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Gore Delivers Economic Goals Speech in Carbondale, Pennsylvania

Aired September 7, 2000 - 2:05 p.m. ET


LOU WATERS, CNN ANCHOR: Now live to Carbondale, Pennsylvania, where the vice president has just been introduced. He's at the Gentex Corporation for a rally today. Let's listen to what the vice president has to say.

VICE PRES. AL GORE (D), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: The sun is getting a little hot. Thank you, sir.

This story you heard from Anita about her and her kids and her dad is really the American story. I talked with at least two other employees here who were with their dads as second-generation employees of this company. I'm sure that there are quite a few other father- son, father-daughter, two-generation couples here. And it's a testament to the stability of employment that Gentex has offered to this community, not by staying the same, but by preparing for the future and adapting to the future.

And I'm here today to talk about how our country can do the same thing. We have got to create 10 million new high-tech, high-skilled jobs in the United States of America, for people to raise their families the way they want to...


... with higher standards of living, higher wages.


Yesterday, my running mate and I -- Joe Lieberman -- and, incidentally, do I have a great running mate or what, in Joe Lieberman?


Isn't he a great guy?


And yesterday, we put out this plan called Prosperity for America's Families. It's a 200-page specific plan, filled with details of exactly how we can reach specific goals that will improve the quality of life for our country, for middle class families, for working families. And for those of you whose families use the Internet, you can go to and find all the specific details of this plan.

But I wanted to come here today to talk about one specific goal, and that is how we create those 10 million new high-skilled, high-tech jobs across the board -- in manufacturing, in services, across the board -- over these next four years.

And Anita's story really does illustrate the fact that hard work and ingenuity can make jobs available for the next generation that are attuned to the new challenges that we face.

You know, Peter's grandfather founded this company a little more than 100 years ago as a silk manufacturing company. They'd bring silk in from China and then -- and do all kind of stuff with it -- make it into yarn, right? Is that right?

And then over the years, the company changed and adapted to new technologies. Now you've got this high-tech process here. I was very impressed. There are computers all over this -- all over this facility. And making these optical lenses that are really very, very impressive. And you've changed in order to keep the jobs and upgrade the jobs.

And one of the ways you've done it is by offering training and lifelong learning to the employees in this company, by making sure that you update your skills.

And in talking with your management, Bob and Pat and I were learning about how you offer about a week a year of training and in- depth learning for the average new employee. And for those who are in the higher skills end of it, like operating a CADCAM device, then there's even more training. And that's what we ought to see across the board.

But our nation ought to make it easier for companies to do that. It ought to make it easier for families to do that. That's one reason I want middle class tax cuts, and I don't want to squander the surplus on a giant tax cut for the wealthy at the expense of the middle class that stops our prosperity and progress. I want middle class tax cuts.


And I'll give you a specific example. I want to make most college tuition tax deductible so families can send their kids on to college.


Absolutely. We need a national tuition savings plan and more Hope Scholarships.

And incidentally, we need to treat teachers like the professionals they are and have smaller class size and modernize the schools and make education the number one priority.

(APPLAUSE) Today, this company shows that we're doing better in America and, in fact, although the other side in this presidential race likes to say that we were better off eight years ago than we are today, most people don't believe that because they remember the big deficits and the quadrupling of the debt and the high unemployment. And we've made some progress. And we've written a good chapter.

But now's the time to turn the page and write a new chapter. In fact, we've written 12 new chapters in this economic plan, Prosperity for America's Families.

And I want you to know what my feeling is: This election is not an award for past performance. I'm not satisfied. I think we can do a lot better. We've got to do a lot better. So I say you ain't seen nothing yet. We're going to do a lot better.


We're going to make our economy stronger and better for middle class families, for working families.


I'm not asking any of you to vote for me on the basis of the economy we have. I'm asking you to support me and this agenda on the basis of the better, fairer, stronger economy that we can create together. And one of the ways we can create it is by learning some of the lessons that you can absorb right here at Gentex.

You know, this is a real example of what needs to be done for our families -- to support families, to support parents, to strengthen families. We've got to invest in education, health care, middle class tax cuts, a secure retirement. We have to make sure that our prosperity enriches not just a few, but all of our families.

We have to fight for people, not the powerful. We have to fight for the middle class. We have to fight for the families that are making mortgage payments and car payments and having trouble paying the bills and working harder and taking more than one job.

You're the ones I want to fight for. I want to make your lives better. And that's what this agenda is all about.


You're what this campaign is all about. I'm with you.

WATERS: Al Gore in Carbondale, Pennsylvania at the Gentex Corporation, that is a company that makes helmets for the military, also makes textiles.

The message of the day for the Gore campaign: the economic goals in a changing world; the need to create 10 million new high-tech jobs; the need for high-tech training, to get those jobs; the tax cuts for the middle class; and college tuition tax deductions.



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