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Hollywood's Gold Rush

Aired February 29, 2004 - 19:00   ET


CAROL LIN, CNN ANCHOR: Our "HOLLYWOOD'S GOLD RUSH" special in just a moment, but first these headlines. Hope is dwindling for 18 tanker crew members missing in frigid waters off the coast of Virginia. Their ship exploded and sank yesterday. The Coast Guard rescued 6 other crew member and found 3 dead.
Iraq's oil output is now reported to be running at prewar levels. The coalition provisional authority says production has reached 2.5 million barrels a day.

The last debate before super Tuesday between Democratic presidential candidates is over. John Kerry and John Edwards criticized the White House over Haiti, and they sparred over trade issues in New York today.

Those are the headlines. Now, "Hollywood's Gold Rush."

ANNOUNCER: This is a CNN special presentation.

DARYN KAGAN, CNN ANCHOR, HOLLYWOOD: I'm Daryn Kagan live on the red carpet right before the Academy Awards. What better way to kick off our coverage than with an Academy Award winner and nominee tonight, Marcia Gay Harden.


MARCIA GAY HARDEN, ACTRESS: Thank you very much.

KAGAN: We're going to get the scoop on the nomination and the dress, and as I said, the ultimate accessories. She's pregnant with twins. Right after this.




UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This horse couldn't win a church raffle, let alone a $2,000 allowance.

BILL MURRAY, ACTOR: Hey, lick them, lick them. What?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Lick them, like this.

SEAN PENN, ACTOR: My own little daughter, and I can't even cry for her. UNIDENTIFIED MALE: (UNINTELLIGIBLE), how many?


ANNOUNCER: Hollywood's top prize is handed out. Will "The Lord of the Rings" finally be crowned? Oscar goes global. But with nominees from six continents, you may need a map.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I can't keep up.

ANNOUNCER: And perfect tens dressed to the nines. The stars step out on a red carpet runway.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Beautiful gowns, beautiful women and beautiful jewelry.

ANNOUNCER: With precious metal at stake, the countdown begins for "Hollywood's Gold Rush."

Reporting from the 76th Annual Academy Awards, here's Daryn Kagan.

KAGAN: And what better way to kick off our coverage than with Academy Award winner and nominee, Marcia Gay Harden, nominated for best supporting actress for her role in "Mystic River."


MARCIA GAY HARDEN, ACTRESS: Thank you very much.

KAGAN: You've been down this red carpet before, you've walked away with gold. Does it take away from tonight at all?

HARDEN: Not at all. It's just as much fun. I brought my family - my husband Thaddeus, my mother and my sisters all (UNINTELLIGIBLE) from Texas. And so, we're all just agog and having a great time.

KAGAN: And also brought the twins.

HARDEN: Well, that's true. I'm traveling with a whole other ensemble tonight.

KAGAN: We talked at Oscar nominee lunch and you had the challenge of coming up with a beautiful fashion piece. You're seven months pregnant? Is that right?

HARDEN: I'm just entering my eighth month now. And I don't know if you remember, I said the great thing about designers today is they design for all different kinds of bodies.

And this is a Badgley Mischka. They had their challenges, and I just feel fabulous. And I have some H. Stern earrings on. I feel like a queen.

KAGAN: Well, you are a queen, the queen of ...

HARDEN: Thank you.

KAGAN: ... Hollywood tonight. Congratulations and good luck.

HARDEN: Thank you so much.

KAGAN: Marcia Gay Harden. Thank you.

I'm going to stay right here. I'm not going anywhere, because all the big stars are making their way down.

Tim Robbins, nominated for best supporting actor. He's this close to coming down and talking to us.

Right now, though, let's bring in my colleague, Kendis Gibson, who's following the action from up above the red carpet - Kendis.

KENDIS GIBSON, CNN ENTERTAINMENT CORRESPONDENT: Hey, Daryn, what an awesome view it is from bird's eye. We're looking down at the red carpet, 500 feet of it.

Now, normally, during any other time of the year, this is a five- lane roadway through the heart of Hollywood. You know, when all is said and done about tonight, this is all about winning an 8.5-pound piece of hardware known as Oscar.

Now, tell us whether or not some - who is going to get to go home with this piece of heavy metal. Zorianna Kit is with "People" magazine, an insider columnist for "People" magazine.

Now, Zorianna, let's first talk about the best picture category here. We have among them "Lord of the Rings," "Lost in Translation," "Master and Commander," "Mystic River," "Seabiscuit." Now, of course, everybody says that it's going to be "Lord of the Rings." And we think what?

ZORIANNA KIDD, PEOPLE MAGAZINE: Yes, I agree. It is going to be "Lord of the Rings." Why would it not be "Lord of the Rings"? This is the final installment of the trilogy. Peter Jackson worked so hard to bring this vision to the screen. There are legions of fans.

And also, the number of people who worked on this movie, assuming their Academy members will push this film to a win.

GIBSON: Now, I've got to ask you about the best actor category, because, folks, we should point out that this is really an interesting category because, for the first time in any time that I can remember, you have three so-called Hollywood "bad boys" - Johnny Depp, Bill Murray, Sean Penn - the bad boys we were talking about.

But you also have Ben Kingsley and Jude Law in that category.

This one seems to be up in the air.

KIT: For me, there's one person, one person only - Johnny Depp.

GIBSON: Really. KIT: Yes.


KIT: I think it's going to be Johnny, I think, because last weekend he won the SAG awards. And actors make up a large part of the Academy. And if they voted for him last week, they're going to vote for him this evening. Watch for an upset.

