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The Amazing Kreskin Looks into the Year 2001 and Predicts the Future

Aired January 1, 2001 - 4:19 p.m. ET


JOIE CHEN, CNN ANCHOR: Here's a safe prediction about the year that has just begun: Amazing things will happen. Joining us from New York this hour, a man with knack for seeing the amazing and sometimes the strange before it happens. he is the Amazing Kreskin, of course. Thanks for being with us today.

AMAZING KRESKIN, MENTALIST: Joie, you realize this is seven years and when you folks came to me seven years ago about predicting the things of the year, I said I'm a thought-reader. I'm a mentalist. But let's try it and have some fun. And two years ago this day, we got a lot of flack from it; I said Hillary Clinton would run for office, U.S. Senate, and would win. And this year -- last January I predicted Bill Gates would step down. So, here we are now, live TV again.

CHEN: All right. Well, we'll hold you to your word and hang on to the videotape there, Kreskin, all right...


KRESKIN: All right, Joie.

CHEN: ... because you never know. We have to check up on you. OK, so you have made some predictions about the folks who do what you do but maybe don't have quite as much credibility in their history.

KRESKIN: Yes, Joie, I'm not a psychic or a fortune teller, but I'll tell you, we're going to see this coming year a renaissance of movement in the spiritualism business, which, of course, everybody associated with Houdini 75 years ago.

But, and hear what I'm saying, there are already two private detectives in this city who make a full-time living supplying information to channelers because all you need to know about a human being is their name, address, and telephone number and through the use of the Internet you even get photographs that are on their automobile license cards. So, you have to be very leery when you give information out ahead of time.

CHEN: Now, when we want to check up on people who are doing things like that to test out the veracity of their commentary, a lie detector is sometimes used. But you don't see a good future for that. KRESKIN: I have to tell you, my degree is in psychology. There's going -- I predict this year there's going to be an attempt with legislation to outlaw the use of the lie detector. It does not tell if a person is telling the truth. Indeed, it is almost a stress test and almost a form of psychological torture. I think the only people that should be given polygraph tests are either politicians or attorneys.

CHEN: Yes, well, I don't know many of them would pass.

KRESKIN: I don't think they'd take it, Joie.

CHEN: And I'm not even a mentalist, but I have that figured out.

KRESKIN: You know, Joie, I'm not a negative person, by the way, and I don't want anyone to misunderstand this, but I do believe by September or October there will be two major plane crashes. I don't predict disasters in which people are hurt, but it will be the disaster of two companies going out of business. And that I'm almost willing to bet.

CHEN: Wait, are those two things related? The plane crashes and the...

KRESKIN: The plane crashes -- there will not be planes crashing. The crashes will be the companies collapsing, going out of business.

CHEN: Oh, I see. OK.

KRESKIN: No crashes. No crashes at all.

CHEN: No crashes. Big airlines, ones we know about?


CHEN: Big airlines, those who have big names?

KRESKIN: We'd better not say. I've got to fly one tomorrow. Gee, don't even look it up. Don't look it up, Joie.

CHEN: I'm more concerned about investments. OK, so...

KRESKIN: Well, you know, you talked -- I don't mean to interrupt you. You talked about investments. Everybody asks me, Kreskin did you know the stocks would drop so seriously? Well, of course. Anybody with common sense knows that what goes up has to come down.

The situation -- did anyone know when it was going happen. I think we're going find this coming year that the playing of the stock market is going to parallel the playing of casino gambling. It is the same thing, because now almost anybody at their home can gamble on stocks in the fleeting moment. So, the role of a broker is going to diminish in the next few years.

CHEN: Well, but that's kind of been happening anyway; hasn't it? KRESKIN: It really has, and it's going to become serious, especially for young people. One of the great passions that's increasing amongst college students -- I don't think most people realize this -- is the gambling fervor. I'm not against gambling, but Joie, we've got to realize something; casinos were not built by winners.

CHEN: All right, well, let's talk a little bit about sports. You have some predictions in sports and I know sports fans...


KRESKIN: Oh, my favorite.

CHEN: ... and I know sports fans and my executive producer, Steve Redish (ph), is going to be very concerned about this one.

KRESKIN: Well, my favorite team -- you know, I'm not knowledgeable about -- I don't play, but my favorite team is the Yankees. But if anyone wants to, and the first person who comes forward, I'll make the bet with them for $10,000, this is how sure I am, they're not going to have a fourth World Series-winning season. They've had three. It will not happen this time and I am willing to put money on that bet.

CHEN: Oh, let's check in with the control room. Steve, are you willing to put up $10,000?

KRESKIN: Are you willing, Steve? Steve is not that keen. I can see his head go. All right, we'll make a $1,000.


CHEN: He's a little concerned about that.

KRESKIN: Let's make it $1,000, Steve. Let's make it $1,000.

CHEN: A thousand? He's got $1,000. Sure, he'll put that up.


