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Interview With Jermaine Jackson

Aired November 20, 2003 - 16:29   ET


KYRA PHILLIPS, CNN ANCHOR: Those live pictures coming to us via our affiliate there in Los Angeles, KABC, looking like the same vehicle that Mark Geragos and his team arrived in not long ago, within the past hour and a half or so. Miguel Marquez also there on the ground, as we look at these shots via the helicopters. We have got reporters stationed on all parts of the grounds there in Santa Barbara, Miguel Marquez out there outside of the sheriff's department compound area.
Miguel, what do you know? You were there in front of the inmate reception center when Michael Jackson arrived. Kind of bring us up to date on what you know and what has happened thus far.

MIGUEL MARQUEZ, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Well, in the last few minutes, since Mr. Geragos came out and made a statement, a very brief statement, and took no questions, he came out of the same building, went into that Suburban. And they pulled out of the parking lot and then back around to the intake area, where Mr. Jackson was brought in a little earlier today.

It's not always the case that the intake area and the outtake area of these -- of jail complexes are the same place. It -- our best estimation and guess, though, is that he will be coming out of this -- this area, the same area he went into, fairly shortly. I can tell you, behind me, there is just a gaggle of reporters and a lot of sheriff's department deputies down there who are awaiting something.

And we assume that they don't have anything bigger going today than Michael Jackson's turning himself in. There are also several police cars and police motorcycles down there, as though they are preparing for a motorcade of some sort. And all I can tell you at this point is that the choppers continue to stay over this area. And there are reporters, as well as fans, waiting for, apparently, Mr. Jackson to leave this facility.

Presumably, since he has finished all of his -- his -- the processing today, fingerprinting, pictures and the like, he would then be able to fairly quickly leave this facility. It's unlikely that he would be questioned at all by detectives, since his lawyer is present -- Kyra.

PHILLIPS: And, Miguel, that's what happened in the 2:00 hour, Eastern time. It was the same type of ordeal, a convoy leaving the Santa Barbara Airport, these same vehicles, Michael Jackson escorted from his Gulfstream jet in a car with sheriff's deputies, alongside this black SUV, with his attorney, Mark Geragos, a number of other cars providing security bringing him there to the Santa Barbara County jail.

And from what we understand, also -- we're looking at another live picture, another angle there from the same doors that Michael Jackson entered there at the inmate reception center.

Miguel, he has posted bond, $3 million bond. Have you heard anything from the scene there or talked to any of your sources about his kids, his three children? That -- obviously, there was some negotiating going on. That was a possibility that could be discussed under the bond terms. Do you know yet what will happen with his kids?

MARQUEZ: The only thing I know for sure is what the district attorney said yesterday, was -- which was, he's innocent until proven guilty.

Presumably, that means he could back to live with his kids on his ranch. There's certainly no indication that anything of a sexual nature or anything other than, certainly, the odd behavior we have already seen, with him hanging his kids off the balcony, has occurred with his children. So it's not clear that those would even -- that his children would even come into play. Certainly, he has a very big extended family as well. And, certainly, there would probably be no end of people who would be able to care for his children.

The other one thing I wanted to add to what we are seeing here today is that the car that Mr. Jackson arrived in was probably not one of his cars. It appeared to be a -- an unmarked police car. There were two unmarked police cars -- or appeared to be unmarked police cars -- that brought him into this facility. And it's likely that he would be leaving in one of the other cars, the black Suburban with the tinted windows.

I also saw a town car, a black town car, that was here as well. One of those vehicles may carry Mr. Jackson at some point -- Kyra.

PHILLIPS: And, as you know and our viewers know, we have heard from Mark Geragos. He did come over and address -- or come out, rather, to the podium and address reporters speaking on behalf of Michael. And that has been something that we have been working on all day -- is getting in touch with the Jackson family and trying to get someone representing Michael on a personal level.

And we were fortunate enough to link up with his brother Jermaine. And he talked with me about an hour ago from Las Vegas, not long after Michael was arrested.


JERMAINE JACKSON, BROTHER OF MICHAEL JACKSON: Well, first of all, I'd like to say, the whole family supports Michael 100 percent, 1000 percent. Michael is innocent. And just to let you know how I feel, I'm very disappointed in the system in which things were done. At the same time, Michael is in very strong spirits, because he is innocent.

PHILLIPS: What has he -- what has he told you? JACKSON: We are tired of people -- I'm sick and F-ing tired of people speaking on my brother's behalf, on my family's behalf who do not know us. So you put these people on national TV, on international TV. And they say these things. And the public is saying, oh, wow, is he really like this?

My brother is not eccentric. We had an incredible, wonderful childhood. And what they're doing is bringing him down with the very thing that he loves, his children and family. My brother is about peace. They don't know us. But this will reveal itself, but I am sick and (EXPLETIVE DELETED) tired of everybody saying these things about my family.

And we will fight. And we will stand up. And everybody that knows this family around the world will support us, because, at the end of the day, this is nothing but a modern-day lynching. This is what they want to see, him in handcuffs. You got it. But it won't be for long, I promise you.

PHILLIPS: Jermaine, I...

JACKSON: I'm sick and tired.

PHILLIPS: And, believe me, I -- I -- I mean...

JACKSON: Sick and tired of it.

PHILLIPS: I have no idea what you are going through. I am definitely not in your shoes.


JACKSON: You do not know, because you don't walk in my shoes or my family's shoes.

PHILLIPS: No, you are right. You are right. You are absolutely right.

JACKSON: You don't walk in our shoes.

But you put these people on national television to say things. They don't know our family.

PHILLIPS: And that's why we have you.

JACKSON: We are a family. And we will continue to be a family. That's my love right there. And we support him 1000 percent. I have nothing else to say.


PHILLIPS: Jermaine Jackson, Michael Jackson's brother, speaking with me about an hour ago, obviously very angry and feeling very passionate about his brother's innocence.

Right now, you are looking at live pictures via KABC, our affiliate there in Los Angeles, Michael Jackson in that black SUV, the same SUV that brought his attorney, Mark Geragos, and his staff to Santa Barbara via a Gulfstream. Michael Jackson now inside that SUV, we can only assume with his attorney, Mark Geragos, and a number of other individuals in his staff.

Not quite sure where is he headed next, but he has posted bail, $3 million bail. He has been brought in to the Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Department. He was booked and fingerprinted. And his picture was taken. He went through the legal process, as we had been telling you about from the very beginning, now released on $3 million bail. Michael Jackson has left the Santa Barbara County courthouse.

We have -- and if you have not been watching our continuing coverage, I'll take you back and give you a little bit of background. But it was just about five minutes ago that Michael Jackson, seen right here, a real quick shot there, you can see in the white shirt and the black suit, getting into the SUV, the black SUV there, with his staff, his attorney, and other members of his crew, leaving the Santa Barbara Sheriff's Department after posting bail.

Now, what Michael Jackson faces are charges of child molestation. As you can imagine, this is only the beginning for pop star Michael Jackson.

We're going to take it now, at the bottom of the half-hour here, pushing 5:00 Eastern time, and turn it over to the hands of "CROSSFIRE."


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