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Joan and Melissa Rivers Discuss Democratic Fashion

Aired August 15, 2000 - 2:36 p.m. ET


NATALIE ALLEN, CNN ANCHOR: And now we turn it back to L.A. and the Democratic National Convention. Lou is there with two guests who have an interesting take on this Democratic Convention -- Lou.

LOU WATERS, CNN ANCHOR: Yes, you know about that Natalie. You talked with them in Philadelphia.

Joan and Melissa Rivers are here. But first, we are going to take a shot of the floor where Bill Bradley is at the podium. He's taking his turn at finding out what is what and where everything is for his address to his convention tonight when he will turn his delegates over to Al Gore.

Now to Joan and Melissa Rivers, of the...

JOAN RIVERS, FASHION CRITIC, E!: Is he keeping the cute delegate?

WATERS: The cute delegate?

J. RIVER: Well, when he turns his delegates over, you say: I think the little girl over there. Little chic, you stay honey...

WATERS: I don't have those details, but it's an interesting concept.

The E! Entertainment Network, you are the fashion critics. And you were with my partner, Natalie, in Philadelphia, and you very critical of the Republicans. Are you equally critical of the Democrats?

J. RIVERS: Oh, I think it's going to be more so.

WATERS: More so?

J. RIVERS: Because they are wilder. There's a lot more silicone in there. And it's a hot day. You're going to see breasts melting. It's going to be interesting.

MELISSA RIVERS, FASHION CRITIC, E!: People will be stuck to their seats tonight.

WATERS: I have been stuck up here in the skybox too long, I guess. We have -- our producers -- I have not seen any of this, but our producers...


WATERS: ... pulled out some videotape of various Democrats. And maybe we can...

M. RIVERS: Take a look.

WATERS: ... run some of that and you can just tell me what is what. Here is, well, Dylan McDermott, of course, from "The Practice." He addressed the convention last night.

J. RIVERS: Oh, yes, it's so showbiz now. It's just, you know, it's all one giant entertainment thing. I really -- thank God that is how Dylan's going. He's got my vote. But I'm going to see how Lisa Kudrow feels. That will be the swing for me.

M. RIVERS: But Dylan always looks good.

J. RIVERS: Yes, no, they look good, but they shouldn't be here.

WATERS: They shouldn't?

J. RIVERS: No. I don't give a damn what actors think. And I think this is a political thing. The lines are blurred. I think he looks great, though.


WATERS: But should we care what you think?


WATERS: OK, let's see what it is anyway.


WATERS: Here are the Clintons last night.


WATERS: You know, when Bill Clinton first became president, he didn't look too good in a suit of clothes.

J. RIVERS: No, they pulled him together. He goes to the -- I understand he goes to people like Bijan. He goes to the best and gets the most expensive. It looks great.

M. RIVERS: And all three look...

J. RIVERS: She looks amazing.

M. RIVERS: So much better.

J. RIVERS: I came out with person that did her makeup. And the makeup person did Cher and Mrs. Clinton last night. WATERS: We have another shot of Mrs. Clinton.

J. RIVERS: See in the back there is a change-maker attached to her waist.


WATERS: Here she is in a pants suit. I heard you being critical of Laura Bush and the others at the Republican Convention, because they were too staged-looking, I guess.

J. RIVERS: Yes, they were too -- they were very, very conservative


WATERS: But what is different about this?

J. RIVERS: Well, Hillary looks...

M. RIVERS: Hillary...

J. RIVERS: ... the look they wanted to give her, which was the pants suit.

M. RIVERS: Well, and Hillary looks like a business woman. And she has really allowed working women in America to really pull away from that, I have to wear a dress or a man's version of the suit.

J. RIVERS: And I don't like the pants suit in particular.

M. RIVERS: I do.

J. RIVERS: I don't like that pants suit.

M. RIVERS: Then -- and I think it's great. But it also very much a generational thing, which is, to me, I would -- it's easier for me to be in the office in pants than necessarily than in a skirt and the heels.