GIBSON: And will there be an upset in the best actress category? Because everybody thinks that it's going to be Charlize Theron. By the way, you're looking at some more live - red carpet live action there, as well.

Taking a look at the best picture - best actress category, Charlize Theron is probably going to win it.

But you know what, let's go back down to the red carpet where Daryn has a few more guests - Daryn.

KAGAN: All right. We're working our way down the red carpet. Big stars. Susan Sarandon with us. And, of course, her partner Tim Robbins, who is nominated tonight.

Tim, hi. Daryn Kagan, CNN.


KAGAN: Congratulations on the nomination.

ROBBINS: Thank you.

KAGAN: Been down here before, both in the family and also for yourself as best director. How is it to be nominated in an acting category?

ROBBINS: Oh, it's an honor, especially with this film, because it was so easy to do and such a great experience. And, you know, I learned a lot from working with Clint, and such a great script and amazing co-stars. And, you know, every day was a joy.

KAGAN: And when you look at all the nominations coming through the film - we just talked with Marcia Gay Harden, best supporting actress. Of course, you have best actor, best director, best film as well.

Really, could you tell even when you were doing the movie that you're part of a special piece?

ROBBINS: Well, Sean and I would talk about it. And we thought, yes, this is pretty special.

We had no idea, though, that so many people would see it. And we're indebted to all the people that made their way into the multiplexes to see this movie, because it hopefully will send a message that it's OK to make adult dramas, you know. It's OK to make serious subject matter in films.

KAGAN: And you're also presenting tonight. What category?

ROBBINS: Screenplay.

KAGAN: Any feelings on the five-second delay?

ROBBINS: I think it's silly. I mean, if there was a five-second delay back in the '70s, we never would have seen the streaker behind David Niven.

KAGAN: And then - and then what would we have had for the (UNINTELLIGIBLE) ...


ROBBINS: It was a seminal experience in my life, and I would have been denied that experience.

I was thinking of streaking myself tonight, actually.

KAGAN: Really.

Susan, one quick question on Tim's performance and on his nomination tonight.

SUSAN SARANDON, ACTRESS: Well, I just think that it was, you know, just a seminal performance, and I'm very proud. And then, I'm just so happy that he got the chance to do it, because it really showed a side of him that a lot of people, you know, hadn't seen lately.

KAGAN: Some families go out to the movies on Sunday night. This family goes out to the Oscars.

SARANDON: Yes, yes. That's right. Well, not everybody. Jack's not here. We have our other extended family member here, Lee (ph) and Megan (ph).

KAGAN: All right. Well, good luck to the whole family. Thanks for stopping by.

Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon. And ...


KAGAN: Hey, Owen and ...


KAGAN: Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson -- presenting tonight.

STILLER: Yes, we are.

WILSON: The best short and best animated short, I think.

STILLER: And best short short.

WILSON: That's short shorts.

KAGAN: Plus, you guys are about to hit the screen as "Starsky & Hutch."

STILLER: Yes, that's right.

WILSON: Next Friday, this coming Friday, we will be ...

STILLER: Don't plug the movie or anything, Owen.

KAGAN: Well, all I've got to say ...

STILLER: First show is at noon.

KAGAN: You're already buying tickets. You're already hawking tickets.

From the clips I've seen of the movie, this is not the "Starsky & Hutch" that I grew up watching, you guys.

STILLER: There are elements of the original "Starsky & Hutch" in there. Actually, it got to be a very funny show as they went along. They kind of backed off of the violence that they had in the beginning, and then they got a little more comedic.

So I think we're like, probably more like 70/30, comedy to action, where they might have been, like, you know, what, 60/40 action to comedy.

I like to break it down into percentages, just to be clear.

WILSON: It's sort of like, this would have been the pilot they filmed for the series, and then the network replaced us with David Soul and Paul Michael Glaser and took it down a cooler direction.

KAGAN: Very good. Let me just ask you this. I know there's a big push tonight to have more comedic performances, more funny guys like you. Looking for any big, crazy moments, even though there's going to be that five-second delay in the broadcast?

WILSON: Well, they were kind of pushing us towards doing something funny, but we want to do something - there's a lot going on in the world. So, you're going to have to stay tuned. Ben might have some statements to make.

STILLER: Well, Owen, you told me you wanted to get political, but then you realized you don't actually watch the news, so ...

KAGAN: That's not true. You watch CNN, of course.



KAGAN: Good luck tonight. Good to see you, Ben Stiller and Owen.

And now, you're seeing a hug there. Djimon Hounsou. Djimon, hi. Daryn Kagan from CNN.

DJIMON HOUNSOU, ACTOR: Nice to see you again.

KAGAN: The only man from Benin ever nominated for an Academy Award, nominated for best supporting actor for his role in "In America."

HOUNSOU: Yes. Yes.

KAGAN: It's a long day - a long way from your days in Benin.

HOUNSOU: Most definitely. It's a long, long way from Benin and long days from, you know, my first days back home, yes.

KAGAN: And then the family back home in Benin, are they all gathered around the television?

HOUNSOU: Most definitely. I called them right when I got into the car, and they're all in front of the television, looking forward.

KAGAN: Well, it's a big night for you. Congratulations.

HOUNSOU: It's a sensational night.

KAGAN: Congratulations and good luck. Djimon Hounsou, nominated for "In America," best supporting actor.

Kendis, the action is just flowing down here. I'm going to stay right here, catch more stars as they come along. For now, though, back up to you.

