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Talk with Nephew of Sniper Victim

Aired October 24, 2002 - 10:51   ET


LEON HARRIS, CNN ANCHOR: And we want to get some insight now from some of the family members. We're joined right now on the telephone by Jake Snyder, who is the nephew of the second victim of this shooting spree, James "Sonny" Buchanan. I believe we have a picture of Mr. Buchanan. There you see him. Mr. Buchanan was out mowing the lawn, and when he was shot exactly three weeks ago this morning.
Jake, are you with us?


HARRIS: What do you think about all this news we've been covering this morning?

SNYDER: It all kind of hit me this morning. I'm kind of relieved, you know, a little anxious to hear what's going on.

HARRIS: Have you talked much with the rest of the family?

SNYDER: Yes. I've talked to them. You know, we're all hanging in there right now. We're just thankful, you know, and appreciate the community and everything.

HARRIS: Would you say that everybody is feeling the same thing, pretty much all relief right now, or what?

SNYDER: Well, you know, it's relief. It's, you know, we want to know what's going on. Right now, we're not getting a lot of information, but it will come in time.

HARRIS: Have you been getting information before this morning? Have the authorities been keeping you up to date on things?

SNYDER: Well, I'm actually at college right now. So I'm kind of stuck in a bubble, and I haven't been getting much information personally.

HARRIS: How's that make you feel, with you being away the family at this time?

SNYDER: I would rather be with my family trying to help them right now. Right now, you know, I can only contact them via phone. And everything's going, you know, seems to be all right.

HARRIS: Jake, as a matter of fact we're looking at some live pictures. We want to advise people what we're seeing. We're seeing some vehicles from the different authorities who are working on this investigation, going in and out of this rest stop area off of I-70, where this 1990 Caprice has been parked since about 3:00 this morning. Here we see a shot. We understand that the vehicle that these two men were arrested in, actually were captured in this morning, is inside this container you see being pulled away by this tow truck. And we can't see what's happening inside, so, Jake, you stand by for just a second. We want to talk to you later on.

Our Bob Franken is standing by just a few yards away from this scene -- Bob.

BOB FRANKEN, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Well, we just watched. They've been shutting down the investigation scene here, and you were right, Leon, in that trailer is the automobile. You will notice, as a matter of fact, I'm looking over my shoulder, because I would expect it to be coming back this way. It will go up the road and then in all probability go down that way so it can head toward Montgomery County, which seems to be where it's going to be taken for its very, very thorough investigation.

Of course, this car has been there. This car has been there since the two occupants were -- drove it in there to take a nap apparently, and then were arrested. We've repeated time and again the chain of events that led to their arrest. Well, it's been so many hours, since about 3:00 this morning, that police have been swarming on the scene. And only now, let's see, what time is it now? We're talking about 7 1/2 hours or so away that they're finally removing it. There goes the vehicle now. You can see it, it just goes past us right there. That's it. Heading with a police escort. You can see the tow truck that it didn't use. You can see the Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms evidence truck that was going over with it a fine tooth comb. There will even be a finer tooth comb as it is inspected.

Once they get back, they'll be looking for DNA evidence, they'll be looking for fingerprints, bullets, et cetera, et cetera. We do know that they took a couple of bags away from the car, duffel bags and a large box as they were searching. There are conflicting reports about whether they found a weapon. But at the moment, we do not have official word that they did find a weapon in the car.

But the police are now going to take it for a very, very, very thorough search. As you saw, it has been taken from the rest stop where the arrests were made, and now it's being taken to the location where it's going to be very thoroughly inspected.

HARRIS: Bob, do we know how long they had been searching through that car? We've been wondering when that's going to happen. It's obvious they did get duffel bags full of evidence of some kind from the vehicle. They had been going through it. Do you know how long that had been going on?

FRANKEN: Well, they've been, to some degree doing it since the very beginning. They have some latitude in the fact that they affected an arrest and they had to make sure that they're safe. I will tell you that there were about 70 police officers who swarmed on the scene, about 50 vehicles. There were dogs. So they've been certainly giving as close a search as they could within the limitations of the law until the search warrant was affected. There is some question about precisely when it was they got the search warrant.

Now that they have it, they're going to take it in for what can probably be best described as a more intrusive search.

HARRIS: All right, good deal. Bob Franken reporting live from the side of I-70 just over there by that rest stop where the car that had been stopped and basically captured and the two men captured there inside, and now the car has been taken away.


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