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Schwarzenegger Rally

Aired October 6, 2003 - 14:21   ET


KYRA PHILLIPS, CNN ANCHOR: Yes, our director Roger has pulled out his eight-tracks. Do you remember that song? From not long ago. Do you remember your way to San Jose? Well our Kelly Wallace sure does. She joins us live from the Schwarzenegger camp. Hi, Kelly.

KELLY WALLACE, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Kyra, that's a tough act to follow! Here we are in San Jose. You know Arnold Schwarzenegger made a very unusual entrance into this race, announcing his candidacy on "The Tonight Show." He is wrapping it up the old-fashioned way, urging people to go out to vote. You can hear a lot of applause behind me.

But they just announced that Maria Shriver will be coming on the stage. She will be introducing her husband Arnold Schwarzenegger. They are flying together to three different cities today. The first stop in San Jose. And the message is expected to be that this campaign believes it has the momentum despite allegation against Schwarzenegger concerning sexual misconduct against women and questions about his past statements concerning Adolf Hitler. The goal, trying to get -- let's listen from Maria Shriver right now.

MARIA SHRIVER, SCHWARZENEGGER'S WIFE: ... as I've traveled up and down this state, the reason he is in this race is because of you. He wanted to make a difference in your life. He wants to bring this state back. He wants to bring more jobs to this state. And he wants to make this a better place for you to raise your families and for you to live.

And I admire, as I say to our kids who said this morning, Do you think Daddy's going to win or lose? What do you think's going to happen? I said, No matter what happens, in this race your father has done an extraordinary thing.

He has -- I tell them he has great strength...

WALLACE: You hear Maria Shriver talking about her husband. She has become a very fierce advocate for him especially as he has faced allegations that some 15 women say he committed acts of sexual misconduct against them.

The goal for the Schwarzenegger camp again trying to get out the vote. They also believe -- they say their internal polling is showing that the recall against Gray Davis will pass by a pretty good margin and that Schwarzenegger will be the one to win and defeat Lieutenant Governor Cruz Bustamante. (UNINTELLIGIBLE) announced Schwarzenegger coming in into the room.

Of course, ultimately, we don't know what will happen (UNINTELLIGIBLE) tomorrow. The Schwarzenegger team hopes that the timing of this allegation, which they call dirty politics by the Democrats, will end up hurting Governor Davis more than Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Kyra, I think we're going to listen in a little bit for Arnold Schwarzenegger. This has become, Kyra, the theme song now. "We're Not Gonna Take It." I can tell the entire press corps can't get this out of our minds right now. "We're Not Gonna Take It." This is the theme song for Arnold Schwarzenegger.

And his message is expected to be that he is the candidate of change. If you want the status quo, stick with Governor Gray Davis. But if you want change, you want what he says is a political outsider's view, then you go for Arnold Schwarzenegger.

This event coming after a four-day bus tour that ended at the state Capitol of Sacramento. The biggest crowds yet, several thousand people turning out to hear from Arnold Schwarzenegger himself. He did not in that speech yesterday talk about the controversies and we're not expecting (UNINTELLIGIBLE) that today. He is (UNINTELLIGIBLE) to his supporters.

Let's listen into Arnold Schwarzenegger now.

ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER (R), CALIF. GOV. CANDIDATE: Thank you, San Jose. Thank you for the huge amount of people that turned out. Thank all of you, thank you all. And all the incredible women behind me, thank you very much. Thank you all.

I tell you, I'm having such a great time in this campaign. Wow! This is so much fun to fight for California and to go up and down that coast and to be here in San Jose.

First of all, I want to thank my wife for the great introduction, and she has been the most outstanding wife and greatest partner in the world.

And I want to thank also Tom McEnery, our mayor, thank you so much for the wonderful introduction, Tom. Thank you very, very much. Big hand to him. Tom McEnery.

Let me tell you something, this has been fantastic. And people ask me all the time, they say, Well, Arnold, where are you doing this? Why are you leaving behind your movie career and your money and the family and all those kinds of things? You have a wonderful life.

And I tell them, You know something? Everything that I have is because of California. Everything. California has given me the opportunities. California has given me the way to get in here and be successful. California, when I came over here as an immigrant, was a place of great dreams, of hope and of opportunities. It had everything there.

And this is why I feel so indebted to California. This is why I'm running for governor...

WALLACE: OK, we are having technical difficulties, we apologize for that.

Arnold Schwarzenegger in the midst of his standard stump speech where he is talking about what he would do if he makes his way to Sacramento. Ultimately political analysts say this is all going to come down turn into voter turnout, who can get more voters to the polls.

Part of the Schwarzenegger strategy, the candidate himself, has taped phone messages going to two million households by election day. Republicans also say that they are confident that they have a very good ground operation in place.

And again, Kyra, the bottom line, this campaign is hoping that the timing of these stories coming out just days before the election will ultimately end up hurting Schwarzenegger's rivals as opposed to the candidate himself -- Kyra.

PHILLIPS: All right, Kelly Wallace. It was tough to hear you, there. But it's quite a crowd there in San Jose. We appreciate that report.

Arnold Schwarzenegger side by side with his wife there. Our Kelly Wallace covering the Schwarzenegger camp in San Jose as he rallies up just one day away, that recall election.


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