GIBSON: That it is. A lot of early arrivals to the red carpet. Now, we're going to have more live interviews from the 76th Annual Academy Awards when we come back.

And also, we're going to take a look at the worst Oscar outfits of all time. I don't know if we have enough time for that, but we'll take a look.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: What two women tied for best actress in 1969?

ANNOUNCER: The answer coming up, as "Hollywood's Gold Rush" continues.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: What two women tied for best actress in 1969?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Barbra Streisand and Katharine Hepburn. Streisand won for "Funny Girl," and Katharine Hepburn won for "A Lion in Winter." GIBSON: Welcome back, everybody, to our special coverage of the 76th Annual Academy Awards. You're taking in a live picture of the red carpet where you see the likes of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett- Smith, walking the carpet right now.

Let's talk with Zorianna Kit once again from "People" magazine, who is here with us to kind of give us some color commentary, you might say

Zorianna, your column is called, like, the "Insider." So, any inside stories that you've heard about what's going to happen tonight, or any of the stars back there?

KIT: Yes, well I can tell you, our host, Billy Crystal, will be carrying a toothbrush in his front pocket. When Billy was just a little boy, he used to brush his teeth and take the toothbrush and practice hosting shows in front of the mirror.

And the very first time he was asked to host the Oscars ceremony, he was brushing his teeth, he looked at himself in the mirror, and he realized that he used to do that as a kid. So, that toothbrush ...

GIBSON: That brings a tear to my eye.

KIT: It's a good luck charm now. So, it'll be in his breast pocked, if you can spot it.

GIBSON: And it is his eighth year hosting the Oscars, we should point out.

Now, the man who has hosted the Oscars more than anyone else, Bob Hope, of course he passed away last year. But there is going to be a tribute for Hope, ...

KIT: Yes.

GIBSON: ... tonight.

KIT: Yes. Normally during the Oscar telecast, there is a section where they scroll and show a photograph of all the people who had passed away in the past year.

This year what's different is that there'll be three separate tributes to Bob Hope, Gregory Peck and Katharine Hepburn.

GIBSON: All right. Definitely going to be a touching moment.

KIT: Yes.

GIBSON: Thank you, Zorianna. Let's go back down to Daryn Kagan who is live on the red carpet - Daryn.

KAGAN: All right. Well, we are working - we are talking to - I think we're going to get two of the best supporting actress nominees.

With me right now, the woman who a lot of people think could be the big upset surprise - Shohreh Aghdashloo, nominated for best supporting actress for "The House of Sand and Fog." Congratulations.

SHOHREH AGHDASHLOO, ACTRESS: Hi, Daryn. Thank you. Thank you very much.

KAGAN: Is this night - we've talked about this night since the day you were nominated.

AGHDASHLOO: Remember, you told me about it. You told me I'm going to be really excited, and you were absolutely right. I am very excited and happy, extremely.

KAGAN: Such a long journey for you, from leaving Iran 25, 30 years ago, going to England, coming here to Hollywood. And now, ...

AGHDASHLOO: Actually, in fact, when I was in the car, I was thinking of the day that I left Iran, 4:30 a.m., driving to Europe. Not even thinking about consequences, what's going to happen.

This is what's going to happen, when you are courageous enough.

KAGAN: Dreams do come true. Tell us a little bit about what you're wearing tonight.

AGHDASHLOO: I am wearing an Iranian designer. Her name is Simin (ph). My bag is Catharine Baumann. My shoes are Stuart Weitzman, and the jewelry is, of course, Harry Winston.

KAGAN: Looks like it's memorizing lines to figure out everything that you're wearing.

AGHDASHLOO: That's right. Yesterday I didn't know who made my earrings. And one of the reporters got really upset. He said, well, you have to know. And I said, I promise you, tomorrow I would memorize all of them.

KAGAN: Have you met Patricia Clarkson?


AGHDASHLOO: I love Patricia Clarkson. I love this lady.

CLARKSON: Have we met?

AGHDASHLOO: We had such a nice lunch. Holly invited us.

CLARKSON: We had a beautiful lunch, beautiful. I mean, we didn't want to leave, did we.

AGHDASHLOO: No, no, not really, but we had to.


AGHDASHLOO: With kids and errands.

CLARKSON: We had errands, we had things to do. But here we are together. You look so gorgeous. AGHDASHLOO: I'm honored to be with you.


AGHDASHLOO: Why, thank you.

KAGAN: Is this a mutual admiration society, or what?



KAGAN: Both of you receiving recognition. We should tell our viewers, Patricia Clarkson, of course, also nominated for best supporting actress for her role in "Pieces of April." Kind of like the "it" (ph) lady this year.

CLARKSON: Well, I had a few films out.

KAGAN: Well, you've done OK.

CLARKSON: Small movies. Very small little films. But they're beautiful films, though, yes.

KAGAN: For Shohreh to come - we were talking about her journey coming from Iran, through England.

CLARKSON: Oh, my God, I mean - you know, I mean, our category of women, it's really cool, you know. It's a great, beautiful crowd of women, you know.

AGHDASHLOO: Marcia said, March 1st we're all winners.


AGHDASHLOO: No matter who gets to take the trophy home.

CLARKSON: Yes, it's a beautiful night tonight.

AGHDASHLOO: We're all winners.

KAGAN: Well, to both of you winners, thank you for stopping by. Congratulations. Good luck.

Patricia, tell us who you're wearing.

CLARKSON: This is Bill Blass. It's Michael Vollbracht.

KAGAN: Absolutely beautiful. Congratulations. Thank you. Thank you so much.

