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Montgomery County, Maryland Shooting Incident Being Investigated

Aired October 22, 2002 - 06:16   ET


CATHERINE CALLAWAY, CNN ANCHOR: We do have some breaking news for you this morning, some disturbing news in fact. There has apparently been another shooting this morning, another one in Montgomery County, Maryland, at a Grand Prix Road and Connecticut Avenue. You're looking now at a live picture from the scene there, this courtesy of our affiliate WTTG. We have no word on the victim or much else so far. All we know is there has been a shooting. Of course no confirmed association with the sniper in this situation. Our reporters are on the scene -- heading to that scene now.
Let's go to Patty Davis who's in Maryland.

Patty, what are you hearing about this?

PATTY DAVIS, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Well, Catherine, we are hearing that police are investigating a shooting at Grand Prix Avenue and Connecticut Avenue in Montgomery County. We are told that the person has been shot in the chest. They are -- officials are trying to medevac that person out to a hospital.

Now the last shooting occurred on Saturday night, so it's been three days, if this is indeed connected to the sniper. We're hearing -- a lot of what we're hearing right now from police scanners. We're told that roads in the area are being closed as police are trying to trap this sniper, if it is indeed the sniper. And it is in the vicinity of the first shooting of the sniper, which was in the Aspen Hill area of Silver Spring -- Catherine.

CALLAWAY: Yes, we should reiterate here that we have no confirmation that this is associated at all with the sniper. But anytime there is a shooting in this region now people are, of course, all on alert.

Patty, do we know exactly what time this took place?

DAVIS: We believe that it would have been, you know, within the past half hour or so. We're just getting the word of a police action on this at this time. Police not confirming a lot of this right now. We're still...


DAVIS: ... waiting for confirmation.

CALLAWAY: I don't know if you can see, but we do have a live picture up from WTTG. You said this was Grand Prix Road and Connecticut Avenue. Can you tell us about -- a little bit more about this region? It looks like they have it shut down right now, a lot of police cruisers heading out on that highway there. You said this is in close proximity to one of the other shootings that was connected to the sniper.

DAVIS: That's right. Some of those -- remember there's five shootings all in about a range of 15 hours all occurred in the Aspen Hill area of Silver Spring. That's north of Washington, D.C. This is in Montgomery County as well. This shooting near the location of those other shootings. Of course now the last shooting that we do know that was linked to the sniper was about 90 miles south of Washington, D.C. in Ashland, Virginia. So quite a distance here, and police obviously responding to this as if this may have been the work of the sniper. These shootings that are taking place now, almost any shooting that takes place now, police look at it very closely, and if it warrants, they respond with their full force, FBI, ATF.

At the Monday shooting, that Home Depot shooting in Falls Church, Virginia, I saw probably a hundred police officers there. They weren't sure at that point if that one had been connected, but that's an example of how police are responding when they do believe or have suspicion that the sniper may have been involved -- Catherine.

CALLAWAY: You know I know, Patty, that this is very early. I don't want to put you on the spot here, but -- and I'm sure you don't have confirmation on it, but what are you hearing about the victim in this -- in this case or how this shooting took place? Was the victim in the car, out of the car? Do you know anything? Have you heard anything?

DAVIS: Yes, at this point we're not hearing anything. What we do know we believe this is a chest wound. That would seem to fit in to this MO of this sniper. You know there have been several people shot in the chest, others shot in the neck, others shot in the head. Some of those people -- and others have been shot in the abdomen. Two of those have been able to survive those wounds. This apparently a chest wound. We just don't know whether or not this one is connected to the sniper or not at this point. Police there at the scene, as you can tell by those flashing lights. As I said, they are looking to medevac this person out of the area, get him to a trauma center, get help right away.

CALLAWAY: Do we know if it was a male or a female yet?

DAVIS: We believe it is a man at this point who was shot in the chest.

CALLAWAY: Let's recap for everyone. Patty, stay with us.

We have word that there has been a shooting in Montgomery County, Maryland at Grand Prix Road and Connecticut Avenue. Again, as you can see from this video, police authorities have shut down this region as they continue to investigate this. Believe it is a chest wound to a male victim. No confirmed association, of course, with the sniper. But anytime there is a shooting in this region in light of what has happened in the last couple of weeks, a lot of attention received from the authorities here. The roads have been shut down, everyone has converged on the scene, trying to medevac the victim out of the area.



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