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Gore-Lieberman Hold Rally in Quincy, Illinois

Aired August 21, 2000 - 1:51 p.m. ET


NATALIE ALLEN, CNN ANCHOR: This the final day for the Gore- Lieberman boat tour down the Mississippi River. Al Gore, Joe Lieberman and their wives are on the stage at the end of their 400 mile Mississippi riverboat tour. They are campaigning today in Quincy, Illinois. We are going to listen in for a few moments.


SEN. JOE LIEBERMAN (D-CT), VICE. PRES. CANDIDATE: ... realize again with new depth how much we have to be grateful for. My grandparents came to this country seeking freedom of religion and opportunity. My dad spent part of his childhood in an orphanage, because his mom died real early. And then he worked hard, first on a bakery truck, then he bought a little package store and ran it, worked very hard. I was the first in my family to go to college.

My wife's family was in Europe and, as some of you may have heard when she spoke about this last week at the convention, was liberated from the concentration camps of the Holocaust by the greatest generation of American GIs. And can we ever thank them enough for what they did?


And then her family went to Czechoslovakia, the communists took over, they escaped communism, came to America as immigrants and were welcomed here by this great country and given a new life.

So the fact that we would be standing here on this stage as candidate for vice president of the United States shows you, my friends, the continuing power of the American dream. That's why I say God bless America.


And what is this campaign all about? Making that dream real for every other family, every child in America, so they can dream the greatest dreams and know, in this land of opportunity, they can come true.

You know, elections are about choices. Candidates present a different vision of the future. And while some may not want to focus on the details and the issues, and I think our opponents are among those... (APPLAUSE)

Amen. Let yourself go. It's OK.


... Al Gore has enough confidence in the American people to talk about the facts, to talk about the issues, to talk about the differences.

The differences, incidentally, begin with our vision of the last eight years. That convention in Philadelphia a couple of weeks ago, though they were trying to walk and talk a lot like us, I think you know they're not us. They're not really with the people.

And their understanding of history is very strange.

They said at that convention that the last eight years have been squandered. Well, I know you'll agree with me, that if you're one of the 22 million people who's in a job that was created in the last eight years, they sure have not been squandered years. Right?


And if you're one of the millions, whose been able to go from welfare to work over the last eight years, you know, proudly, that those last eight years have not been squandered.


If you're one of those people, and they're millions of them, who've been able, because of a law passed in the last eight years, to stay home with a newborn or a sick child, you know that the last eight years have not been squandered.


And my friends, if you're one of the millions of people in this country who've been able to buy a new home, or refinance the one you're in now, because we've turned deficits into surpluses, and kept interest rates down for the last eight years, you sure as heck know, the last eight years have not been squandered.


They've been good years.

But we come before you, as the ticket that is best prepared, based on that record, to continue the prosperity, but also the ticket that understands that, though, times have been great, a lot of middle- class families are still working hard to make ends meet. And the future must expand the winner's circle, and take the prosperity we have now and invest it in making the lives of middle class working families as good as they should be in the United States of America.

(APPLAUSE) It's all about choices this year. It's not about us, really, it's about you and what choice you're going to make that's better for your future.

I'm very proud to be Al Gore's running mate, and I'm very grateful to him for the chance of a lifetime to serve that he's given me.

I'm particularly proud, because I know him well for almost 15 years, as a colleague in public service, yes, as one who's been prepared to stand up and fight for people from his earliest days in Congress, had the guts to get up and take on the big polluters who were endangering the safety and the lives of the people in his district back in Tennessee.

And he'll do that as president of the United States.


As vice president, he's been a leader in bringing our government back in the balance, and paying off the debt, and fighting for welfare reform, and fighting to keep America's military and make it, frankly, the best-equipped, best-trained, most powerful fighting force in the history of the world.


And we'll keep it that way when Al is elected president.