All right, Kendis, I think we're going to toss it on up back to you.

GIBSON: And, Daryn, of course they look absolutely lovely. Patricia Clarkson in that Bill Blass dress. But, you know, when we come back, we're going to take a look at who wore the worst outfit in Oscar history. I'm not sure there can be winners in a category where there are only losers, but we're going to take a look at this.

Plus some more live interviews coming to you straight from Hollywood.


MARCIA GAY HARDEN: And which star left her Oscar in the ladies' room the night she won it?


ANNOUNCER: The answer coming up as "Hollywood's Gold Rush" continues.



HARDEN: And which star left her Oscar in the ladies' room the night she won it?

In 1980, for "Kramer vs. Kramer," the wonderful Meryl Streep left her Oscar in the ladies' room. And, of course, she later got it back.


KAGAN: Welcome back live to the red carpet, our CNN coverage of the 76th Annual Academy Awards.

We have cameras in the most interesting places. The camera you're looking at right now, it is mounted above, believe it or not, Ripley's Believe It Or Not auditorium. Thanks to the folks at Ripley's for giving us a camera position there.

But back down here on the red carpet, I'm Daryn Kagan, making the most interesting introduction with Adrien Brody, best actor winner for last year, and Scarlett Johansson. We're doing this together. Do you guys - are you just meeting each other now?

ADRIEN BRODY, ACTOR: We're meeting ...

SCARLETT JOHANSSON, ACTRESS: Right for the very first time. Yes.

BRODY: This is where it all began, folks.

JOHANSSON: Hi. Nice to meet you.


KAGAN: And yet, mutual admiration society. Have clearly seen each other's work. JOHANSSON: Yes, yes, yes.

BRODY: What have you been in?

JOHANSSON: I was in a ...

BRODY: A little movie about ...

JOHANSSON: Yes, we're doing a campaign for something. And was in a little short film.

Bling bling is out of control. Sorry.

KAGAN: Adrien, let me ask you, what a difference a year makes. Last year this time, you were walking down the red carpet.

BRODY: Last year at this time, there was no red carpet. But, yes. It's kind of been a big year for me.

KAGAN: Absolutely. And you're presenting tonight.

BRODY: I am presenting.

KAGAN: What are you presenting?

BRODY: Best actress.

KAGAN: Best actress. Which brings us to Scarlett. Scarlett, two - I know, well, there's so much to see. But two Golden Globe nominations. A lot of people so disappointed that you weren't nominated either for "Lost In Translation."

BRODY: I'm one of them.

JOHANSSON: You are? Well, ...

BRODY: Absolutely.

JOHANSSON: Yes, I guess it's better, I guess. I have time on my side, so I feel like it's - well, all right. It's better for my nerves, probably. I'm just happy that "Lost In Translation" was so recognized. We never thought anybody would see the movie.

KAGAN: I would say you both have huge careers ahead of you. Congratulations on your great work so far. Good luck tonight. Thank you. Absolutely.

OK, this shows you what a wide range of characters we have here - Robin Williams.

ROBIN WILLIAMS, ACTOR: Ma'am. How are you?

KAGAN: Daryn Kagan from CNN.

WILLIAMS: I saw that. Either that or NNC. In Israel, it's NNC.

KAGAN: Either one. You're presenting tonight.

WILLIAMS: Yes. Best animation.

KAGAN: Are you worried that there's this five-second delay?


KAGAN: Not for us. We're live, Robin.

WILLIAMS: Five - delay. And then they do that windows protection thing, if a nipple appears. Like, I am no longer here. I am living in Missouri with the name Anthony.

You know, yes, I think there's a five-second delay. I know the censor. So she's always - you're not going to - no. I did blame ...

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: That's good. The Academy's not really thinking that fast.

WILLIAMS: Yes. It's good for - a lot of the members are old enough anyway, that they're going, oh!

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You want to go outside, grandpa?

WILLIAMS: We're going out now.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We're going to vote for the Academy Awards.

WILLIAMS: Did you vote for best picture? Five seconds ago.

KAGAN: We'll look forward to seeing you present. Robin Williams.


KAGAN: Thank you, Robin. He's referring to, because we have a Japanese network right next to us. So, very interesting company here down on the red carpet. We'll keep our eyes out for future stars.

Right now, back up to Kendis on the bridge. Hi, Kendis.

GIBSON: Hello, Daryn. Robin Williams - one of the many funny men who will be appearing on stage tonight. They're hoping this will be a really funny awards show.

Lloyd Boston now is joining us right now. He's a style expert and author to tell us if there are any funny outfits that we're seen so far.

LLOYD BOSTON, STYLE EXPERT, AUTHOR: Well, you know, besides being funny, I think there are some big trends happening this season, with the women especially. Big, bold, saturated color.

We're seeing Jamie Lee Curtis in that wonderful ocean blue number that she had on. We're also seeing young divas like Scarlett Johansson doing the turquoise thing. GIBSON: Yes, I saw her.

BOSTON: Jennifer Garner, as well, doing that juicy tangerine. And even Marcia Gay Harden holding twins in that beautiful, royal blue number.

So they're really contrasting the red carpet this year with bright, saturated color.

GIBSON: What about the men? Are they wearing the traditional Armanis? Or are they going for more like Jane Barnes or, you know ...

BOSTON: Well, you're wearing Jane Barnes.

GIBSON: Yes, I am.

BOSTON: It looks so great. And we just saw Adrien Brody, who won last year, and since then has become the poster boy for Xenia (ph), who I'm wearing tonight, as well. So, ...


