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The New High-Tech Toys for Christmas

Aired December 19, 2000 - 2:51 p.m. ET


LOU WATERS, CNN ANCHOR: And also live from CNN Center, making his way from Hartsfield through the Atlanta snows to our studios, it's -- this is Ed Curran. He has invited me to play with him today.

ED CURRAN, TECHNOGADGET GUY: All kinds of things here: high-tech toys for kids of all ages. This is a high-tech toy for babies. This is called a Babbler. I am going to hold this up close to me here because it's very quiet. It's for infants. Now listen.

TOY: Hola.

CURRAN: It speaks languages. As babies grow, they go from making all the phonetic sounds of all the languages to just doing English, as we hear -- they hear us speaking English. This reinforces the sounds of other languages. And, supposedly, that will help them later in life when they have to learn a language.

WATERS: Oh, my.

CURRAN: Sells for $50. It's called the Babbler from Neurosmith.

Now here is another one I will hold up, because it makes noise as well. These little guys are little Hit Clips from Tiger Electronics. Each one has a one-minute music mix on it. And this is an alarm clock. You put the Hit Clip in the alarm clock. It holds six of them. You dial up your favorite artist. And I know would you like to wake up to -- listening to Britney Spears here. And when you wake up in the morning you hear...

WATERS: That's way I want to wake up, Ed.

CURRAN: Isn't that great? This is a $20 item. All the Hit Clips items are very hard to find, though. It's been a very, very hot item.

Robotic dogs: We've got a million of them out there.

WATERS: Played with these earlier.

CURRAN: Did you like these?

WATERS: How far can you kick those things?

(LAUGHTER) WATERS: One of our producers wanted to know.

CURRAN: This is Tekno, the Robotic Puppy. There he goes. And this has just come out in the last couple of weeks. This is, for cat people, Kitty the Tekno Kitten. And Kitty acts like a cat, very different from the dog: $40, both out there -- and hot items, as well.

WATERS: Very annoying. Very annoying.

CURRAN: Now, notice, she walks different. She walks hour more like a cat. See?

WATERS: Sure does. Yes.

CURRAN: Now this is really cool. Radio-controlled cars are very hot. But this you build yourself. And it has about 60 pieces. It's from Robotix. And it's the Stunt Speeder. And you have radio- controlled remote control. Build it up any way you want. Customize it. And the thing really, really moves. Look at that. Isn't that wild?

WATERS: Can you hit the cat?


CURRAN: Yes, we could run over the cat with it, if that's what you like. This is a great item. It's out there from Robotix -- with an "x" -- and a really neat item.

Now this is from the Leap Frog people. And they have a couple of different models of this sort of thing. This one helps with your spelling. Turn it on. And it talks here.

TOY: Is that you?

CURRAN: It will give you different words to spell.

TOY: Spell the word bag.

CURRAN: Bag. So we say b.

TOY: B, a...

CURRAN: And g. And it congratulates us.

WATERS: Another winner.

CURRAN: Now, the neat thing is, this is $40. And for another $30, you can you get a link that lets you go on the Internet to download new words, so you never run out of words.

WATERS: Perfect.

CURRAN: Finally, I just absolutely love this. This is from Lego. And this is the Steven Spielberg Movie Making Set from Lego. Here can you see we have Legos. We have our Lego characters. And they are all here. And you can set up your characters. And you make movies with your characters or make movies with friends. And this is the camera that comes with it. And on the screen here, we can see the shot of what we are shooting right now.

Up on the screen here, we have this shot here. And that's my little movie right here. Now, we made a movie. You can do both motion pictures as well as stop-action animation. So, along with my 6-year-old son Jeff, we made a movie. And I am going to roll it right here. It will show up on the entire screen here of the computer. This sells for $180. You shoot your movie. You do nonlinear editing. And then you show your movie.

There you go!


CURRAN: And then the Lego people come on at the end, and they tell us what a great job we did. Jeff and I will be at the Oscars this year, I think.


CURRAN: But it's great: $180. You do movies. You do editing. You do stop-action animation. It has sound effects. It has music. And they're coming out with new sets all the time.

WATERS: Amazing. How much for this?

CURRAN: One-hundred-eighty dollars.

WATERS: Oh, my.

CURRAN: And it works on your existing computer. Lets you get your little camera and do TV.

WATERS: That's amazing. Are these tech toys selling well this Christmas?

CURRAN: They are. I mean, there are some that are really selling well. The Hit Clips are very difficult to find. Some of the Robotix things are selling extremely well. There are some items that are harder to find than others. Of course, the ultimate tech toy for this season has to be PlayStation 2, which is virtually impossible to find. Wait until spring time.

WATERS: Why is it virtually impossible to find? They knew they were have going to have this kind of demand, did they not?

CURRAN: Well, they did, but there are only so many you can make. And they did have a problem manufacturing the chip, the very special chip that goes in there to begin with. So they did get a little bit behind. But they have them coming out. There is a worldwide demand for it. PlayStation is the hottest thing out there. So the PlayStation 2 is very much in demand. But like Furby, you know...

WATERS: Yes. CURRAN: ... come spring, you will find a lot of them out there and be able to find them.

WATERS: Yes, there's always one every Christmas, isn't there? Merry Christmas, Ed. CURRAN: Merry Christmas.

WATERS: And to your six-year-old son.

CURRAN: Thank you.

WATERS: Great little movie there.

CURRAN: Thank you.



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