But let me tell you about the man as a friend, a man of values and vision. Tipper, long before it was popular, stood up and said to folks in the entertainment industry: Give us a hand, stand with us on the side of America's families that are working so hard to give their kids values and faith. Make it easier for us.

And I promise you, Al and Tipper, Hadassah and I will continue to stand on the side of America's families, fighting for you, as you try to raise your children and give them values and the faith that we all share.


Al's a man of courage and character. He volunteered for service in Vietnam, and I give him a lot of credit for that.


He fought, as vice president, for so many programs that have helped us live better lives.

You know, he said last week at the convention -- and I know it from 15 years of friendship and I say it proudly to you today: Al Gore is his own man.

(APPLAUSE) And you know what that means to me? When he's in the White House next January, he will be your man, fighting for you, the working middle class families of America to make your lives better.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am so proud to introduce to Quincy, Illinois, my friend, your friend, the next president of the United States, Al Gore.


VICE PRES. AL GORE (D), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: Thank you. Thank you very much, Joe. Thank you, Hadassah.

Tipper and I have been enjoying this trip down the Mississippi with Joe and Hadassah Lieberman. What about it? Don't you think I've got a great running mate with a great wife?


You talk about character and honor and integrity, Joe Lieberman is known for those qualities, as he is known for leadership. And I'm proud to be on this ticket with him.

Tipper and I have been in this community before. It's great to be back. Good to see you all, and thank you for being a part of this magnificent crowd here. We've had great crowds wherever we've gone on this trip.

I appreciate that giant American flag there. Thank you, and thank you for the big messages that are out.

This election is about you. It's about your families and it's about your future. And I've taken the risk of presenting specifics and getting into the issues because I think you deserve to know the facts and have the opportunity to make a judgment for yourselves.

It's not about sound bites and PR and spin and imagery; it's about the difficult choices we have to make. When we set priorities as a nation, it has an impact on you and your families.

All day today we've been talking about tax cuts and the economy. The other side has proposed an economic plan that would take us back to an approach tried 20 years ago that didn't work then. They would focus the benefits of a giant tax cut on the wealthy at the expense of everyone else. And we don't begrudge the wealthy a tax cut. But if it puts our economy into deficits again and offers just peanuts to middle class families, and interest rates go up and the economy begins to turn down and the prosperity and progress is threatened, that's not a good deal.

And I'm not going to stand for it. I will never support a tax cut for the wealthy, at the expense of everyone else, that wrecks our economy in the process.

(APPLAUSE) I favor, instead, tax cuts for middle class families to help with college tuition by making most college tuition tax deductible so you can send your kids to college...


... a tax-free tuition savings plan, tax cuts that help with health care expenses and long-term care, help with incentives for savings and investments so you can build up a nest egg for your family and for retirement and for the expenses that families need.

You know, freedom in the economy of the 21st century involves having savings, and we need new incentives for savings. That's one of the main points of our tax cut plan: $500 billion over the next 10 years. But it'll go to the right people.

You know, I said at the convention and I'll repeat today that the plan offered by the other side is so geared to the wealthy that for every $10 that goes to those in the wealthiest 1 percent, middle class families would get one dime and low-income families would get one penny.

Most of it would go to the wealthy.

Now, we tried that before. The theory behind it is if you give more money to the very wealthy, they'll invest it and create jobs. But, you know, if the people who make up the vast majority of the families in this country don't have disposable income to go out and buy what the factories are making and the stores are selling, then the wealthy are not going to make investments in new factories and stores, because they're not going to be able to make money off the ones that are already out there. That's the flaw in their theory.

ALLEN: The Democratic candidate Al Gore and Joe Lieberman talking issues today, they are riverside at the Mississippi River, just wrapping up their 400 mile Mississippi riverboat tour, drying to drum up votes along the Mississippi. And we brought you a campaign stop from George Bush a couple of hours ago. We'll continue to pop in on the candidates for a few more months now.



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