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Daytime Emmy Awards Handed Out Tonight

Aired May 16, 2003 - 19:48   ET


DARYN KAGAN, CNN ANCHOR: Well, we decided to bust out of the studio. It's drizzling a little bit here in New York City, but that's OK. We wanted to come out where all the action's taking place. We're across the street from the Daytime Emmy Awards taking place right now.
Our Jason Carroll is along the red carpet and he tells us more -- Jason.


You can see things have pretty much cleared out at this point. The show's about to get under way in just a few minutes. As some of the celebrities were coming down the red carpet, we took some sort of an informal poll of what some of favorite shows are.

If you look at drama series,in terms of soap operas on ABC, "All My Children" seems to be a frontrunner out here today. Also, "Port Charles" ABC seems to be a sow that a lot of people are talking about as well. So we're going to have to look and see what happens with that tonight.

Let's also talk about the talk show circuit. Dr. Phil -- I mean, you've got all of these beautiful women out here and all these celebrities and the one name that everyone keeps talking about is Dr. Phil. Of course, he's going to be taking a lot of competition from the ladies from "The View." So we're going to have to see how that goes tonight as well.

And finally, game show. Old standby Bob Barker seems to be the man out here today. Every one was talking about Bob. We're going to have to see if he can pull it out in that category tonight.

Once again, we're just now just a few minutes before the show is about to start. We're going to head inside and let the festivities begin -- Daryn.

KAGAN: Before you do, one quick question for you. I know Martha Stewart is nominated tonight. Any sign of her?

CARROLL: You know, isn't that strange, Daryn? We did not see Martha out here tonight. I wonder why.

KAGAN: I know.

CARROLL: Now, we didn't see her out here tonight.

KAGAN: Maybe that's a good thing. Who knows? Jason, we'll let you get in out of the drizzle.

We're going to still talk about this a little bit more and we're going to bring in Amy Miller from "US Weekly" to give us the inside scoop. Even if you've never watched a soap opera before, like Jason told us, there's still interesting things. It's still an exciting show to watch.

AMY MILLER, "US WEEKLY": Absolutely.

KAGAN: Good to have you here with us.

MILLER: Thank you.

KAGAN: Let's talk about some of the big shows.

First of all, the talk shows. You heard Jason say that Dr. Phil is the man tonight.


KAGAN: He's kind of come out of nowhere from doing some spots, like every Tuesday, on "Oprah."

MILLER: On "Oprah." I think he got a big following from that and then his show has just taken off and David Letterman plugging him every so often didn't hurt. I think people just really like his show.

KAGAN: But he's up against competition with the ladies from "The View."


KAGAN: And you also have Wayne Brady. So talented.

MILLER: I think it's between Dr. Phil and Wayne Brady. It's hard when there's multiple co-hosts like "The View" and "Regis and Kelly" that they are usually not the ones who tend to win.

KAGAN: Why is that?

MILLER: I think -- what I've heard is that some one may like one co-host but not the other and so it's kind of -- they cancel each other out.

KAGAN: Kind of works against you.

MILLER: And a lot of times they feel they're not carry ago -- you know, one person really carries the show, so if you have a group they're just -- don't vote for them as much.

KAGAN: What about from the world of soap operas? When I'm not doing this news thing, I've watched "All My Children" since I was in first grade, so I'm totally biased when it comes to that.


KAGAN: A lot of nominations, but they're not kind of the frontrunner. Who's hot?

MILLER: I think "Port Charles" is really hot right now. They're a young soap, they've been around only for about six years. Half-hour soap, which is unusual for them to get nominated and there are two half-hour shows nominated for best show this year. And they just have a lot of buzz. They're doing this storyline about vampires that is just working...

KAGAN: All right.

MILLER: And the acting is really -- it's a little out there, it's different from the other shows and they have four acting nominees and they're just -- they definitely have the buzz. They walked down the red carpet as a group. They seem very tight-knit.

KAGAN: And then interestingly enough -- because we see so many award shows and they all kind of seem to blur together, but at this award shows, they've changed how they even did the nominations this year.

MILLER: I believe -- yes. They -- the -- I think the producers chose two people for each category that they put up for the general consensus to vote for and that kind of got away from the same perennial favorites getting voted to be nominated every year and there's a lot of new people this year.

KAGAN: And for people who are sitting at home saying they don't know anything about Daytime Emmy Awards, they don't usually watch -- I bet one thing you are familiar with is the whole Susan Lucci storyline.


KAGAN: She was nominated -- I think it was 19 years in a row...


KAGAN: ... before she was actually -- I guess, before she actually won. She finally does have her Daytime Emmy. But are there any storylines this year like that, like some one who's just kind of been around forever waiting for their Daytime Emmy.

MILLER: There's some one from "Young & the Restless," Doug Davidson, who's been on the show, I think, since 1978. This is is his first nomination ad lead actor, so maybe this nomination process has allowed him to get that -- get that nudge up.

KAGAN: And then just finally, in this day and age, when reality TV seems to be taking over every thing, it's still -- obviously a lot of fans for people who are still into game shows, still into talk shows and still into soap operas. It seems kind of almost old- fashioned.

MILLER: Well, I think with soaps, so many people -- their mothers watched the show, their grandmothers watched the show. It's almost a family tradition that you have to follow and the daytime fans are very, very loyal and they're -- I mean, some of them are out here tonight in this weather. And I think once you start -- even when it might be a time when you're not really liking what the show's doing, you stick with it because you know it will change.

KAGAN: I know. Can you believe it? It's the Daytime Emmys. All the glamour out and we're standing in this drizzle.

MILLER: I know.

KAGAN: It's ruining their dues. I think it's kind of ruining ours. I say -- yes, get back inside.

MILLER: Great.

KAGAN: Amy Miller from "US Weekly," thank you so much, and may be the best soap opera and game show win.

MILLER: Absolutely. Thank you.

KAGAN: Thank you so much.


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