BOSTON: ... that Italian label is a classic. But we're seeing younger guys doing sportier things, as well as classic tuxedos.

GIBSON: Any major misses so far, that you've seen?

BOSTON: Well, you know, I can't tell who they are. It looks like some of the misses are under the radar. I hate to say that it's a miss so far, because sometimes things come to life as the evening goes on.

GIBSON: All right. Well, thank you, Lloyd Boston. And you know, Lloyd, we're going to keep on the topic, but we're going to talk about more of the ...

BOSTON: Absolutely.

GIBSON: ... misses. And over the years, there have been many. You know, (UNINTELLIGIBLE) probably comes to mind.

BOSTON: Oh, yes.

GIBSON: For more on the misses, you know, we talked with a woman, Reeve Chace, the author of "The Complete Book of Oscar Fashion." Here's a look.


REEVE CHACE, AUTHOR, "COMPLETE BOOK OF OSCAR FASHION": Hollywood is such a spectacle. I think it's just really fun for audiences to see actors and actresses wearing what they want to wear.

Some of Oscar's worst gowns of all time, Cher in her (UNINTELLIGIBLE) Mohawk (ph) outfit. There's the infamous Bjork swan dress. Lizzy Gardner's American Express Card dress. Celine Dion wore a white, satin tuxedo, and she wore the jacket backwards.

The right dress can really make or break a career. Designers clamor to dress the hottest actresses.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The annual Academy Awards ...

CHACE: We'd have to start with people like Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor. They've always looked amazing on the red carpet.

1995 was the year that Uma Thurman wore this beautiful, lavender Prada gown. And that really changed the face of Oscar fashion.

In 2001, Renee Zellweger wore this vintage, canary yellow, beautiful, glamorous gown. Julia Roberts is wearing a vintage Valentino gown. It was the perfect thing to wear while she won her Oscar.

Nicole Kidman wearing Chanel. She is statuesque, and the gown suits her perfectly.

Here's Jennifer Lopez in a wonderful Badgley Mischka gown.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Floating higher and higher.

CHACE: Beads. Gwyneth Paltrow, a pink Ralph Lauren dress.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: A wonderful feeling.

CHACE: It's definitely become more of a runway. Actresses are really wearing things that regular people feel that they have a chance to wear.


GIBSON: And we're going to talk about fashion more. Coming up, our style expert is going to be back to tell us who's looking great and who's looking like a carpet bomb.

And we're going to have some more live interviews from the red carpet. You're watching our special coverage of the 76th Annual Academy Awards. It might be a big night for that man.


LIN: I'm Carol Lin at the CNN Center in Atlanta. And here are the headlines this half hour.

Embattled President Jean-Bertrand Aristide has stepped down and left Haiti.

President Bush ordered U.S. Marines to the Caribbean nation. The United Nations Security Council is considering whether to authorize a multinational force.

A new Lundberg Survey says the average price of gas has jumped about 7 cents a gallon over the past 2 weeks. California experienced the biggest rise with a 28 cent increase in Los Angeles.

And Mel Gibson's controvsial new film "The Passion of the Christ" appears blessed at the box office. Weekend ticket sales topped $76 million dollars. Now since opening on Ash Wednesday, the movie has banked more than $117 million.

Those are the headlines. Now back to HOLLYWOOD'S GOLD RUSH.

KAGAN: I'm Daryn Kagan back live on the Red Carpet, with all the big stars arrive. And with me, and one of the biggest stars on television right now, Jennifer Garner, star of "Alius (ph)". Jennifer, hello, welcome to the Academy Awards.


KAGAN: You are here as a presenter tonight.

GARNER: Yes, I hosted the Side Check (ph) awards that the Academy holds two weeks ago. And so I'm here to honor the winners and the nominees.

KAGAN: And this -- your not so new to Hollywood anymore now. You are one of the biggest stars on television. But it's a night like this, and you see the biggest movie stars in the world still huge for you?

GARNER: I think every time you get to be in the company of people that are this good at what they do, whether it's the art directors, or the directors of photography, and then these beautiful people on the carpet, you have to love it and be as excited as it deserves. It is -- I'm speechless. It's beyond words.

KAGAN: When you look around. Right over here, is Jude Law, one of the hottest guys in Hollywood.

GARNER: But he's also a beautiful actor. I mean yes he's handsome and elegant, and all of those things.

KAGAN: You respect him for his mind, oh come on. Have you met? Jude? Hi, Daryn Kagan from CNN. How are you? Have you met Jennifer Garner?

GARNER: We're being introduced on CNN, Nice to meet you.

JUDE LAW, ACTOR: Nice to meet you.

Garner: Congratulations.

LAW: Thank you.

KAGAN: She was presenting for the Side Track (ph) awards, and he of course is nominated for "Cold Mountain."

GARNER: She's got it right.

KAGAN: Any disappointment that the movie didn't receive all the nominations that perhaps -- I'm thinking of Nicole Kidman.

LAW: Sure. I mean, but that's the reason you don't make -- you don't go about making films expecting nominations, expecting awards or acilates (ph). You made them to hopefully see the job through. And we're so proud of what we did on "Cold Mountain."

I mean sure, it would have been lovely to have Anthony (ph) here, and...

KAGAN: (UNINTELLIGIBLE) for Best Director.

LAW: Yes, but you know? I'm going to have a great time anyway.

KAGAN: As well you should. Congratulations enjoy the night, Jude Law. Nominated for Best Actor.

