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What's the Buzz?

Aired June 13, 2003 - 20:54   ET


ANDERSON COOPER, CNN ANCHOR: Ah, yes, what is the buzz? The internal question. We still have a lot to talk about tonight, talking about buzz. We want to zero in on a couple things that some people just can't resist. What's the buzz on the President Bush's good time twin daughters, Jenna and Barbara? And can you believe Harrison Ford? Frankly, I don't know that much about him, but I'm told the 60-year old actor has a new action flick to go along with the latest action in his love life, Calista Flockhart.
Joining me from Washington is "The Washington Post" reliable source, Lloyd Grove. From L.A., "US Magazine's" West Coast bureau chief, Ken Baker. And right here in good old New York with me, Michael Musto, gossip columnist for "The Village Voice."

Appreciate all of you joining us. Lloyd, as always, let's start off with you in Washington. The Bush twins, they've sort of been out of the news lately, but I guess they've been showing up in Washington. What have they been doing?

LLOYD GROVE, "THE REPUTABLE SOURCE": Well, they used to not like Washington or be here much. And you know, now they're free, legal and 21. So there's not that persona of danger when they used to go into bars. And they've been just having a good time.

COOPER: I heard they were at some karaoke bar?

GROVE: They were at a karaoke bar recently with Jenna singing "Sex Machine" and Barbara doing "Sweet Home Alabama" and having a good time, closing down the bar. And then, just the other night, they were in a place in a trendy neighborhood here called Adams Morgan. Three of them, Jenna, Barbara, and an unidentified young man sucking down two bottles of wine in barely an hour with some dinner. So...

COOPER: Now I understand Jenna is going to be moving to New York this summer, is that right?

GROVE: Yes. The White House never talks about these things, and it's hard to find out, but Jenna is going to be attending some classes at NYU. Still unknown is what Barbara's going to do. But I suppose she'll visit her sister in New York. And maybe they'll give the Hilton sisters a run for their money.

COOPER: I don't know. Well, let's ask Michael Musto. Michael, you know the downtime life in New York. Do you think they'll fit in? MICHAEL MUSTO, "VILLAGE VOICE": Well, this is a party town, let's face it, despite the efforts of our Republican mayor. And I think, people are going to be watching her very closely to see how closely she's studying her actual school work. I do think people are going to welcome her because she's famous. And anybody famous here is welcome.

COOPER: Anyone who's famous is welcome in New York?

MUSTO: Depends on what you're famous for.

COOPER: Really?

MUSTO: However, there s a lot of anti W sentiment here. I was not the only one in this group - street screaming during all those anti-war protests. So it is a little built in resentment.

COOPER: Do you think they'll get covered though in papers and their names show up? Or do you think the press will sort of be discreet and not focus on them, like they did with Chelsea Clinton?

MUSTO: I think at first, it's going to be a laissez faire policy. And then people are going to not be about to resist the fact that they're great copy, and we're going to watch every drink she has, every task she fails, or whatever she does.

Every test she fails, rather.

COOPER: Ken Baker, I guess in L.A. they're -- the Bush twins don't probably register. I know it's the Olson twins birthday today. So that's probably a bigger story in L.A. right now, but go ahead.

KEN BAKER, "US" MAGAZINE: Yes. Well, I mean, the thing is with the Bush twins, until Jenna is doing Jell-O shots with Britney Spears, they’re probably not going to hit the Hollywood radar very soon.

COOPER: That would be quite a photo.

BAKER: (UNINTELLIGIBLE) Chelsea Clinton when she hit the scene was after graduation from college when she became fair game. She had hit the fashion shows in Paris, in London, and started hanging out with some celebrities. And we started paying attention to her. And we're keeping our fingers crossed that the Bush twins are going to do the same.

COOPER: And I guess with - Ken, in L.A., what people are talking about, the other couple everybody's talking about is Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart. They're on the cover I guess of "People" magazine. How surprising is it? I guess he's coming out and said he's in love?

BAKER: Well, in "US Weekly" this week, we have a story about how Calista changed Harrison Ford. I mean, Harrison Ford, a year ago was - I mean his life was a one, long giant sequel for grumpy old men. But I think - you know, he's 60 years old. He has a 38-year-old girlfriend. And I think that can do wonders to a guy's personality, but he has "Hollywood Homicide" coming out today. And it's a comedy. It's with a young heartthrob. COOPER: Yes, it hasn't gotten great reviews, but no doubt, probably open pretty good at the box office. Michael, do you think -- are you happy that Harrison Ford is loving his life?

MUSTO: I do. I'm happy, first of all, he's in a movie with Josh Hartnett, who's the new Harrison Ford. So it'll make up for the bad reviews. It'll be popular.

But yes, he has mellowed because he is in love. They really like each other, he and Calista, that is.

COOPER: Right.

MUSTO: And, they've got...

COOPER: They've got a place in New York and they sort of hang out.

MUSTO: Yes, in Chelsea. And in fact, I hear that he - as a proviso before he did Indiana Jones IV, which he's about to start filming. He said Calista has to have a part in the movie. I don't think she's playing the rollerball. She's too skinny.

But God knows what she's going to play, but they're going to work together. And that's going to help cement the relationship.

COOPER: Lloyd Grove, any thoughts on the Harrison Ford-Flockhart thing?

LLOYD GROVE, "WASHINGTON POST": Well, I'm happy he has love in his life, but I wish he'd stop talking about it. I mean, I want Harrison Ford not to be Alan Alda for once.

COOPER: Oh, do you like the grumpy - the old Harrison Ford?

GROVE: I like the macho Harrison Ford, you know, few rods. You know, man of action. I don't want to talking, spilling all over about how much in love he is.

COOPER: All right, well...

MICHAEL: So Calista owns the pants in that family.

COOPER: Oh yes?

MUSTO: Well, I don't know about you guys, but I'm just glad that the war in Iraq is over, so we can talk about the important things.

COOPER: That's right.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Like Harrison Ford.

COOPER: We're going to leave it there. Michael Musto, Ken Baker, Lloyd Grove, as always, thanks very much. And thank everyone for being with us tonight.


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