KRESKIN: All right, Steve. All right, Steve, a Yankee-head. You know, Joie, on the -- by the way, and I've done 108 shows with Regis and I love the man, but I think he's going to turn -- and this has not even gotten into the gossip columns, but I think he's going to turn down the offer to do a late-night television show, but I still in some way feel that he's going to do a third TV show in spite of the success of the morning and, of course, the "Millionaire" program.

CHEN: How many more shows can he do?

KRESKIN: Regis? Regis lives television.

CHEN: He's going to put the rest of us out of work.

KRESKIN: You know, Joie, that's what I love about CNN. This company is where television was meant to be. It started live. It has not remained live in most of the business. You are covering a breaking story. I would give my eye teeth as a thought reader to sit unannounced, never opening my mouth, next to Arafat and the president in the hours to come. I'd love to tune in on their thoughts.

CHEN: Well, what do you think is going to happen there?

KRESKIN: Well, I have feeling we're going to get another impasse, but this requires no ability as a projectionist. I'll tell you one thing, I think that we are going to be going through one of safest eras in American history thanks to General Colin Powell, whom I know, and also Mr. Cheney, but I also think they will alert to one factor. We are now going through a new world war, and I mean world war in capital letters, the enemy being terrorist. We've two good men, though, that are going to carry us through in.

CHEN: Now, you have some predictions for people with health concerns as well?

KRESKIN: Everybody has asking me through the years, and I have three cats. I love animals and to be honest with you, one of the reasons is animals don't betray people. But I mean this very sincerely, I don't know if animals have telepathic abilities. I don't know if they have the ability I have.

But I think there's going to be growing evidence in the next few months that if you suffer from epileptic fits or attacks, as I know people who do or you have certain kinds of strokes, one of the wisest safety mechanisms you can do is to have in your home either a rabbit, a cat or a dog. After all, we do know that these animals have anticipated earthquakes in homes.

CHEN: All right, have you got any predictions for me? I'm a little bit concerned here. You're making all these health...

KRESKIN: Joie, Joie.

CHEN: Yes?

KRESKIN: They told me not to tell you I was going to do this. We've never spoken before, have we?

CHEN: No, we have not.

KRESKIN: We've never -- Joie, I want you to do me a favor. Now, just give me a second. Think of some incident in your life. It's doesn't have to be anything traumatic. Something at least three or four years ago that you're certain I could not know about. Now, just give me a moment. Do you have something in mind? Anything. Just think about it.

CHEN: I have a very strange thing in mind, but OK.

KRESKIN: All right, just give me a second. Now, I just don't want to be seen on camera what I've set it to. If you were to pick the time of the day this happened, what hour would you say this happened, Joie? What hour of the day?

CHEN: About 2:00.

KRESKIN: Now, by the way, were there two other peopled involved in the scenario?

CHEN: There was one other person.

KRESKIN: There was not one person that came and kind of left and that could have been part of it or was -- this was not outdoors, by the way.

CHEN: No, it was indoors.

KRESKIN: All right, can I ask you -- and there was no illness or anything else involved like this?

CHEN: Illness -- no. there was not any illness.

KRESKIN: All right, now, I'm going to ask you something. Tell us, because I don't want anyone to think that anything was prearranged, tell us the incident that took place. This specific incident what happened. And I have a reason why. What happened?


KRESKIN: What was it, Joie?

CHEN: I was being followed in a grocery store and I threw a can of soup at somebody.

KRESKIN: But wasn't there someone else that saw you do this, was watching when it happened?

CHEN: There may have been. I just remember the part about throwing the can of soup.

KRESKIN: Yes, I think there was. You said about 2:00. Joie, you said 2:00.

CHEN: Right.

KRESKIN: If you had to be exact, was it before the hour of two or after the hour?

CHEN: I would guess after.

KRESKIN: About how many minutes after the hour of two would you say?

CHEN: 2:20.

KRESKIN: 2:20. Now, you've discussed this with no one because I'd like the camera to show us the time that I set this watch to about three minutes ago, two minutes ago. the time I've been thinking of was about 2:19. Joie, I want to tell your staff at CNN that your mind is an open book, but I wish you a great future with CNN. Happy New Year, and the greatest thoughts, Joie.

CHEN: Thank you. I think they should all be concerned that I'm going to throw another can of soup.

KRESKIN: No you're not. If you do that, it's only going to be a mental throwing of the can. And by the way, we talk about the future and what have you. One of the great things that's going to happen in the months to come is we're going to find methods, and we've learned this from the entrepreneurs, the gentleman who started CNN, the great entrepreneurs of history how to tap our hunches because the great people in history have learned to use their intuition. And that's going to be one of the attempts in teaching modern students in education.

CHEN: Well, I hope my bosses can effectively manage their hunches because you never know about that. The Amazing Kreskin...

KRESKIN: Thank you, Joie. Godspeed to you.

CHEN: Thank you very much. And have a good new year.

KRESKIN: See you again. Keep that year -- that time, 2:20 clear in mind, Joie.

CHEN: All right, I will.



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