Kenneth, it's up to you right now.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: All right Daryn. Now we are going to keep talking fashion, because it is looking like a beautiful red carpet. Lloyd BOSTON (ph) (ph) is joining us once again. And Lloyd, you know what? We always talk about what women are wearing as far as their gowns and everything like that. It may be because of low-cut dresses.

But still, there is a lot more to an outfit, right?

BOSTON: Absolutely. Glamour starts from the head, and ends with the toes. So I think the divas these days are paying attention to the jewelry, the makeup, the hairstyles. And they wanted to look effortless, even though sometimes it takes about two to three hours to prepare their clothing.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Take a look there, at Liv Tyler's (ph) earrings, and Opera's earrings. Now that I have been told over the last couple of days, a definite trend when it comes to that.

BOSTON: Well we're seeing a lot of drop earrings; we are seeing a lot of chandelier earrings. A huge trend for spring. But we're also seeing diamonds in nontraditional places like shoes.

So you are going to see them on many of the divas tonight as well as the singers, like Allison Krouse is going to be singing the two songs from "Cold Mountain." She is wearing a pair of shoes that cost around $2 million.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: That's absolutely amazing. And she said she is more nervous about that than singing with Sting and singing at the Academy Awards for the very first time.

Let's talk about the men. Now we talked that -- we said what suits most of them are (UNINTELLIGIBLE), but are they going for the more traditional style, where you have the shirt and tie, or going with the open button?

BOSTON: Well I think it's a mix of both like you are seeing here. We just saw Will Smith arrive, and he's kind of doing the black-on-black thing, which is a very modern young approach.

But then you also see some of the more mature men doing the traditional bowtie. So I think it really depends on what statement you are trying to make. Men kind of get pushed to the back, but they are putting a lot more time into it.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And you were saying that there was actually an impact from the Hip-Hop generation.

BOSTON: Well you are seeing big music stars show up at these events and kind of cross-pollinating. So they wear a little bit more jewelry. I think that inspires some of the more traditional actors to be a little flashier.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Now is that Johnny Depp there with hair that we're looking at right now?

BOSTON: Yes he is. And it was reported that he was also wearing Zenia (ph), but that doesn't look like Zenia (ph), but he's always known for pulling some type of an (UNINTELLIGIBLE) stunt. And tonight it's the long dangly bang that kind of harkens back to his TV days.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: All right, well Lloyd BOSTON (ph) (ph), I appreciate your analysis on that. The interesting thing about the Best Actress category this year around. We have five different actresses from five different countries. Amazing thing there. Let's go back to (UNINTELLIGIBLE).

KAGAN: And the stars continue to arrive Kenneth. Right now I'm joined by Samantha Morton, one of the nominees for Best Actress for her role in "In America." Congratulations.

SAMANTHA MORTON, ACTRESS: Thank you very much.

KAGAN: You've been here before with a nomination?

MORTON: Yes, four years ago.

KAGAN: And yet, is it bigger and better this time?

MORTON: I think there's a little more security this time I have to say. Quite rightly so. However, it's just a celebration to me of film. And I love what I do, and I love films. So I'm really pleased to be here.

KAGAN: Tell us about what you are wearing tonight.

MORTON: I'm very lucky. This is (UNINTELLIGIBLE) collection from 1951, and I'm very very lucky girl. It was brought out of the archives for me this evening.

KAGAN: You look absolutely beautiful. Congratulations, and enjoy the evening. Samantha Morton for "In America." Kenneth, back up to you.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: All right Daryn, I appreciate it. And you know we should point out, the reason that this is so exciting this year around is because remember last year, they canceled the Red Carpet because of the war. And the year before, it was the year after September 11th.

So Hollywood has gone back to glamour once again as you can tell. As I was saying a little bit earlier, the five actresses representing five different countries. Really a diverse year when it comes to Oscar nominees. Take a look. Jodi Ross has a look at this.

JODI ROSS, CNN CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): Ken Watanabe in "The Last Samari." Shohreh Aghdashloo for "House of Sand and Fog." And Fernando Merelis (ph) up for Best Director. To some, this year's list of Oscar nominees sounds pretty -- well -- boring.

(on-camera): The U.N. might be the best place to hold the Academy Awards. After all, almost half the nominees in the big five categories are not American born.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: There are more people this year represented from different countries than I think we've seen in a very long time. West Africa, South Africa, Japan, New Zealand, it's really all over the globe.

ROSS: Nobody knows that better than Djimon Hounsou. Nominated for best supporting actor in "In America." He came out of Benine (ph) West Africa to find fame in Hollywood.


HOUNSOU: Coming to this country in the pursuit of -- I mean I guess it is the perfect American dream.


ROSS: "Will Writer (ph) star and New Zealand born, Keisha Castle-Hughes, is the youngest Best Actress nominee in Oscar history. But even better, is getting to rub shoulders with the stars.

KEISHA CASTLE-HUGHES: Clint Eastwood came up to me, and he just put out his hand, shook my hand, and walked away. And I was just like -- no.

ROSS: Some not American names are well known. New Zealander Peter Jackson, and Samantha Morton, and Ben Kingsley have all been down Oscar's path before. But the thrill remains.

BEN KINGSLEY, ACTOR: My fourth nomination and it's totally new.

ROSS: Win or lose, these new names are happy to be not so new anymore.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: To be able to work here, and to be able to protect myself, that was the most important thing of all.

ROSS: And no matter what language you speak, nerves on Oscar night are universal. UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I'll have to take a valium or something.

ROSS: Jodi Ross, CNN, New York.


KAGAN: And this is why I'm the best off tonight. While you are watching tape, who do I run in to? Opra Winfrey. Opra, hello. You are presenting tonight.