WATERS: Do they also have to wear those huge block shoes that women


M. RIVERS: They are more comfortable. I don't...

WATERS: Are they?

M. RIVERS: Yes. I mean...

J. RIVERS: No, they are not.

M. RIVERS: Well, because they are more stable.

J. RIVERS: I am have surprised to see a Democrat wearing that, because Democrats want to show the legs. They are not fools.

WATERS: Well, let's look at the Democrats on the floor, the delegates. Here they are. Remember, in Philadelphia, those cowboy boots.


J. RIVERS: ... more fools. This is a chance...

WATERS: Look at this.

J. RIVERS: Look at this. And this has the vote? You look at -- look what is going to vote.

WATERS: Oh, my goodness.

J. RIVERS: This terrifies me.

M. RIVERS: Well, but like I said in Philadelphia, which is, you know, totally normal, rational people with influence in our community go to the Super Bowl and paint their bodies in different colors. I liken it to the same thing.

J. RIVERS: This is (UNINTELLIGIBLE) on dope. I am sorry.

M. RIVERS: You know, there is always someone who goes to a game and paints themselves and jumps off the upper deck.


M. RIVERS: And I think that it's very similar.

WATERS: Yes, it certainly is.

J. RIVERS: What a convention really is just to let go and these people, certainly, as you just saw, both conventions have let go.

WATERS: They certainly have.

J. RIVERS: I believe in (UNINTELLIGIBLE) dictatorships. (UNINTELLIGIBLE)

WATERS: Al Gore, he has been having trouble deciding on a suit of clothes.

J. RIVERS: Yes. Yes.

WATERS: Here we have him in a suit. And he looks really good in a suit.

J. RIVERS: There he looks fine.

M. RIVERS: He looks comfortable.


WATERS: He is so buff.

J. RIVERS: Well, I am just so sorry for him because, you know, somebody is trying to reinvent him every two minutes and I'm so: No, Al don't wear that. Do wear this. I saw one picture of him and he had these pasty-white arms. They had in a short sleeve, and he looks so -- see, here he looks fine, looks like what he is: a Palm-Beach boy.

M. RIVERS: You know, he looks very comfortable there.

J. RIVERS: Comfortable there.

M. RIVERS: Country club.

WATERS: What was this earth-tone deal? What was all that all about?

M. RIVERS: You know, they're trying to make him look young and approachable, and that that's what a certain type of voter wears. And, you know where it might look comfortable, let's say on my husband wearing a polo shirt and a jacket...

J. RIVERS: You husband's 31.

M. RIVERS: Exactly. Al Gore -- I don't want the leader of the free world necessarily looking that way.

WATERS: I'll be darned. I never thought about that. I thought about, when I heard you were coming, going out and getting another suit of clothes.

J. RIVERS: I would trust you in office. I want a leader to look like a leader.

WATERS: Thank you.

J. RIVERS: I don't want them to dressed in earth colors because that's what's in this week.

WATERS: OK, let's take a look at the Democratic women: Tipper Gore, Hadassah Lieberman.

J. RIVERS: Hadassah must shorten her skirts. That is number one. And Tipper, again, dresses like a country-club lady. They are all the same to see. You know what is sad, they are all the same, Democrats and Republicans. You can throw them in a pot and boil them up.

WATERS: What would have you them do?

J. RIVERS: She could be married to a Bush.

WATERS: What were you have her do?

J. RIVERS: I don't know. If you are going to be a Democrat, get glitzy, have Cher lend you here pants. You know, look hot. WATERS: All right.

J. RIVERS: I would like to see Tipper in sequins spelled "I Love Gore."

WATERS: Well, thanks for saying what was on your mind, Joan and Melissa Rivers.

Natalie, that's the way it is here in Los Angeles.

ALLEN: Yes, the tough questions, Lou. I am proud of you.

WATERS: Yes, hardball questions for Joan and Melissa.

ALLEN: That was fun. Thanks to all.



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