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Capitol Police Press Conference

Aired October 30, 2003 - 14:11   ET


KYRA PHILLIPS, CNN ANCHOR: Let's go back. This is Jessica Gissubel, with the Capitol Police.

JESSICA GISSUBEL, U.S. CAPITOL POLICE SPOKESPERSON: ... for the United States Capitol Police.

I would like to give you all some additional information.

As you are aware, approximately one hour ago we had an -- a report of an individual entering the building in an unauthorized manner. At this time, I have additional information for you.

The initial lookout that we put out for this individual was a white male, approximately 5'3" and 140 pounds, brown hair, carrying a black and gray backpack, wearing a black suit with a white shirt underneath. At that time, we gave that -- the possible weapon was a .38. We do now believe that it is a revolver.

The Capitol Police are looking in this area.

In addition to the initial lookout that went out, we have a white female, approximately 5'5", 20 to 25 years of age, wearing a pink shirt and khaki pants, carrying a black purse and possibly a maroon bag. She has long brown hair over the shoulder and is wearing -- at that time -- sunglasses on her head.

At this time, the Capitol Police have put the building on lockdown. We are going to be letting people exit the building as long as they agree to an administrative search. And we are doing all we can at this time to assure the safety of everybody inside and out.

QUESTION: Who was this woman?

QUESTION: Was the man coming in the building?

GISSUBEL: Yes, sir, that's correct.

QUESTION: We're just getting this information now about the second person?

GISSUBEL: That's correct.

QUESTION: Where did she go? Did she run as well?

GISSUBEL: I don't have that information. QUESTION: Staff IDs, did any of them have staff IDs?

GISSUBEL: I don't have that information.

Right now, we do have our specialty units in there evaluating and investigating what actually did take place and we will be reviewing that.

And as soon as I get any additional information, I will be sure to bring it to you.

I'll take a couple questions right now.

QUESTION: Congressman Ney said he wasn't sure if it was a gun. At this point, after further review, do you think it indeed was a gun?

GISSUBEL: It is indeed a gun.


QUESTION: Do you have video of these people that you're reviewing?

GISSUBEL: I'm sorry?

QUESTION: Do you have video of these people that you're reviewing?

GISSUBEL: Yes, we do.

QUESTION: What's the connection of the woman to the man?

GISSUBEL: I'm not aware at this time.

QUESTION: Have they been spotted since they went into the building?

QUESTION: Was the woman on the lawn with the man?


GISSUBEL: Right now, we are looking for both individuals of the descriptions that I gave to you.

QUESTION: Did you say an approximate age of the man?


QUESTION: Where were they last seen?

GISSUBEL: I'm sorry?

QUESTION: Did she run away as well?

GISSUBEL: Ma'am, I don't have that information.

Again, I don't have the information as to the situation taking place after entry in that door. I don't have that.

QUESTION: Which door?


GISSUBEL: It was in the southeast door of the Cannon Office Building.

QUESTION: And what led you to believe the woman is connected though? Why is she somebody you're looking for?

GISSUBEL: As we've been investigating this case, as you all know, the Capitol Police, again, our units are on top of this, looking into who entered.

Further investigative results have shown that it was two people that entered the building and we're looking into all possible reasons for that.


GISSUBEL: I'll take one more question.


GISSUBEL: I don't -- I'm sorry?


QUESTION: ... was in the bag?

GISSUBEL: Again, we're investigating that at this time and...

QUESTION: But how do you know it is a gun? How do you know?

GISSUBEL: Because our units have been looking into that to review exactly what it was and we do believe that.

QUESTION: From the radar, from the...

GISSUBEL: Correct.

QUESTION: They came in the main entrance, right? Officer, the main entrance?


QUESTION: Do you have an approximate age?

GISSUBEL: Approximate age on the female is 20 to 25. I do not have an approximate age on the male.

QUESTION: Jessica, how many Capitol Hill Police overall are involved in the search right now?

GISSUBEL: We are maintaining our security across Capitol Hill and utilizing any units we have available to look into this. I don't have that number.

QUESTION: Just to be clear, you know it was a revolver and not a toy?

GISSUBEL: No, we know that the weapon viewed on the screen was told to us to be a revolver by our investigators. However, we are looking into that.

Again, again, we have our units on the scene right now looking into this to assure what, in fact, it was. I'll be sure to give you as much information as I can as soon as I get it. Thank you.

PHILLIPS: If you're just tuning in, we're following a breaking news story from the nation's capital right now. Two individuals police now looking for, a man and woman, a man believed to be carrying a revolver in a black and white backpack, a woman also by his side, both white, a white female and white male. The male wearing a black suit, white T-shirt. The woman, believed to have long brown hair, sunglasses on her head, carrying a black purses, a pink shirt, khaki pants. These two individuals, police looking for, on the loose, in the Cannon House office building, which is connected there to the nation's Capitol.

Right now, a SWAT is team going room by room, looking for these two individuals. It's basically on lockdown. There was an evacuation. A number of representatives, employees there got out of the building. But still, a number of Congressmen and women locked down inside their offices in the building there.


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