OPRA WINFREY, TALK SHOW HOST: I'm presenting, which I think is just the most fun. You can really enjoy the evening. No pressure whatsoever.

KAGAN: And you were sharing with me, you are physiqued (ph) you are getting a gift basket.

WINFREY: Is that a gift basket! And I've been here several times before and never got the gift basket! If you are nominated you don't get the gift basket. And I think it's fun because a couple of years ago when Halle Barry was nominated, I felt like I was up myself, and I was so anxious for her that night. So I felt a lot of pressure throughout the evening.

Tonight I'm just -- it's a breeze. I'm waiting on the governor's ball, and I intend to have a great time.

KAGAN: Quickly, tell us what you are wearing.

WINFREY: I'm wearing -- there are few designers that really do well by me -- for me. So I never have any pressure. John Franco Ferre (ph) is one of my favorite designers. And so I called him up and ask could he whip up a little something for tonight? And he did. It arrived a couple of days ago. We pulled it in a couple inches, and here we are.

KAGAN: You are looking just great. You pulled the diamond earrings out of your own closet.

WINFREY: Yes, I always -- I know that everybody goes into this whole wearing other people's -- I always like wearing my own stuff. To me the fun is having your own stuff to wear.

KAGAN: I have to appreciate a woman who can pull her own diamonds out of her own closet, but also wants the gift basket.

WINFREY: Where's the free stuff?

KAGAN: Give me the free stuff. Enjoy the night.

WINFREY: Thank you so much.

KAGAN: All right. Go figure. As if Opra couldn't go buy everything in that gift basket a thousand times over. But you know, when it's free, it's free.

And look who I have here. Peter Jackson nominated for Best Director. Congratulations.

PETER JACKSON, DIRECTOR: Thank you so much.

KAGAN: Everyone is saying this is your night. Not just as best director, but also for "Lord of the Rings", finally being honored.

JACKSON: Well, we'll see what happens. I'm coming with a very open mind. At least everyone is casting their votes now. So fate has already decided, and we just have to show up to find out.

KAGAN: We are glad you showed up. We need to take a quick break. Hopefully you can stick with us two minutes, and we will be back after this, with Peter Jackson. Don't go anywhere.


KAGAN: And welcome back. You can see the biggest stars are arriving. (UNINTELLIGIBLE), Best Actress nominee arriving. We also have some of the biggest stars with us. Look who I turned around and found. Sandra Bullock. I have a me moment. Because I get told I look like you.


KAGAN: But now with the hair?

BULLOCK: We are to similar, so I thought I'd change it up a little bit. To give you a break.

KAGAN: Well thank you. I appreciate that so much. You are presenting tonight.

BULLOCK: Yes. Sound mixing, sound editing. Without it, you have silent films.

KAGAN: And then that's a whole other era.

BULLOCK: That's a whole other film festival which this isn't.

KAGAN: Is the presenting thing fun? You don't have to worry about all the...

BULLOCK: This year it has actually been really fun. The other years it's been a little stressful, but for some reason, this year -- I'm very relaxed. I mean of course I'm not under the spotlight like everyone else, but...

KAGAN: You look very beautiful. Tell us who you are wearing please.


KAGAN: You are looking lovely. I like the hair color. I will consider it.

BULLOCK: Good to see you. KAGAN: Well take a look over here. We have two of the biggest -- hi Catherine, Daryn Kagan from CNN. How are you? More fun this year now that you have the Oscar at home?

CATHERINE ZETA-JONES, ACTRESS: More fun that I'm not pregnant and I don't have to sing live. My husband's looking at me saying oh my gosh! Last year I thought you were going to have a nervous breakdown. Before we had the child.

So no, it's a great night. Tonight I can relax, and I can present Best Supporting Actor, and just enjoy the ceremony. I grew up wanting to be here all my life.

KAGAN: And here is your husband right here. Hi, Daryn Kagan from CNN.


KAGAN: Yes, your wife and I were just talking about what a difference a year makes.

DOUGLAS: Yes, eight months, she is doing so great.

ZETA-JONES: Look at this. Some woman has been kissing him with brown lipstick. That's always a give away honey. Let's wipe it off.

KAGAN: Where are the Oscars?

ZETA-JONES: Michaels's two are in New York, and mine is in (UNINTELLIGIBLE).

KAGAN: OK, move on, congratulations on presenting, thank you.

And now Nicole Kidman is about to walk right over. And we have the Australian crew right next to us. So all the Aussie stars like to stop and visit. But she is going to be here any moment. Nicole? WE can get a peek at her dress while we are waiting to talk to her. Here she comes.

Hi Nicole, Daryn Kagan from CNN. We are live on CNN.

NICOLE KIDMAN, COOPER: TRESS: Oh my gosh, how did I end up in this line doing all the...

KAGAN: This line of all these incredible actresses.

KIDMAN: Right. Sandy? Sandy Bullock is ignoring me.

BULLOCK: I'm ignoring you. I was trying to. I can never get away from her. She follows me everywhere.

KAGAN: Is this a stalking situation?

BULLOCK: Yes, and it's about to come to an end Nicole.

(LAUGHTER) BULLOCK: I've had it with you. She calls me late at night, let's go out, let's go party. And I'm like I'm tired. She's got to stop.

KAGAN: So Nicole Kidman is a bad influence?


KIDMAN: Shocking?

BULLOCK: She's a bad girl. She's one of the wild Aussies.

KIDMAN: That's it. It's what I'm known for.

