15

CNN's Reynolds Wolf shows us a new Technovation that will keep a guitar in tune forever.

Transport advancement: Electric tramupdated Sun Aug 28 2011 23:02:35

Now running at Seoul's main amusement park, Paula Hancocks learns the concept of "charge as you go."

The legacy of Steve Jobsupdated Thu Aug 25 2011 03:50:19

CNN's Dan Simon takes a close look at Steve Jobs' tenure as CEO of Apple.

Couple married by computerized ministerupdated Mon Aug 01 2011 05:29:31

A Houston couple ties the knot with a computer program acting as minister.

Japan's 'perfect pop star' isn't realupdated Tue Jul 12 2011 06:31:17

Japan uses computer-generated images to create chart-topping pop stars. CNN's Kyung Lah reports.

2010: High tech pet health careupdated Fri Jul 08 2011 09:38:11

One of the best hospitals in Arizona isn't for you, it's for your pets.

Emirates' civil nuclear energy programupdated Mon Jun 27 2011 13:35:04

Emirati nuclear officials say proposed nuclear plants for growing energy demands will have advanced safety systems.

Solar plane sets energy exampleupdated Thu Jun 23 2011 14:45:38

Creators of the fuel-free plane Solar Impulse want more people to follow their example and use renewable energy.

Google's Chromebook debutupdated Thu Jun 16 2011 15:47:47

How will the Chromebook stack up with the competition?

Hands-free camera records your adventureupdated Thu Jun 16 2011 02:44:39

GoPro CEO Nicholas Woodman explains how his wearable camera lets anyone record their adventures in HD.

Cloud computing good for businessupdated Sun Jun 12 2011 19:05:31

New tech businesses can get off the ground faster thanks to the new cloud computing technology. CNN's Emily Reuben reports

Trash cans go high-tech in Dayton, Ohioupdated Thu Jun 09 2011 12:02:07

Solar-powered, compact trash cans will pop up at bus stops in Dayton, Ohio as WDTN's Jordan Burgess reports.

No glare with these shadesupdated Wed Jun 08 2011 15:18:00

New sunglass technology keeps the glare from blinding you. CNN's Randi Kaye talks to its inventor.

Cloud computing comes to the massesupdated Tue Jun 07 2011 15:55:16

Apple's new cloud computing service could help bring the growing service to the masses.

All about computer cloudsupdated Mon Jun 06 2011 19:03:20

CNN's Max Foster explains storing information on the internet.

Apple's new Lion operating systemupdated Mon Jun 06 2011 17:57:24

Apple highlights the features of its new operating system, Lion.

Apple's fourth cloudupdated Thu Jun 02 2011 13:50:35

Apple has announced its attempt to move into cloud computing, but it's not the first time.

Google's revolutionary laptopupdated Sun May 15 2011 19:21:46

Tech expert Katie Linendoll on Google's new Chromebook laptop and its revolutionary operating system.

Facial recognition software explainedupdated Wed May 04 2011 14:37:06

The U.S. used facial recognition technology to help identify bin Laden. CNN's Michael Holmes explains how it works.

Bionic device for wheelchair usersupdated Wed Apr 27 2011 13:48:23

Berkeley Bionics CEO Eythor Bender talks about the vision behind eLegs, a bionic device for wheelchair users.

21st century pharmacyupdated Fri Apr 22 2011 17:31:07

A new way of dispensing medicine is coming to America's hospitals. CNN's Dan Simon reports.

Flying robots!updated Tue Apr 05 2011 15:46:55

MIT researchers have developed a new use for the Microsoft Kinect system - a robot that flies without help from humans.

'Solarball' uses sun to clean waterupdated Thu Mar 31 2011 15:17:38

New hamster-ball-style technology uses the sun to turn dirty water into clean.

Qatar: Robo-clouds to cool World Cupupdated Fri Mar 25 2011 10:21:20

Researchers at Qatar University come up with a novel way to cool stadiums ahead of the 2022 World Cup.

Goodbye tech, here's the wrapupdated Wed Mar 16 2011 23:28:59

CNN staffers give you the inside scoop as the technology festival wraps up.

What's next for video on Tue Mar 15 2011 19:05:47

CNN Digital General Manager KC Estenson gives South by Southwest attendees a look at what's next for

Explain it to me: South by Southwestupdated Tue Mar 15 2011 10:06:25

We explain why thousands of techies, filmmakers and musicians descend upon Austin, Texas, for South by Southwest.

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