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High Speed Chase Ends in Crash

Aired October 2, 2002 - 10:38   ET


DARYN KAGAN, CNN ANCHOR: It's coming out of Anaheim, California, and we are getting word it involves thee potential murder suspects. This is a just-ended high-speed car chase, and as you can see, it ended in a crash with -- it looks like a large SUV wrapped around a pole.
Our information is very limited as to what happened, and where these suspects were fleeing from, but once again, this is Southern California. We're not sure if the suspects are still in the vehicle, but it was just moments ago that the vehicle ended up wrapped around that lamp post right there.

As they pull out -- perhaps we are going to see a little bit more -- you can see the police cars just to the right of your screen, and it looks like -- at this point, it's still a standoff, but that is the most information we have right now. It is coming from our affiliate KTLA and KTTV.

LEON HARRIS, CNN ANCHOR: This chase was going on for quite a while.

KAGAN: If you look -- now, if you look closely, we can see that the policemen have their guns drawn.

HARRIS: With the dogs out as well. They are not taking any chances there.

It is an older model Chevy pickup truck with -- the name of this particular model escapes me. The rear cab of it fell off in the crash, if we can get the camera shot over, you see where it...


KAGAN: I was thinking it was a large SUV like a Bronco or something.

HARRIS: Yes, it is built sort of like that, and those of you who are in the audience who are familiar with this type of vehicle, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about when you see it. But as we understand it, this has been going on for some time and no idea yet of how many miles they may have covered in this chase.

KAGAN: No, and once again, this is Southern California, Orange County, just to the south of L.A. County, in between Los Angeles and San Diego. Most of it, we were able to watch some of the tape -- you can see one of the suspects now walking up with his hands -- one of the people we believe to be one of the suspects walking with his hands up on his head.

HARRIS: Have we heard exactly yet where this chase began?

KAGAN: No, but I was watching the monitor a little bit earlier when you were talking to Deborah Feyerick, and I could tell it was on the freeway.

HARRIS: Were you able to identify which one. As we know, you are often quite familiar with the area.

KAGAN: Even being a Southern Californian, I was not able to. But this -- they appear to handling this very carefully, moving in now to take this man in custody, and not fooling around, having the dogs ready, the other police officers having their guns drawn.

HARRIS: At least 10 police vehicles, a raid,to the rear of this particular -- to the right side of your screen, if you were able to know.

KAGAN: I don't know if we have the other camera shot as they take this man into custody. There is another one by the blue truck, and when you look at that shot, you'll be able to see two things. One, you will see the two other man, and then you'll also see, again, how this ended, how exactly that truck got wrapped around that light pole.

HARRIS: The initial report was that there were three. And at this point, we've only see two, and looking inside the vehicle from the vantage point we were able to see a moment ago, I didn't see another person inside. So we don't know if they've actually gotten the other person in custody already, or the person is hiding in the back of that vehicle.

KAGAN: Well, two things possible. One, it's entirely possible, one that happened before we went to it. Two, that they are doing this very carefully and telling them out one by one.

HARRIS: This suspect is now being instructed, as you can tell, to remove his jacket or his sweater, whatever it was that he handled -- clothing. Now, he's taking off his T-shirt. Police are being very, very careful to make sure this man is not armed in any way that may endanger them, as they take him into custody.

KAGAN: And it look like the same routine here, the television helicopter flying by there, but telling him to back up, to go backwards, put your hand ups on your head. You have the police officers with their guns drawn and the dogs ready to go.

HARRIS: I know in producing the show as we go along on television, but I want to ask the control room crew, is there any way we can get the reporters who are on this, providing this picture, to give us some idea of exactly what's going on? Maybe the reporters covering this more about where it started, how long it went, exactly what they're wanted for in the first place.

KAGAN: If this one goes like we just saw the last one, one officer will move in, there will be another officer with a dog, and then the other officer with the guns drawn. There you go.

HARRIS: Now as we gets taken in, let's watch and see if there is a third person. Perhaps they may have been mistaken about whether or not there were three people.

KAGAN: That's true. That happens, too, especially in a truck like that as it's speeding down the freeway.

HARRIS: It's also possible if there was anyone riding in the back of that vehicle, they could be injured, because as you saw, it hit that pole and wrapped itself around the pole.

Now there must be someone else there, because you see they are still paying attention to that vehicle.

KAGAN: Yes, the way they're acting, it looks like they're ready for yet one more.

HARRIS: It's quite possible, if there was a person in the back of that vehicle, and I'm assuming this is a vehicle with no seatbelts, in the rear of the pickup there. That part of the vehicle sustained quite a bit of damage as it hit that pole and wrapped itself around.

You'll see that folks as this camera shot pulls out. There you see. So if there is someone in the vehicle, that top cab seems to have cracked open. So as you can imagine, there must have been quite an impact.

KAGAN: There's the other person there. And that person, he's moving.

HARRIS: Yes, he's getting up now.

KAGAN: Getting little bit more information that this car was traveling south on 91, on the 91 freeway from Anaheim. And just to get perspective, a lot for folks have visited Southern California, Anaheim, of course, being the home of Disneyland, in Orange County.

HARRIS: Now this suspect as well being instructed to walk backwards.

KAGAN: They did the same thing See if they tell him the same thing.

HARRIS: From that position, I'm wondering. Of course, we don't want to speculate at all here, but he's quite ways away from the vehicle. If he was thrown that far from the vehicle, you would imagine he'd be unable to walk.

KAGAN: I think perhaps he tried to get away and thought better of it.

We're going to work on getting someone on the phone to answer a lot of questions about how this started, and what these three young men are wanted for. We're going to go fit in a quick break now that it appears those three suspects are in custody in Anaheim, in Southern California.


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