BULLOCK: You have not seen the best of her yet.

KAGAN: Nicole tell us about your dress please.

KIDMAN: It's Chenille (ph). That was real embarrassing. Chenille (ph), yes.

KAGAN: Congratulations on presenting this year. Thank you so much.

All right. Well there you have it. Girl friend moments here on the red carpet. Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman. We have Angelina Joli (ph). Walking up. We'll work on getting her, for now, Kenneth up to you.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Daryn, I was confused because I was looking at the video. I don't know if that was Johnny Depp or Diane Keaton. We are going to have a lot more coming up on the red carpet. Clint Eastwood up for Director of the Year, and we are going to talk with Angelina Joli hopefully after the break. Stay with us everybody.


KAGAN: Welcome back live form the red carpet. I'm Daryn Kagan with two of the most important women in Hollywood tonight. We have Sophia Coppola, nominated for Best Director. Also her movie has four nominations.

And Diane Keaton nominated for Best Actress.

DIANE KEATON: (UNINTELLIGIBLE) this is my daughter. She was my daughter in "Godfather's Ring (ph)" I can't... She's all grown up. And she's beautiful and she is a genius.

KAGAN: Tell us about the history that Sophia is making tonight. The first American Woman ever nominated for Best Director.

KEATON: I mean I'm telling you, this is fabulous, and it's a great movie too. It's one of the best endings I have ever seen on a movie ever. I cried so much.

KAGAN: Can you tell us now, what film -- Diane good luck tonight. She is going to move on. Sophia come in a second. A lot of people are wondering. What exactly does Bill Murray whisper in Scarlet Johanson's (ph) ear at the end of the movie?

SOPHIA COPPOLA, DIRECTOR: I like (UNINTELLIGIBLE) between lovers. It's between them.

KAGAN: Well congratulations on tonight. Making Oscar history, and the four nominations for "Lost in Translation".

COPPOLA: Thank you.

KAGAN: Thank you so much. Sophia Coppola and Diane Keaton. It all kind of comes full circle here in Hollywood. It all ends up here on the red carpet. Kenneth?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It's amazing who you will meet on the red carpet, and who they get to meet. It's a great party for them to meet many of their friends.

Now Lloyd, I think I'm cynical. So I've seen more misses than I have seen hits. Uma (ph).

BOSTON (ph): Uma (ph).

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Uma (ph) not Opra.

BOSTON (ph): No, but Opra looks amazing wearing John Franco (UNINTELLIGIBLE). And we also see Uma doing kind of a nod to the sound of music. I'm not quite sure which designer pulled that off. But we'll hear about that later.

We also saw Charlie Theron looking very beautiful with that soft wave in her hair. She does that retro 30's thing so well. And I think this is going to be her night both with style and with the award.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Yes indeed. Anybody else you have seen that you think just absolutely is going to be the belle of the ball?

BOSTON: You know, I have to give another nod to that Jennifer Garner. Besides having that beautiful dress, she also has that amazing athletic body. She could wear a sack, and look like a million dollars.

And I think the younger ladies this evening are really shining with those bright full colors. It's going to be a big trend for this spring coming up.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And it doesn't end with the dresses. As I mentioned before, a lot of them have really exciting shoes. Many of the men do as well.

BOSTON: Absolutely. And the guys are really pulling it off tonight. We see Sting looking so dapper. He always has a little bit of an English twist, which is a nice thing to kind of inspire more conservative men to push the envelope the following season, we'll see. UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And you are looking at the live coverage on the red carpet, and many folks continue to walk around and Jada Pinkett Smith and her husband Will Smith are usually probably one of the best-looking couples.

BOSTON: Well they look amazing tonight as well. And when you look at someone like Jada Pinkett Smith, she's a petite woman, but she always looks so statuesque at what she wears. She's not afraid to do glitter and glamour, and she pulls it off. And it's convincing.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: All right, we are going to head back down to Daryn who is on the red carpet. Daryn.

KAGAN: We have with us probably the biggest star of the night. Charlize Theron, nominated for best actress. A lot of people thinking this is her night. Charlize, congratulations.

CHARLIZE THERON, ACTRESS: Thank you so much.

KAGAN: Does it feel like your night? You swept through all the other major awards, and people are thinking this is kind of your coronation here as Best Actress.

THERON: No, I just can't -- I don't know how to really respond to those things. I am very honored to be here, to be nominated, and we're just going to have a good party tonight.

KAGAN: Tell us about what you are wearing tonight.

THERON: This is Tom Fort (ph) from Gucci.

KAGAN: Absolutely stunning. Well good luck, enjoy however it happens. Charlize Theron, looking absolutely beautiful. And finally in the final seconds, Clint Eastwood nominated for Best Director. Hi. Congratulations on "Mystic River", and all the acting nominations.


KAGAN: Do you have the whole crowd with you?

EASTWOOD: I have the whole family, yes.

KAGAN: How many -- does it ever get old on Oscar night Clint?

EASTWOOD: Does it ever get old? I don't know. I haven't been -- I haven't participated in this kind of event since 1993. I've been here for a few other functions. But this will be the first time in this theatre for me too.

KAGAN: Well enjoy good luck. The movie is phenomenal. Clint Eastwood nominated for Best Director, in a movie of course, and a number of acting nominations as well.

Has the hour just flown by? Absolutely. We're going to continue our coverage. I'll be backstage. Our coverage continues through out the night here on CNN. For Candace Giffin (ph) my colleague and for everyone else who participated, I'm Daryn Kagan live from the red carpet. Thanks for being with us.


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